Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Bao Bei

My Bao Bei Ning Ning so girly. Xmas at The Curve

My Bao Bei is just so tired. Doze off while we driving back. Sooky found a good way to prevent Ning Ning's head from leaning to either side by putting the Jack Jack pillow on top of her head so that Ning Ning can sleep properly.

Honey Dew with Sago Ice Dessert

Our latest creation: Honey Dew with Sago Ice Dessert

We cut the honeydew into cubes, blended ice, boiled the sago and have it with coconut milk.

Sweet Chat Cafe @ MidValley

After a long day walk in Midvalley, we stop by at sweetchat cafe for tea-time.

Small stall but look decent

Durian Pancake, yummy. Paper thin skin wrapping the durian and cream inside it. Simply awesome. RM 6.90

Baked Sago Pudding .. another LX recommended item.

Can you see the durian flesh .. so yummy & creamy

Tuna toast, chicken toast + Scone (at the back with cream + strawberry jam)

RM 9.90 for 1 tuna toast, 1 chick toast, 1 scone + 1 sago pudding. Good bargain, although the serving is mini size but i guess it is just nice to have for tea-time. Worth a try.

Amuleto again ...

Sooky is major fans of Amuleto. After our wonderful visit last time around @ here. We decided to go to Amuleto again to have its set lunch + quartet soup + creamy mushroom bruschetta.

The famous Quartet Soup. RM 14

Dark Brown = Oxtail Soup
Brown (with cream) = Mushroom Soup
Orange = Pumpkin Soup
Light Green = Broccoli Soup

Nice oh .. should really try this.

Creamy Mushroom Bruschetta. RM 8

Very nice ...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Being Paranoid

Are you a freak?

Are you overly paranoid?

I'm not sure about you but I certainly very paranoid. I mean I am very paranoid when it come to car.

I always worried that my car will get stolen. As I walk in the carpark and if the car is not within my sight I will start to get worry. I worry that the car will get stolen and I will be left with no car to go work, no car to go shopping, no car to go back hometown and worst still, I need to buy a new car and I don't have money. Thanks to the econ crisis, everything is about money now.

In the past, my car alarm was equipped with car finder. Neh, the thing that if you pressed, the alarm will be activated and from the sound, you roughly know where is the car located. But with my Toyota Avanza, the feature is no longer there. Some people told me that this feature is purposely removed so that whoever found your key will not be able to locate the car. Ya right, good in one way but bad in the other way round. That featured is extremely useful for a person as forgetful as me.

My car is already 2 yrs old, if it got stolen now, insurance won't pay the full amount. I guess probably 75 - 80 % of the car value. So if I lost it now, they probably pay me $40K from the new car price $62K. Gosh, $22K in 2 years. no way. so you can't blame me for being paranoid.

Was thinking & itching to get new car but the current car is still under installment + credit crunch, better safe than sorry. Since I already have X houses + 2 cars. So better be safe than sorry again. No more unnecessary commitment.

Wings Musicafe @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

After the DISASTER EXPERIENCE @ Grill King, Bandar Puchong Jaya, we found a comforting experience at Wings Musicafe @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong. I highly recommend this cafe to you all. So much better than the Grill King.

We went to this cafe right after Sooky monthly checkup with gynae. Opps .. the gynae broke the bad news to us. No no, the baby is healthy. Just that we are getting "eve" again. Sooky has always wanted an "adam". But still it doesn't really matter. Girl is better. I prefer daughter. hahahaha. This will certainly give mom a good valid reason to get Sooky pregnant again for the 3rd time.

Wings Musicafe @ Puchong
33 Jln Puteri 4/1,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong.

Wifi: NO
Cleanliness: 4/5
Price: $5 - $30
Halal: Not sure. They don't served pork but I didn't notice any HALAL sign.

Nice .. Simple and Informative.

Complimentary drink (jasmine tea) from the set dinner (from 6 - 9pm).

Upgraded by topping $2 bucks to get this Romantic Series drink called "Long Vacation". It is some sort of mocktail (cocktail without alcohol). Sooky like it a lot. Not sure what is the ingredients, it is secret anyway. But taste very refreshing.


More Deco

Ning Ning having good time scribbling at the paper

The Snow Man ...

They have live band on that day (wednesday). Singer of the day were Nick & Susan.

Black Pepper Chicken Chop .. Awesome ...

Grill King @ Bandar Puchong Jaya

2 weekends ago, we were too lazy to cook, so I ask Sooky what she would like to have for dinner and guess what, she is happiest woman on earth cause no need to cook mah ... hahah .. joking only .. so she scout around in the internet to search for nice food around puchong.

And guess what, she found Grill King @ Bandar Puchong Jaya. We knew this place for quite some time but never made an effort to patronise this restaurant. So now, here is the chance !!!

Apparently a lot of the bloggers highly recommend this restaurant to the public especially for their yakitori chicken (chicken kebab). Even cantonese show on 8TV (Ho Chak & One Day 5 Meals) had also been there.

Grill King (Hainan Western)
19-1 & 21-1, Jalan Kenari 19A,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: 603 - 8076 2578

Halal: NO
Cleanliness: 4/5
Price: $1 - $30

First impression, the restaurant was very cosy ..

We ordered ala-carte but the waiter said, we could top up $1 to get this lime juice / plum juice. Why not good bargain what .. by the way, I guess it is cordial ...

Anoter icing on the cake, top up $1.50 to get this mushroom soup

Teriyaki Beef with Rice. Plain normal. Nothing hu ha.. RM 6.90

Sooky ordered Pork Chop . RM 9.90 .. DISASTER
The pork was not well cooked. The presentation was cooked but the pinkish meat make me wanted to puke. As far as I concern, only beef can be eaten raw. Not mutton, not chicken and certainly not pork.

When we getting our cheque (bill), the waiter was suprisingly very observant. He noticed that we didn't finish the pork chop. I purposely cut the pork chop wide open to reveal the pinkish meat. He is kind enough to ask us why? I said, "it is undercooked". In a surprising reaction, he said, "oh really, why don't you ask us to re-cook it. We can do that."

Hang on, first it is very kind of him to do that (by asking what is going on) but I never expect to have my same piece of meat get re-cook and re-serve to me. He went on to show the uncooked meat to his boss, and guess what? His boss don't even bother. OMG !!!! How could that happened. I would expect his boss come over to say sorry and say some nice word. BUT no .. nothing happened. I SWEAR I DON'T EAT AT GRILL KING ANYMORE !!!!

Yakitori Chicken - RM 1.50 per stick. Normal. Nothing hu ha as what other bloggers said.

Bubba Gump @ The Curve

I had my team lunch @ Bubba Gump @ The Curve lately.

It was a huge crowd of us, almost 30 of us. It is year end so some of us tends to blow the budget which means the manager have to top up on whatever extra lar .. I guess the budget per person is RM 40 only.

Halal: Yes
Wifi: not sure
Cleanliness: 5/5
Price : $25 - $50

The stairs .. nice oh .. just like TGI

More stairs ...

I like the table, nice ...

My drink ... Lotsa Lava ...

What is Lotsa Lava? It is Straight from the islands, we blend creamy coconut and sweet pineapple with a flow of juicy strawberries to create a vacation with a straw.

Run Forrest Run ... Fresh oranges, strawberries, bananas and raspberry non-fat yogurt make this a cold and refreshing energizer.

Chipotle Shrimp .. Chef recommended .. It is a creamy paprika taste .. Quite nice .. I particularly like the bread.

More views ..

My boss ordered this one, not sure what it is, but at first I thought it is some chinese stir fried shrimp with ginger and spring onion. We had a good laugh at it and luckily it is not "kheung chung har".

The tissue .. I was expecting some standard square paper cloth for wiping .. However they give us the kitchen tower to wipe .. lol ..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tub Tim Krob

Ever since Sooky's mom gave us the ice blender, Sooky and myself go craze on making ice dessert on our own.

Here we come, our latest creation, Tub Tim Krob. A Thai's dessert called red rubbies with coconut milk.

1 - cut the water chestnut into cubes size.
2 - coat the water chestnut with tapioca powder and let it rest for a while so that the tapioca powder can stick to the water chestnut.
3 - sprinkle some water on the coated water chestnut and coat it again for the 2nd time.
4 - boiled the 2x coated water chestnut.
5 - Once it float, then we can consider it is cooked.
6 - Drained it and immediately transfer the cooked water chestnut into icy water (to make it QQ feels)

For colouring:
1 - You can either soak it under red colouring (rose) or we tried to soak it in gula melaka to get the brown colour and guess what it is more natural.

To serve:
1. Blend the ice, evenly garnish the blended ice with coated water chestnut.
2. Add coconut milk and served cold.

Tub Tim Krob - Red Rubbies + Giant Red Bean

Tub Tim Krob - Red Rubbies + Brown Rubbies

Ning Ning so adorable

As usual, around christmas time, we will made our annual trip to Midvalley to enjoy the beautiful decoration. This year is not as good as the ginger-bread deco year, it was quite plain this year.

Ning Ning being a stubborn baby, we have to keep a close eye on her whenever we bring her out. She is so obsessed with the dancing Santa Claus toy at the center court. I feared that Ning Ning will go and "catch" Santa Claus and do a judo at the Santa Claus so I tried to discipline Ning Ning by putting both of her hands at her back.

Suprisingly, she follow my advice and put her hands at her back and didn't at all go and "catch" the santa claus. Afterall, I guess Ning Ning is ain't that stubborn. Oh my princess ....

Gua/Cave Kek Lok Tong @ Ipoh, Perak

Last 2 weeks, I had a whole off, so we went to Ipoh for good food again and some sight seeing. We went to this Kek Lok Tong near the Gunung Rapat area. It is the most beautiful caves in Perak. FYI, Perak is well known with its caves (Perak Caves, Gua Tempurung, Sam Poh Cave, Kek Lok Tong Cave and etc)

Buddha statue

Ning Ning with Sooky

The Perak Cave history

My nephew @ marrybrown

The limestone

The marvellous cave of Perak cave

Jonker Sweets Dessert @ Midvalley

After tired of shopping and while I still have time (coz I need to fetch Sooky later from the company dinner/party). I decided to go to Jonker Sweets Dessert @ Midvalley. You can find this restaurant at the LG, the same floor as KFC, Pizza Hut, carrefour, on the way to The Gardens.

I like durian cendol so much. Read here, since we are not going to Malacca this year, I was like why not try this one to see if it is really a Jonker Streets standard or not.

Gosh, what a DISASTER. The durian cendol cost me RM 4 / 4.5 and it taste horrible. The cendol harden the moment it mixed up with the blended ice. The durian aroma is no where near the Jonker Street version of durian cendol.

It is A BIG LET DOWN. I would never patronise this stalls again.

Ning Ning enjoy shopping for new clothes

Few weeks back, Sooky had her last company dinner at Damansara Heights since company M will be officially ceased its operation by Jan 1, 2009. Ya, she got sold off to another company like a slave according to her.

So I'm fetching her to the restaurant at Damansara Heights. After that I make my way to MidValley on Friday evening. Jezz, the traffic is horrible.

Since it is year end sales and CNY is coming to town .. hahaha .. I selected one mini-T for ning ning (renoma) ok... ya don't worry got big sales 70% man. After less is RM 18.

She likes the renoma girls mini-T so much and she don't let hold her new mini-T after that. Sweetie, daddy need to pay for the mini-T first else we will get caught when we exiting Jusco. The lady holding Ning Ning is my maid.

Ning Ning: Daddy, can I have more new clothes for CNY?

Holy Cow ....

Holy Cow .. is the exact word.

I screwed up my blog template.

Desperately trying to restore all the widgets. Damn ....

Sob sob .. sob sob

Prestigious Uni? Lies?

Recently I read about an article on the rates of unemployment among the local graduates from Malaysia.

As usual, one the local uni converted from polytechnic to university status top the chart. Then today, in Utusan Malaysia, it mentioned that 75% of the graduates from UiTM managed to secure a job right after graduation. How true is that?

When I graduated in 2001, it took me 3 long months to secure my first job. What I'm trying to say, secure job right after graduation, arghh come on, only those lucky and top students so called 4-flat achievers will be able to do that. Be realistic. After I graduated in 2001, the first thing in my mind, I wanted a long rest after 15 years of struggle in education. I wanted a break before joining the crazy corporate world.

One more thing, when those uni giving out the figures on number of successful employment for their graduates, how did they do the survey?

Did they call every single of their graduates for that year? Considering that you have 2000 students graduated and are you going to hire someone to continous bug the students on their status? Beside do all students provide their contact details before graduating?

To be honest, my uni didn't ring me up to find out whether I'm employed or not. Or best still, do Malaysia have such a complete system where all the employers log down to the centralized database for the government to know on who they have hired? You got to be kidding. ...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Amuleto @ MidValley

This is a belated post .. way back to Sept 2008. Since I have been "busy" all these while, so I didn't bother to update the blog with our outing to Amuleto @ Midvalley.

After reading several blogs on Amuleto, we decided to give it a try since they also served swiss fondue which Sooky and myself have been wanted to try for quite some time.

Honey Dew Drink .. Refreshing ...

Tapas: Beef Roll ... Highly recommended.

Look at the plate painting/dressing. It makes the food looks so appealing.

They had some salmon roe and crab roe .. yummy

Cheese Baked Rice with Mushroom.. simply awesome..

So cheesie ...

Rosti. If I'm not mistaken, this is a swedish dish. Basically it is shredded potato pan fried until crisp. Top with creamy bacon sauce with bull eye egg.

Another highly recommended items to try ..


Ingredients for chocolate fondue...

I'm loving it ..

This cost RM 30 .. Quite reasonable ..

Strawberry with white chocolate ....

Combo .. white chocolate with dark chocolate + strawberry

Ice-cream ..

It is pretty hard to poke on the ice-cream and dip it into the chocolate. The end result is like above.

Devils Grape without eyes

Devils kiwi without eyes

Devils kiwi with eyes

What does it look like? Come on .. put some creativity and good imagination here..

Oppss .. skid mark ..

Good day mates ....

Amuleto ...

Huh .. we spend close to RM 95++ for the meals above and we got 4 x RM5 voucher.