Thursday, December 23, 2010

Quote of the day


Tien xia you liang nan, deng tian nan, chiu ren gen nan
Tien xia you liang gu, wang nian gu, ping jiong gen gu
Tien xia you liang xian, jiang wu xian, ren xing gen xian
Tien xia you liang pao, ji zhang pao, ren qing gen pao


Tin ha yao leung nan, tang tin nan, kao yan kan nan
Tin ha yao leung fu, wong nin fu, pang kung kan fu
Tin ha yao leung him, wah san him, yan sam kan him
Tin ha yao bok, ji cheung bok, yan ching kan bok

Translated to english:

There are two difficults tasks, grabbing the sky is hard, but asking for helps is even harder
There are two types of bitterness, bittergourd is bitter, poverty is even bitter
There are two types of danger, society is dangerous, but human's evil thoughts are even more dangerous
There are two types of thinness, paper is thin, but humanity is even thinner.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quote of the day

In cantonese:

yao chi che, jin tin tao dei
mo chi che, yuen tin han dei

translated to:

a smart person with high perseverance will defied the destiny and fight for victory
whereas a loser will only complaint and cursing

Monday, October 18, 2010

Gundam vs Transformer

A: Hey do you know what is this?

B: Yeah, of course I know, Transformer mah !!!

A: (eye big big, ROTLLMAO). Ouch. shee shee .. don't be so loud, it is Gundam and not transformer.

B: (take knife, sledgehammer, C4, wing chun, karate, taekwondo, jeet kun do A)

As a result A die miserably for laughing at B.

Friday, October 15, 2010

MMU Gathering Poll

MMU friends, I'm hoping to gauge how many of you are actually interested. If the response is good, I will try to organize one.

1. spouse, gf, bf, kids are all welcome.
2. will be either saturday / sunday
3. halal (most likely will be in hotel buffet)
4. budget I hope to make it around 70 -80 per person. I guess that is the price for buffet at hotel nowadays.
5. any special request, feel free to let me know.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Job Stress

I recently read this article from one of the forum that I went to and I have requested permission from the forum owner to reproduce this in my blog. Food for thought.

Some research suggests job stress can be particularly heartfelt. In fact, unfair bosses, low-level jobs, anger on the job, shift work and overtime can all contribute to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

Workplace stressors
Job stress is defined as the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of a job don’t match the capabilities, resources or needs of the worker. Work stress makes people vulnerable to heart disease and stroke and also puts them at risk for psychological disorders, workplace injury and other health problems.

Unfair bosses
A study in early 2003 found unfair bosses are a potent workplace stressor, which could have a negative effect on employees’ heart health – specifically by raising their blood pressure. The study examined female healthcare assistants and the effects of working under two different bosses – one perceived as fair, the other as unfair. Employees experienced significantly higher blood pressure when working with the "unfair" boss. Though small, (29 subjects) this study raises a red flag in terms of identifying and managing workplace stressors.

Low man on the totem pole
In one of the most significant studies linking job stress to heart disease and stroke, researchers followed a large group of civil servants over a period of 10 years. They found that those who worked at the bottom of the organizational hierarchy were much more likely to develop heart disease. In fact, men in jobs such as messengers, and the like, were three times more likely to die of heart disease than those who were administrators, for example.

"If you have too much demand and too little control it constitutes job strain, which makes you more likely to experience increased blood pressure and negative effects on your heart health,” says Heart and Stroke Foundation spokesperson, Dr. Brian Baker. However, he adds, to have a negative impact on health, the strain/stress needs to be sustained over an extended period of time – months, sometimes years.

Shift work
Shift workers are also at a higher risk than non-shift workers of developing heart disease, high blood pressure and gastrointestinal disorders. Approximately 30% of employed Canadians work shifts or non-standard hours and that can take a significant physical and emotional toll on a large segment of our population. Why are they at greater risk? Shift work disrupts the body’s natural, internal clock, which upsets normal sleeping and eating patterns. As a result, shift workers tend to report high levels of job stress, as well as higher than average rates of smoking, alcohol consumption and poor eating habits – all of which take a heavy toll on health over time.

Lack of appreciation
A large study of 812 healthy men and women working in the metal industry found that employees who had high job strain or felt their work was unappreciated were twice as likely to die of a heart attack or stroke. Interestingly, such workers were also more likely to become overweight and develop high cholesterol – factors that increase your risk of developing heart disease or stroke.

Unhealthy behaviour
Over time, says Dr. Baker, anger on the job can also contribute to heart disease and stroke. Anger sets off a series of physiological changes including increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure levels that can increase your chance of having a heart attack. And, people who are prone to anger are also more likely to turn to unhealthy behaviours like smoking, excessive drinking and overeating.

Early warning signs
Clearly, job stress takes many forms, so it’s important to recognize what kind of stress is "bad", learn how to minimize or eliminate any damaging health effects. Some early warning signs can include headaches, sleep disturbance, difficulty concentrating, job dissatisfaction and low morale.

Dr. Baker says telltale signs that stress has reached a critical level include:
Thinking/worrying about work all the time and being unable to relax Spending an undue amount of time on the work itself or on other interpersonal aspects of the work like your boss or coworkers Extreme exhaustion. If it takes a long time to recover when you come home, this is a sign of burnout Low tolerance. You’re short-tempered and can handle less than you used to be able to.

Take control
Sometimes, it’s not just the job stress that’s important; it’s how we deal with it in the short- and long-term. Since job strain consists of too much demand and too little control, try to reclaim some control, says Dr. Baker, by trying some of the following:

  • Vary your work if possible
  • Try to not be under unnecessary demands all the time
  • Learn to communicate better. Often problems are easier to resolve if you can figure out what a co-worker or a boss wants from you
  • Talk to your employer. Most work places will accept that if an employee isn’t feeling well they should take time off
  • Deep breathing or relaxation techniques
  • Cut down on the amount of coffee and tea you drink
  • Eat well. Don’t skip lunch, and leave the office to eat if you can

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good Food in Malacca, Melaka

If you are looking for good food in Malacca (Melaka), below are the list of recommended places:

Capitol Satay Celup
GPS: N2.19548, E102.25252
Address: Capitol Satay Celup, 41, Lorong Bukit Cina, Melaka
Open at 5pm till last customer leaves
Comments: I've been to Capitol, Ban Lee Siang and McQuek Satay Celup. My vote goes to Capitol Satay Celup simply because the sauce taste more ummph. And after sitting down for while, you will get the jumbo prawn. Remember to peel off the shells before cooking it else it will take ages to cook.

Capitol is more expensive - 80 cents per stick but more varieties

Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup
GPS: N02 12.306 E102, 14.729 - this coordinate a bit misleading, but it will lead you to the Jalan Ong Kim Wee and the shop is on your left and not on your right as per the GPS coordinate. Weird. I got the coordinate from one of the blog. Forgot to record down the coordinate myself.

Cheaper, 50 - 60 cents per stick, less choices.

Jonker Street Durian Cendol
Jonker Dessert 88
88, Jalan Hang Jebat,
75200 Melaka
GPS: N02 11.806, E102 14.795
Comments: This is must. Everytime I go there, should have double shots.

Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball
Location: Just across the bridge in front of the Dutch Square (Stadhuys, Christ Church), opposite OCBC Bank. It is at the start of Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat).
GPS coordinates: N2 11.696, E102 14.909

Famosa Chicken Rice Ball
No. 28-30, Jalan Hang Kasturi,
Off Jonker Street, 75200 Melaka.
Tel: +606-2860121
Fax: +606-2824595
GPS: N02 11.815, E102 14.921

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Shop
- 4 Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker St)
GPS: N02 11.717, E102 14.886

Comments: Well, Chung Wah, Hoe Kee and Famosa all have their speciality.

Chicken Rice Ball: All three are about the same.
Chung Wah: Chicken taste better, but only steam chicken. Their asam fish is good too. And favourite drink is ice lime juice.
Hoe Kee: Famous for their lotus peanus soup
Famosa: Got yam ball rice, got roast chicken too.

Ginger Tau Fu Fa
Lorong Bukit Cina, Melaka - opposite Capitol Satay Celup
Comments: Something different from KL. Instead of sugar syrup that we normally had in our tau fu fa. In Malacca, they give ginger soup. Is taste different. You shall try this.

Fried Oyster at Jalan Bunga Raya
Comments: Be prepared to wait.

Popiah at Jalan Bunga Raya (outside Madam King)
Comments: Sinful, cause they put lard into the popiah. Chu Yao Cha. RM 3.50 per roll. Well a bit expensive I would said, but no harm to try. Be prepared to wait and take little number token to wait.

Duck Mee at Bukit Cina on the way to semambok, near tan kim hock
Comments: My favourite breakfast.

Bird Nest at Ah Keong (in Jonker Street & Dataran Pahlawan shopping mall)
Comments: Got bird nest porridge.

Hot Pepper Beef at Bukit Baru
Comments: If you like hot food, this is the one.

Exotic cockles at one of the lane in Jalan Bunga Raya near Madam King Store. I dare you to try this.
Comments: Nice

Hing Loong Taiwanese Noodle
No 11-J Jalan Bachang
7.30an to 6pm

Pork Satay
Kedai Satey Xiang Ji
50, Jln Portugis
GPS: N02 12.012, E102.14.803
Tel: 019- 667 8868
Comments: I tried this one last week. Gosh .. taste horribly bad. I don't understand why a lot of food blogger boast about this place. Sucks, my wife hate it, my mom hate it, my dad hate it and even my daughter the satay maniac also hate it. Why can't food blogger be real and honest. Basket. I rather go kajang eat satay. Even puchong Everday Food Court mutton satay is better than Xiang Ji. Please please don't go.

Hainanese Pork Satay
Sun May Hiong Satay House
135 Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker St)

Restoran Aunty Lee (Nyonya)
No.385, Jalan Ujong Pasir, 75050 melaka
tel : 06-283 1009
Speciality: Ikan garam cili

Bibik Neo Nyonya Restaurant
6 Ground Floor Jalan Merdeka, Taman Melaka Raya

Restoran Nyonya Suan
Location: Near dataran pahlawan, before Newton food court.
GPS: N02 11.396, E102 14.845
- Bendi sambal and Ayam goreng cili is a must must try.
- Ham Choi Thong is good too.
- Asam fish was so so only.

Restoran Seafarer
1516, Batang Tiga, Tg. Kling, 76400 Melaka
tel : 06-315 2693 or cassie koh : 012-638 9226
Speciality: Seafood

Medan Ikan Bakar, Pernu Umbai
GPS: N02 09.412, E102 20.167

Medan Ikan Bakar, Sungai Duyong.
Comments: God it taste horrible, don't go

Portugese Settlement
GPS: N02 10.976, E102 16.011
Comments: Go to Stall No 1 .. Yes No 1. Super recommended.
1 - Sotong fritters - damn good
2 - sambal prawn - good
3 - sweet & sour jenak - nice
4 - grilled eggplant - nice

Baba Charlie Nyonya Kuih
72 Jalan Tengkera Pantai 2, Melaka Tengah
Tel: 06 - 284 7209
GPS: N02 12.195, E102 13.897
Comments: Well, after hearing such a good review from Ho Chak, Yes Ho chak again, I told myself I must give it a try. Perhaps I went with high expectations. The taste of the nyonya kuih was average only. Nothing huha about it. For instance, the kuih koci that I had from Baba Charlie Nyonya Kuih, was average. I can get better one from Puchong stalls.

The otak-otak that I bought, was good taste but you will find fish cake in it. Ya fish cake. First time I eat otak-otak that have fish cake in it.

The Ang koo that I bought also taste average.

It was not that good actually.

I bought RM35++ for Nyonya kuih alone. Imagine how much I bought cause I wanna try all of it. But to my disappointment, the kuih was not as "huha" as most people talk about.

Mahkota Hotel Melaka (aka Century Mahkota Hotel) sucks !!!!

Good day folks

If you are going to Malacca for vacation and if you are looking for a hotel in Malacca (Melaka). Never never never ever go to Mahkota Hotel Melaka which used to be called Century Mahkota Hotel. The website of the hotel is Why, let me tell you why:

1. I reached the hotel around 3pm. When I reached the lobby, no bellman in sight. No one come to me to help me to unload my luggages even after 10 minutes waiting. So I have resorted to push the trolley myself and unload my luggages for 4 adults and 2 babies. God can you imagine how many things I had in my trunk? Then I have to push the trolley from the parking all the way to the lobby. Crap Mahkota Hotel Melaka.

2. I checked in to the hotel at 3.10pm. Got my keys around 3.20pm. HORROR, disgusting, surprise. The room was not cleaned up. It was so dirty and smelly. The bellman told me that he will inform the housekeeping to tidy the room. 5.10pm still no housekeeping people coming to clean my room. Goodness what a shit hotel.

Years ago, I stayed in this hotel before and it was not like this. The service was awesome, the restaurant was awesome and the staff was awesome. Back then, it was still Century Mahkota Hotel.

It's 5.10pm, I'm getting ready for dinner. So I wanna give Mahkota Hotel Melaka a chance. I do really hope that by the time I come back from dinner at Capitol Satay Celup and my night walk at Jonker St, the room would have been tidy up.

3. I called for towels from housekeeping, it took them 1 hour+ to send me bloody 3 towels. We have 4 guests but only 1 towel given. And 4 guests but only 2 complimentary bottle water. Where is the logic?

4. I returned to Mahkota Hotel Melaka around 9.00pm. Huh, they have tidy up the room. The bedsheets was changed and that was it. Ya that was it. The kitchen area is not cleaned, full or leftover gravy marks. Glass not cleaned.

Floor not mopped.

Carpets not vacuum.

Bloody hell, stupid hotel. Stupid Mahkota Hotel Melaka.

I have to clean up the room again before going to bed.

5. The disaster did not end yet. The toilet is FLOODED. What the xxxx, I didn't expect this. For such a pricy hotel and yet the service was so bad.

6. The next day, my in-laws air-conditioning start giving out loud son that make it unbearable to sleep. Bloody hell, stupid hotel. Stupid Mahkota Hotel Melaka.

Jezz, I normally stayed in Hotel Equatorial whenever I go to Melaka. I vow that I never go back to Mahkota Hotel Melaka again. Never.

And I strongly urge everyone not to go to this hotel unless you wanted to get yourself frustrated and an unpleasant vacation.

Apparently, I'm not the first one, we found a link that talk about similar problems like us.

Other complaints:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Malacca good food, here I come

Ya I'm going to Malacca again. It is food hunting again. I'm looking for Malacca good food.

Any suggestion on food that must try?

Been browsing Motormouth page at for info.

FYI, I studied for 1 year in Malacca in MMU. My normal pick would be

Capitol Satay Celup
Jonker Street Durian Cendol
Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball
Ginger Tau Fu Fa at Jalan Bunga Raya (if I remember the road name correctly, very close to perigi hang li po)
Fried Oyster at Jalan Bunga Raya
Popiah at Jalan Bunga Raya
Duck Mee at Bukit Cina
Bird Nest at Ah Keong (in Jonker Street & Dataran Pahlawan shopping mall)
Hot Pepper Beef at Bukit Baru
Pork Satay at Melaka Raya
Exotic cockles at one of the lane in Jalan Bunga Raya. I dare you to try this.

Planning to go for
- umbai seafood
- sampan
- bert park
- klebang beach
- tengkera hee kiaw

So to all Malacca folks out there, please suggest.

Stupid Mahathir, Stupid Bung Mokhtar

Stupid Mahathir why?

His words in The Sun:
"Whether the gambling license is issued or not, gambling will still go on in the country because the Chinese generally like to gamble"

Oi, old man, why can't you retire gracefully. If he said that, he was stereotyping the rakyat. Simply meaning:

Chinese like to gamble
Indian like to drink todi
Malay like to lepak and drink milk tea

Argh come on old man, those are old saying or perhaps is a myth that was created in your era. In the era where you RULE. Nowadays, things have changed. We the new generation are suffering as a result of your unfair ruling and we the new generation are working our ass off to meet the end needs. We work hard as a result of cronyism that you have practiced.

It is so unwise for an old person like you to stereotype people. Gambling does not associate with race. I've seen Malay who go buy TOTO. Yes TOTO. Thanks to your best friend Vincent Tan sports Toto. The license that BN granted for Vincent Tan. As a result, Malay who by default are Muslim go buy nombor ekor from TOTO. You are the real culprit.

I rather buy lottery from unlicensed operator than buying from TOTO, MAGNUM because I don't want pay tax to BN aka UMNO.

Another stupid MP, Bung Mokhtar. Where is the conscience of people from Kinabatangan. How could you guys voted for a scumbag like him to be in parliament. Wake up.

We have enough gambling license in Malaysia, TOTO, MAGNUM, BIG SWEEP & GENTING. So we don't need a new one.

If this bloody Bung Mokhtar said, since we live in a multiracial society and we should take into consideration of the non-muslims. I am a non-muslim, and I do not want to see my fellow Malaysian gone into gambling debt and make Vincent Tan even richer. Or to be correct to make the UMNO crony richer.

Half a year past

Wow, it is half way through for 2010. Time flies like an arrow. How many of you have not started your plan to fulfill for 2010? You better start now, cause you have only have roughly 180 days left.

I've fulfill my wish for this year where I wanted to get a new job. And I did it. Well am I happy after changing job? I can answer "Yes".

At least I don't feel victimized.
At least I don't feel unappreciated.
At least I don't need to deal with people that I don't like.
At least I don't feel under paid (well i believe all of you think you are under paid).
At least I am more cheerful, no more grumpy.
At least I don't complain so much now.

New work means new challenge and I am up to it.

As for family, both princess are growing healthily. But poor Qian Hui fell and hurt her head. Got few bruises. Brought the sisters to Teluk Kemang beach for some getaway and I guess the sisters have enjoyed themselves. Looking forward for more family outings. Now having two kids make us feel that it is so troublesome to go to some where. Beside, Qian Hui have car sickness so it is better not to travel far.

Friends, hardly have any gathering with friends nowadays. I guess everyone are just busy with their own problems now.

Blue Sky blue

Blue sky blue, taken from beach at Teluk Kemang. My Princesses having good time at the beach.

The Sisters

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm the World Best Dad

I'm recently awarded the "World's Best Dad" award. Below are the proof

With Qian Ning

Ning Ning is the new supporter of Man Utd. Chelski, beware, next season we will be back.

With Qian Hui

Sick Marketing Technique

I got some bad running nose, hence I went to this Gxxxxxxx pharmacy to get the Vicks VapoRub to ease my nasal congestion.

I do know that this type vaporising ointment do have its best before date. Ya no joke, they do have best before date. I just realized that I didn't checked on the one that I bought from this Gxxxxxxx pharmacy. I quickly turn it around to check on the date. Gosh, what a shame. They stick the bloody bar code sticker on top of the best before date. When I tried to remove the sticker, doom, the ink of the best before date was faded due to the sticker being pasted on it.

This is a really sick way of doing business. We as the consumer were denied to right to check on the product quality. They are lucky that this is Malaysia, the boleh-land. If we were in another FAIR country, this Gxxxxxxx pharmacy will be sued.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ning Ning and Fried Beehoon

My latest toy - Black & Decker

My latest toy, since i got plenty of credit card points from Citibank and I have been yearning for a lithium battery operated cordless screwdriver, I redeem this baby from Citibank rewards. The model is 3.6V Li-ion Screwdriver (AS36LN).

Well, I have two choices either I go for Bosch or Black Decker. Both are some way around RM 170. If I wanted a more branded Bosch, means I would have to fork out from my own wallet. Then Citibank have this item in their list, I was like why not since it is somehow "free".

I would have to salute Citibank. I make the redemption on 11 Apr 2010 (Sunday). I got my toy on 13 Apr 2010 (Tuesday). Bravo !!! Clap Clap Clap ...

Sooky has been warning me for not to drill here and there. Heheheh.. Below is the drill Black & Decker CD71CRE Impact Drill 710w. Very powerful as compare to 500W. I'm loving it ...

My latest toy

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When Mama is NOT HAPPY !!!

People always said, when mama is happy, everyone is happy. But when will you know when mama is not happy?

** pic deleted as per ORDER from the angry mama **

Do you know the look of a mama when she is not happy. Here you go, this is how your mama will look like when she is not happy.

Wondering why Malaysia never have enough parking?

Wondering why Malaysia never have enough parking? This is the reason when people parked their car indiscriminately. FYI, the car owner was a lady. Sighh ... Malaysia boleh.

Alice In Wonderland in Midvalley

If you happen to go to Midvalley few weeks ago, you will see such a marvelous decoration at Midvalley for the promotion of Alice in Wonderland movie. Shoot, it is damn nice ...

Fantastic Vegetarian "Pork Skin"

Sooky's masterpieces

I don't know what to call this dishes, apparently people in Temerloh called it "Jiu Pai Ai Gua" loosely translated to "Signature dishes of Eggplant/brinjal". Sooky managed to copycat this dishes on the first try. Not bad huh ...

1. Vegetarian "Pork Skin" stir fried with taucu and chili. Wow, thumbs up !! by sooky
2. Vegetarian stuff shitake mushroom. Well, I have to say, the taste so so only, not to my liking.

Look at the flower shape bok choy. What a masterpiece .. wuahahaha

My Princess #2

Me and my white dress ...

Practising my kicking skills .. heeeyaaa

I'm concentrating ....

The only time Qian Hui get the chance to drink sweet stuff, it is CNY

Come n get me

Qian Hui first vacation to Swiss Garden Kuantan at Beserah ... got wooohooo or not?

My Eldest Princess Qian Ning

Ning Ning with the fun ride at Sunway Pyramid

Having fun riding the "merry go round" bee.

Daddy: I'm having fun

Sooky and Ning Ning

Her killer pose

Gong Xi Gong Xi

So adorable !!!

Shopping queen ...

Moh Moh queen !!!

The Ring - remake ....

My 2010 Valentine's Day

Well, after upgrading to Parents 2.0 version, we hardly have time for ourselves plus this year valentine's day fall on the first day of chinese new year which means we won't have time to celebrate the valentine's day either (means god save my wallet).

We decided to have a simple celebration by dining at UMAIYA at its new branch in Puchong Boulevard. Reason being, there was once I was having dinner with my boss's boss's boss's, well I don't know how many level up. Anyway he is the Asia Pacific Services Head. He ordered the shasimi at Umaiya which I feel very nice as compare to most of the Japanese restaurant out there. So I always boast in front of Sooky on how nice it is. Then she will say, "cheh, NATO, No Action Talk Only". So to proof that I'm not NATO, I brought her to Umaiya.

Camwhore !!!


Star of the day !!! The Shasimi (Salmon, Maguro (tuna), squid, clam, prawn, and forgot the other two)

Well, the shasimi are just the appetizer (RM 60). So we ordered two main course to supplement our dining. I ordered one Unagi Okanomiyaki and Sooky got herself some tenpura set.

Total damage of the day (RM 120).

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Contra Flow On LDP - Causing Massive Jam - by LITRAK

LITRAK introduced contra flow on LDP and it caused massive jam on the first day.

I was stucked in the jam for almost 3 freaking hours which normally it only took me 45 minutes to reach home.


Speaking to reporters during the Press Conference to announce the contra-flow traffic, LITRAK Chief Executive Officer Sazally Saidi said the effort involves extensive preparation and dispensation of huge number of manpower on site.

“We have been studying this option for months now and theoretically the contra-flow should work based on the studies. We are certain that with additional lanes provided for the Puchong Perdana /Putrajaya bound traffic, the traffic flow in Puchong will improve,” he said.


How dare the CEO of LITRAK said this. What kind of studies did they made? Who involved? Do the person who carry out the studies have the qualification and adequate knowledge?

I called to LDP to complain this morning and requested them to scrap their idea of contra flow which simply not working. I doubt they will follow my advice unless more people bombard their phone till non-stop. Call this number 7494 7014 to complain till they scrap their idea.

The actual congestion was at the puchong perdana entrance from puchong side. What they need to do is to have a bridge to direct the traffic direct to puchong perdana without the need to wait for traffic light. Do the people who come out with this contra flow idea actually study how long people get stucked in the puchong perdana traffic light?

What kind of shit idea LITRAK is coming out with. I PAY FREAKING RM 1.60 yet caused me to wait.

If someone was denied the emergency medical services due to the freaking jam in LDP yesterday. Please SUE this bloody company.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Crazy 2009

It was a crazy year for 2009. yeah, I know I have been procrastinating a lot. But late is better none right.

- April - arrival of my new little princess Qian Hui
- coping up with taking care of 2 little devils. Life's good.
- It is our 3rd anniversary so I decided to fulfill my "forgotten" promise and we decided to go for french food fine dining. Picture, go to here. It was a great dinner considering that we have never had french food before. The food and ambiance was great but if you ask me, will I go again. Err, not really. It is such one of those fine dining. We probably will choose other venue/cuisine for our next anniversary. Travel oversea probably.
- I got my smart phone, samsung omnia II as my anniversary present. Going crazy playing with garmin GPS.

Sooky company got acquired by Satyam (from Motorola become Satyam) in December 2008. Then out of sudden Satyam financial scandal broke out in Jan 2009. Salary starting come late and all sort of problems bubble up. Everyone trying to save their ass and looking for a place to move on. It was a bad timing considering that Sooky was in her 6 mths pregnancy. Going for interview is really a trouble. I doubt any company would take her in considering that she won't be able to start new job till July cause the EDD was in April 2009.

Helping to look out for her high and low and after numerous tries, finally I managed to get her to an interview and lucky enough that the company willing to wait for Sooky to start in mid June which means, Sooky only have 30 days maternity leave. Well, it is better to have a job than having 60 days maternity. She managed to secure a new job in April. So for 3 mths, she has been living in constant worry about her future after giving birth. I am worry that she would get pre-natal depression and consistently try to make her cheerful without worrying about family expenditure. I will take up the problem and nothing for her to worry about and just concentrate to give me a healthy baby in April. April 16 Qian Hui joined our family. Visit

And for myself, I got transfer to another department in Jan 2009 due to cost cutting. Well, I was very optimistic at first that learning new thing is ain't that bad. The nightmare begin. I was tasked to do a mission move for a project from oversea to Malaysia. No proper plan was being executed. The project is in big mess. No documentation given. Code development was not setup. The other counter part not willing to cooperate. Well it is understandable considering that if you are losing a project. Will you be so cooperate in transferring the knowledge out. You won't.

For a project close to 1 MILLION LOC (lines of code), no design, no comment and no documentation. Can you imagine what kind of world I'm living now? IT IS HELL !!!! The coding structure was bad where the debug is like SHIT. Same error message could be thrown from several piece of code. Why on earth those programmer want to do that? I have no answer. Simply speechless.

Come July, I was told there is an oppoturnity to do services. Well, of course I jump at the first place. I always wanted to do services. Life was good in the beginning. Lots of training and information given. Work started well. Managed to complete the development in time. When it come to deployment, all hell broke loose. The schedule was move ahead. When we tried to joint the each piece of works from everyone. Everything not working. Someone work not completed, system configuration is wrong and etc. I screwed up for the 2nd session of UAT for under estimating the actual work needed. I don't want to give excuses. I admit that is my mistake but I do make up in the end. We completed UAT with no problem.

Although project completed, but I lost a good friend which I simply have no answer why he is so mad at me. Well, life goes on.

I managed to sell the bloody puncak jalil house built by talam & IJM. After going for numerous sleepless nights, finally managed to get rid off the house.

The house quality was really bad when I got the key. I lodge complaint after receiving the keys, but no action taken even after a month, so I decided to engage my own contractor to fix the defect. Spend RM 500 for that since I need to bring potential buyer to inspect the house. I'm sure you don't want to buy a house that is cracking everywhere. The biggest crack that I found in the house was about 3 cm wide for 4 meters long. Yeah, no joke. I was so devastated when I got the house. Then finally the appointed contractor from developer come to fix my house. When I managed to get a buyer and signed the S&P, I was so relieved. I make a bit of lost from the interest buy I'm still willing to let go the property simply because I don't see a good prospect of the house. If you ask me then why I bought this house? No I didn't wish to buy this house. It is somebody else idea. I was forced to follow back then. Don't wish to elaborate more. What happen, let it be. It is a past.

In general, it is ain't that bad for year 2009. At least my wish was granted. Not one but 4 wishes was granted.
1. Sooky is safe.
2. Qian Hui is safe.
3. Sooky got a new job.
4. Managed to sell off my puncak jalil house.

New year resolution, oh well some ppl said, new year resolution are for people who always procrastinate. Me never procrastinate. So I don't have new year resolution, cheh wahhh.

Hope for this year:
- get a new job
- big increment
- family safe n sound
- catching up with old friends
- no war, world peace

Bad Dining Experience at Bellygood

After such a pleasant visit to Bellygood in the past, Sooky and myself decided to go for porky meal last Saturday 6 Mar 2010.

Our of expectation, it is a disaster dining experience.

Going into the restaurant with high and well known expectations. Oh well, the restaurant got some makeover and it look nicer and well lit. "Eve" the previous manager left the restaurant and she no longer in charge and I got to meet the owner "Su" and her mother. Very good hospitality indeed.

As usual Grilled Pork Belly is a must. Then this time around, Sooky ordered Aglio Olio Pasta with Sausage.

Wow we are so hungry and excited with the soon to come porky meal.

Doom !!!!

The Aglio Olio Sausage Pasta with Shitake taste so plain. I can even cook better. Confidence dropped to critical level.

Fish and Chip for my maid, oh well, this is still quite tasty.

Then come my Grilled Pork Belly. Oh no, it is ain't Pork Belly at all. No fat associated with my porky at all. I thought Pork Belly got to be something sinful with one layer of lean meat and alternate with one layer of fats. God where is all the fat. The Grilled Pork Belly was simply a letdown for few reasons:

1. Meat is tough.
2. No aroma
3. Taste so blunt
4. Gravy is not sweet anymore. Simply tasteless.

Oh no, I'm expecting the worst for our dessert. Sooky like their Movenpick ice-cream. So I ordered 1 scoop of Almond Pistachio & 1 scoop or Caramel. Doom Doom Doom !!! What a letdown !!! The ice-cream simply taste awful. Yeah, AWFUL. How can ice-cream being a dessert taste AWFUL. I simply have no answer. Oh yeah, I do actually. The ice-cream was "expired". It is some ice-cream leftover in the tub that you usually have when it was left for quite some time. Taste so "icy", sticky, not creamy and the biscuit deco that come together with the ice-cream was soggy and I suspect it is "expired" too. Jezz, what a bad dining experience.

I don't thing I'm going back to this restaurant anymore.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sand and Stone

A good story to share with my friends here:

Two friends were crossing the desert. At one point they had an argument, and one slap the other.

The one who get slapped, without saying anything wrote in the sand : "TODAY MY BEST FRIEND SLAPPED ME IN THE FACE". They kept on walking until they found an oasis, where they decided to take a bath. The man who got slapped got stucked in the mire and was drowning, but his friend save him.

After the ordeal, he wrote on the stone, "TODAY MY BEST FRIEND SAVE MY LIFE". The friend who had slapped him, then save his life asked, "After I slapped you, you wrote on sand, and now on the stone, why?"

His friend replied, " When someone hurts us, we should write it down on sand where the wind of forgiveness will erease it away. But when someone does something good for us, we should engrave it on stone so that it will never be forgotten."

Write your hurts in sand, but carve your blessings in stone.