Thursday, December 23, 2010

Quote of the day


Tien xia you liang nan, deng tian nan, chiu ren gen nan
Tien xia you liang gu, wang nian gu, ping jiong gen gu
Tien xia you liang xian, jiang wu xian, ren xing gen xian
Tien xia you liang pao, ji zhang pao, ren qing gen pao


Tin ha yao leung nan, tang tin nan, kao yan kan nan
Tin ha yao leung fu, wong nin fu, pang kung kan fu
Tin ha yao leung him, wah san him, yan sam kan him
Tin ha yao bok, ji cheung bok, yan ching kan bok

Translated to english:

There are two difficults tasks, grabbing the sky is hard, but asking for helps is even harder
There are two types of bitterness, bittergourd is bitter, poverty is even bitter
There are two types of danger, society is dangerous, but human's evil thoughts are even more dangerous
There are two types of thinness, paper is thin, but humanity is even thinner.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quote of the day

In cantonese:

yao chi che, jin tin tao dei
mo chi che, yuen tin han dei

translated to:

a smart person with high perseverance will defied the destiny and fight for victory
whereas a loser will only complaint and cursing