Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Seskyen 176 Akta Syarikat 1965

Biasanya Notice of Court Convene Meeting merupakan notis memanggil mesyuarat yang dikeluarkan mana-mana syarikat (bukan hanya syarikat pemaju perumahan) yang melakukan penstrukturan semula syarikat di bawah Seskyen 176 Akta Syarikat 1965, di mana syarikat tersebut perlu mendapatkan persetujuan daripada semua pemiutang mereka (creditors) dari segi cadangan pembayaran balik hutang atau apa-apa cadangan yang difikirkan perlu untuk mengelakkan syarikat digulung dan dibubarkan. Biasanya ini adalah jalan terakhir jika mana-mana syarikat tiada pilihan lain dan sukar untuk mendapat persetujuan semua pihak dalam usaha menyelesaikan masalah kewangan mereka.

Dalam situasi melibatkan syarikat pemaju perumahan, biasanya pemiutang mereka terbahagi kepada secured creditors (seperti pembiaya, ahli-ahli lembaga pengarah syarikat, syarikat-syarikat yang melabur dalam syarikat tersebut), main unsecured creditors (seperti kontraktor dan konsultan) dan unsecured creditors (pembeli-pembeli rumah). Pembeli-pembeli rumah diletakkan sebagai unsecrured creditors disebabkan pemaju berhutang dengan pembeli dari segi LAD (wang yang perlu dibayar kesan dari perjanjian jual dan beli) dan bukannya disebabkan meminjam wang dari pembeli rumah.

Apa-apa cadangan untuk menstrukturkan semula syarikat dan pembayaran balik hutang mesti diperjelaskan oleh syarikat dalam bentuk dokumen bertulis yang mesti diedarkan sebelum Court-Convenend Meeting. Semasa Court Convened Meeting, semua pemiutang akan mengundi sama ada menyokong cadangan atau menolak cadangan. Satu auditor bebas akan dilantik untuk mengira kiraaan undi dan jika jumlah undian menyokong adalah "good majority" --> lebih menyokong dari menolak maka cadangan tersebut akan diluluskan oleh mahkamah. Jika tidak syarikat tersebut wajib mengubahsemula cadangan penyelesaian dan memanggil semula court convene meeting baru. Dalam keadaan ini juga, mana-mana pihak tidak boleh mengganggu prosiding kerana telah mendapat arahan mahkamah.

Biasanya, dalam keadaan begini pemaju akan mendesak pembeli-pembeli untuk membatalkan tuntutan LAD sebagai jalan penyelesaian. Dalam kebanyakan kes yang kami perhatikan, kebanyakan pembeli tidak ada pilihan tetapi menyokong disebabkan faktor masa, keperluan pada masa itu dan tidak mahu terikat dengan terma faedah pinjaman bank. Sebenarnya pembeli-pembeli berhak untuk menolak cadangan tersebut sehingga cadangan penyelesaian yang lebih baik dikemukakan oleh pemaju. Implikasinya, jika "good majority" pembeli menyokong untuk membatalkan LAD dan baki pembeli lain tidak meyokong, mahkamah akan memutuskan untuk membatalkan tuntutan LAD dalam perintah yang dikeluarkan.

Sungguhpun demikian, situasi Court-Convened Meeting berbeza dari satu syarikat pemaju ke satu syarikat pemaju.

Maklumat ini adalah maklumat umum berdasarkan kes-kes yang pernah dikendalikan oleh Bahagian ini setakat 27 Mei 2007.

Kami sememangnya menerima banyak pertanyaan berhubung notice of court convene meeting ini. Harap maklumbalas ini dapat memperjelaskan keadaan.

Jaime Yeoh (kpkt)

=== LX ===
Stupid government, the above law will only benefit the developer and not the POOR BUYER, not the RAKYAT. How can?

Source by Touchnes

- What is our law maker (wakil rakyat or MPs) doing in Parliament?
- Why on earth our "beloved" government allow such rule to protect those developer?

Change, change, change ... Just for change ....

Malaysia Today Got Censored? Got Blocked?

It is widely circulated around internet that Malaysia Today may have been blocked and censored altogether by the someone with power, you know who will do this, if not the so call wise UxxO ppl, and cannot be accessed via TMNet connections.

You can still access the website via the mirror site @

Thanx to the new incumbent of PJ Utara Tony Pua, for highlighting this issue. YB Tony also mentioned that there is something call MSC Bill that promised no censorship. Looks like another empty promises.

Jeff Ooi also blogged about this at here.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Weapon Of Mass Destruction Striked Back

If SF is the Queen of Destruction, then NingNing will be the Weapon of Mass Destruction...

Last week, when we went back to mom's house at UYB, Ning Ning did this to her cousin's toy.



Me: Han Wen (my nephew), su su (uncle) say sorry cause Ning Ning damage your toys.

** my nephew face turns sour.. He looked so sad.

Me: It's ok Han Wen, su su going to get a new one for you as a replacement. Don't worry about it.

Nephew: Ok ok ... (Turn to happy mode again.)

Me: Do you want the same toy or this time you wanted a remote control helicopter toy?

Nephew: Ehhh ..

Me: How about su su get you this new thing, the remote control helicopter toy.

Nephew: Ok ok ... (Turn to super happy mode.)

Niece: Su Su, you get two ya ! One for Han Wen ko ko, one for Hsuen Hsuen, ok.

Opss ... got trapped. Now need to get 2 toy instead of one liao.

Ning Ning, by the time you visit daddy's blog, remember of this. It is your mistake, but daddy have to cover for you. No next time ok.

PS: Ning Ning, can daddy deduct the money from your bank account arr?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Week 5

My baby now in week 5, entering week 6

Wondering how's the baby look like now?

Picture source from babycenter.

Picture from 3D Pregnancy Parent Connect.

Read more on how SF felt right now at here.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Man Utd So Blunt Against Newcastle

Here we go, the football fever is back. Finally after a long 3 months wait for the English Premiership to start again for season 2008/2009, it is back.

Unfortunately, Man Utd failed to beat Newcastle in their first match for the season. They look so blunt. They definitely need a week in week out striker to boast their chance to defend the trophy this season. But at the same time, we have to give credit to Shay Given for performing superbly against Man Utd. He had make at least 4 important saves to deny Man Utd a victory. Thumbs up also for Argentinian duo Fabricio Coloccini and Jonas Gutierrez had superb debuts

There are so many injuries to Man Utd camp at the start of this season, but yet, this can't be used as an excuse for not winning a match. That shows, the bench is not strong enough. That shows the squad is not strong enough. They certainly need to strengthen their striking department considering that Man Utd only have Rooney and Tevez as the experienced striker. Frazier Campbell is good but he need to establish himself in premiership first. Saha is so injury-prone. So striker is what Man Utd is lacking at the moment.

Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool had strengthen their squad. Surprisingly Man Utd is so passive in the transfer market this season.

But then, it is only 1st game into the season. It is not over yet. There are 37 more games to go.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I Am To Be A Father Again !!!!

Yahoooo ...

Great news of 2008.

I am to be a FaThEr AGAIN !!!!!

SF said, the pregnancy test kit is 99.9 % correct and can test 3 days before the actual day. Anyhow, we gonna go see gynae in 2 weeks time to see if the "sac" is in the correct place, ie: at uterus.

Oppss.. have to start thinking of names for the baby liao.

1st = Qian Ning

Lim Guan Eng Interviewed by HKG TVB

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Women and Satay? Unbelievable !!!

Yesterday, after getting some groceries from Tesco, suddenly I felt like eating mutton satay. FYI, at Pusat Bandar Puchong, there is a food court call Everyday. They have the best mutton satay that I ever tasted. Even better than Kajang one. No joke. If you ever pass by, go try it.

It was prepared by a Malay family, so I consider it halal. But the tricky thing is the stall is in non-halal food court. Beside it, was another Malay Ikan Bakar stall.

Last week, my satay scenario: It is about dinner time, 5:30pm like that.

Me: Dear, do you want to satay?

SF: Err.. don't want.

Me: Ok, I'll go get 5 chicks satay for myself.

Happily taken all 5 satay + 1 rice.

SF: Aik, you never left anything for me? (Upset face.)

Me: Huh !! Just now I asked/offered, you said you don't want !

SF: Aiya, you don't sayang me wan, never even left 1 stick for me. Sighhh ... (*more upset face*)

So out of my sense of guilty, I decided to go to get some satay, this time I asked SF also.

This week satay scenario:

Me: Dear, I wanted to get some satay lar. Long time didn't eat the mutton satay already.

SF: What, you already had satay last week.

Me: Ya, that one UYB satay, chicks one not mutton one.

SF: Grrr .. go go .. I want 5 chick satay ya.

Me: Ok. (Happily make a detour to Everyday food court at Pusat Bandar Puchong. "Tak tak tak sheung soh yuen")

Got the satay within 10 mins. Huh, the whole car smell of satay. Aiya, blogging this make me hungry liao.

Reached home. Serve it nicely on plate.

SF: Hmm.. I'm a little bit bloated already, hubby, you finish it lar. (This after taking 2 sticks)

Me: har !!! :o .... Grrr .. Happily stuff the extra chick satay into my big tummy.

Morale of the story: WOMEN ARE SO UNPREDICTABLE !!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fake Fireworks

Latest news ..

Joker Of The Day ... Yahoooo !!!!

Wanted to know the jokes/joker of the day ..

Visit here, here and here !!!!!

Can't stop laughing at those idiots, jerks or scumbag.

Our beloved B_d_wi trying to be populist here. No power. Of course lar, people suggest only lar, how on earth Khalid can change anything. Education under Federal governance. No need to say, everyone know. Sighhh ...

Oh ya, wanted to play hangman, fill in the blanks above.

Can't help to wonder what is Malaysia? No freedom to say anything, people suggest/discuss something, then a "rombongan"/platoon go protests. Damn. Wake up my dear Malay-sian. Protests is ok, but have to do it peacefully. Don't go and threaten people.

What is the thing to FEAR about? So timid. Don't be coward. Face the challenge.

I have a lot of malay colleagues in my office. I can tell you that they are very smart indeed. I just don't understand why this bunch of peoples are so scared of having non-bumi in their school. Isn't that MARA also accepting non-bumi nowadays? Any problem?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bend It Like Beckham !!

Bend It Like Beckham ...

Bend It Like Beckham .. Beckham wannabe ...

Haiya, only hairstyle only .... gagagaga

How To DetermineHow Many Seeds/Cloves in Mangosteen?

Ya Ya Ya I know, the season for mangosteen is almost over. I should have blogged about this much much earlier but what to do, the procrastination bug infected me.

Question: How do you determine how many seeds/cloves in the mangosteen?

Theng .. theng ... THENG !!!!!

Answer: Look at the bottom of the mangosteen. The cloves at the bottom of the mangosteen denotes how many seeds/cloves inside the mangosteen.

One more tip for you, even the size of the cloves also determine the actual cloves size in the mangosteen.

FYI, if Durian was consider as King of Fruit, then his partner would be Mangosteen, the Queen of Fruit.

Family Outing to KLCC

Daddy's Little Girl ...

Ning Ning first visit to KLCC

Happy Family, pathetic, can't get help from passerby. So shoot "sendiri a.k.a myself" lar.

Ning Ning - Stars of Pureen

As a follow up from Ning Ning - Stars of Pureen, on our way home back to UYB, we go to Jalan Ipoh to pick up the gifts from Today Publishing office.

Ning Ning with her prizes ... (the precious ...)

Ning Ning: Huh, this is what I get? Not bad ya. Got diapers, just nice for me. Wah .. got yogurt bath.. later NIng Ning skin mah smooth smooth lor ...

Ning Ning: Aik, what's that, let me check it out first ...

Ning NIng: Daddy, mommy, what is that, Ning NIng still can't figure it out ..

Ning Ning and Her SeXy LiPs ....

Look at Ning Ning, showing off her sexy lips. So adorable. How can I not love this daughter?

Daddy: Ning Ning, where is "mei mei"?

Ning Ning: Mei Mei (finger pointing to her new dress)

Question: What say you, is Ning Ning SeXy?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Don't Micro Manage Me Bastard!! You are not even my manager!!

Damn it, what is wrong with the people here.

Bastard, he is not even my manager, why is that he micro manage me? Don't be bossy in front me. I know what to do, bastard !!!! For sure I'm smarter than you !! cilaka ...

Grrrrrr ......

Opsss. . so sorry .. I have to rant and rave a bit .. to balance up the hormones in me.

I just could not understand why some people is just so pushy. Why they can't let other people do their job and they do theirs? Why is that they have to mind somebody else business. Sighh ..

Rich vs Poor

I get very disturbed whenever our politician said our policy should only benefit the poor. Things like petrol, water and others. I partially agree to this statement.

In one way, we should see that subsidy should really goes into the needy instead of the rich. But the question here is, how do we judge whether a person is rich or poor?

A person that earn RM 4000 with 5 household members?
A person that earn RM 4000 with 2 household members?

Bare in mind, that earning RM 4000 does not mean take home income. After deducting EPF, income tax, socso and others. Take home income is an approximate of RM 3280. After deducting house rental/installment, car installment, petrol, utilities and food. How much left? So you make the judgement on how to determine whether a person is rich or poor.

Being a good, caring and fair government, they shall not discriminate a person by its status. Whether the person or poor.

Please please don't set in your mindset that rich people shall not be helped. Come on, being rich is not a sin. The person become rich might due inheritance or by his/her own hardworking. Hence being rich is not a sin. It shall not be punished.

Every citizen shall received the equal and fair treatment.

If it is so hard to benchmark the rich and poor and why spending money and resources to govern something that deem hard to govern. Make the policy simple, open and fair to everyone. That will make life easier.

Benefit to Selangor Senior Citizen by Pakatan Rakyat #2

I dropped a call to 03-5544 7450. Unfortunately no one ever picked up .. grrr ....

I'm sure they know they should expect flooded of calls to find out more details about this benefit thing. But sad, no one was there to pick up calls.

Come to think of it, I find the execution a bit funny.

It stated that

4) RM500.00 will release to your parents after submission(in short time
period they will get it).

Selangor Government will update records and will arrange for interview with
your parents for the will that balance RM3,000.00 to
which children's account after they pass away
. The above
application just for senior citizen whoever stay in Selangor only.

My Doubts:
1. Why is that only RM 500 get released upon submission of form? That easy? No other verification needed?

2. Why is that the other RM 3000 only get released when they DIED? What is the rational? How does this help the old folks since the RM 3000 never get into their hands and instead goes to the children's account?

3. What happened if the parents don't wish to give the money to their kid and they indeed need the money to survive? What if the kids not filial?

4. How much money Selangor government need to prepare for this benefit? What is the impact to the state economy and development?

PS: somebody argue, like that the rich will also get the benefit !! I strongly disagree with this statement. Being a fair government, we shall not discriminate anyone by their status regardless they are rich or poor, we shall not discriminate them from their gender, skin color, outlook, languages and etc. I will blog this separately. Stay tuned.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Benefit to Selangor Senior Citizen by Pakatan Rakyat

Good day all,

I saw this from Malaysia Today, please help to spread it around.

Dear All,

Senior citizen who 60 years old and above to apply their allowance only once in a life time which is at RM3,500.00.
Procedure as follow:-
1) fill in the form
2) attach a copy of your parents i/c
3) submit to S.U.K. Shah Alam (in front of IPK Polis).
4) RM500.00 will release to your parents after submission(in short time period they will get it).

Government will update records and will arrange for interview with your parents for the will that balance RM3,000.00 to which children's account after they pass away. The above application just for senior citizen whoever stay in Selangor only.

You may submit the above application to S.U.K. Shah Alam on behalf of your parents.

If you have any further inquiries, you may contact 03-55447450 to find out more details.

The Nature

So happen that SF took this picture a while ago. Even the flies had needs. Can someone tell me if the position is legal or against the nature?

Read here at Malaysia Today and Malaysians Unplugged Uncensored.

LX really hope there is justice in Malaysia.
LX really hope BN don't screwed up this country.
LX really hope no innocent people being put behind bars.
LX really hope DSAI receive a fair trial.
LX really hope no EVIL in this case.
LX really hope can see The New Dawn On The Horizon.

Ning Ning Featured in Stars of Pureen August Edition

Yesterday, as usual upon reaching home, I checked for any incoming mails. FYI, I'm the finance controller at home where I take care of all bills and all finance & legal matters. Then among the piles of incoming letters, I found one letter addressed to SF. It is a normal brown envelope with Today's Publishing official stamp on it.

I was like huh ?!~@#$%

Me: Honey, did you send in any article to any publishing house? (fyi, SF had an ambition to become a writer.)

SF: Nope, I didn't?

Me: Ah lar, this must be some sort of SPAM. (cause previously we do receive SPAM letter address to us to buy bungalow in KLANG. Forgot which neighborhood already. Just lately we do receive SPAM letter from Kumon. It was send by a lady. I guess she must be owning one of the Kumon center. The Kumon Method of Learning is the largest Mathematics and language learning system in the world with more than 4 million students in over 45 countries around the world.)

The I took a peep at the letter, WOW !!!

Me: Ning Ning won ! Ning Ning won !! Ning Ning won in the baby contest for Stars of Pureen.

Dad and mom was like, wah so "pandai" ar?

After the dinner, we quickly went out to buy a copy of the August 08 Parenthood and kept gawking at the photo many many times to ensure that we weren't dreaming lol! :P

So I have to retract my statement earlier on to SF that she is "perasan" parent. SF always over excited on something. So I told her, we have to take it easily. A higher hope means higher dissapointment. But I guess SF is right this time. She is the winner, simply because she persevere the most and she had the highest and magnificient self-believe.

Victory belongs to the most persevering.

Napoleon Bonaparte
French general & politician (1769 - 1821)
And we also have to say sorry to Today's Publishing for not knowing them as the official publisher for Parenthood mags.

We are gearing up for more perasan entries. Tonight we are going to developed more photos and send in more entries. Hopefully Ning Ning can strike the jackpot this time round.

An Apology to radio and mainstream media

Thanks to the Editor WMSiew from and another anon user's information. I was wrong, there was no Squash being contested in Olympic. I wonder why? I thought squash has been played all these while and it is not a new sport? Squash won't be in Olympic for both 2012 & 2016 hence Datuk Nicol David won't be able to compete in Olympic yet.

If Squash is included in 2020 Olympic, Datuk Nicol David would be 37 by then. Hmmm...

Again, to the Sports Ministry, radio and mainstream media, I apologize for my ignorance.

I should have drill further for more information.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Olympic - Why only Badminton and not Squash?

It is so disturbing when I heard over the radio and newspaper (ie: the mainstream media) that Malaysia real/obvious chances to get a medal is through Badminton.

According to those mainstream media, our fellow countrymen Lee Chong Wei stand the biggest chance to get Malaysia first ever gold medal.

I was like what the heck !!! isn't that we have a world champion and currently world No 1 back here. Datuk Nicol David. Currently world No 1 in the world women squash ranking.

Currently Datuk Nicol David cumulative points is 3049.444.

The other close challenges are:
Natalie Grinham - 1989.444
Rachael Grinham - 1862.682
Natalie Grainger - 1620.789
Jenny Duncalf - 960.857

Beside, if we track Datuk Nicol David track record this year from 2007 to 2008 below, isn't that she consistently beating the her closest challenger, Natalie & Rachael Grinham?


Won the FINAL against NATALIE GRINHAM (NED) in CIMB SINGAPORE WOMEN'S SQUASH MASTERS 2007 (Rankings Date: 04/08/2007 ) = 2450.000
Won the FINAL against RACHAEL GRINHAM (AUS) in FOREXX DUTCH OPEN 2007 (Rankings Date: 31/08/2007 ) = 2450.000
Lost to RACHAEL GRINHAM (AUS) in the FINAL in DUNLOP BRITISH OPEN-MANCHESTER 2007 (Rankings Date: 24/09/2007 ) = 1610.000
Lost to SHELLEY KITCHEN (NZL) in WOMEN'S WORLD OPEN 2007 (Rankings Date: 27/10 ) - Round= 9/16 = 525.000
Won the FINAL against NATALIE GRAINGER (USA) in QATAR CLASSIC 2007 (Rankings Date: 03/11/2007 ) = 3360.000
Won the FINAL against NATALIE GRINHAM (NED) in CATHAY PACIFIC HONG KONG OPEN 2007 (Rankings Date: 11/11/2007 ) = 4800.000
Won the FINAL against NATALIE GRINHAM (NED) in THE MARSH APAWAMIS OPEN 2008 (Rankings Date: 04/02/2008 ) = 2450.000
Won the FINAL against NATALIE GRINHAM (NED) in CIMB KL OPEN 2008 (Rankings Date: 08/03/2008 ) = 2450.000
Won the FINAL against JENNY DUNCALF (ENG) in DUNLOP BRITISH OPEN - LIVERPOOL 2008 (Rankings Date: 12/05/2008 ) = 2450.000
Won the FINAL against RACHAEL GRINHAM (AUS) in SEOUL WOMEN'S SQUASH OPEN 2008 (Rankings Date: 07/06/2008 ) = 2450.000
Won the FINAL against NATALIE GRINHAM (NED) in CIMB MALAYSIAN OPEN 2008 (Rankings Date: 26/07/2008 ) = 2450.000

Don't get me wrong. I am a badminton fans. I know nothing about squash. I just felt that our Sport Ministry and mainstream media should be fairer to our athelete. Bare in mind, our athelete is fighting for our country pride in Beijing.

My hope, let's be FAIR to ALL.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cocky Lady

The other day, we went to Jusco to do some shopping. So happened that Johnson is having Baby Of The Year contest and the entry requirement is pretty straight forward and appealing.

1. You just need to buy any Johnson's Baby Product.
2. Prepare 2 photos of your baby.
3. Send your entry via online, mail or via-store.

Stand chance to see your baby’s picture appear on magazine covers. Cash and prizes worth over RM45,000 to be won

So SF was pretty excited (syok sendiri parent, like that lar). SF always believe Ning Ning could win something. ahahhaha. So we found the cheapest product that make us eligible for the contest. It is the smallest size of baby talcum powder with lavender (was meant to make baby sleep better at night) that only cost us RM 2.80 per bottle. What a bargain right?

So SF happily queuing at the cashier counter to pay for the goods. Is during that time Ning Ning start waving to another kid in front of her. Ya Ning Ning get very thrilled whenever she saw kids around her. She like the company of other kids. Ning Ning wanted to show off her skills of waving I guess.

So while queuing, the other kid brought out the toy handphone (a nice one, I guess it is some sort of branded toys. WAT branded toys handphone. Damn .. ) So Ning Ning also pretending that she speak on the phone by just putting her palm on her ear. We all nearby (inclusive the cashier, the couple queuing in front of SF, SF, myself and practically everyone nearby) just get amused by her reaction.

Coincidencely the mother of the kid was queuing in front of SF, so I was like, what the heck, to show friendliness, I decided to crack up a communication with the so called FRIENDLY MALAYSIAN.

Me: Har, my naughty daughter likes to imidate adult actions by talking on the phone.

Cocky Lady: Oh, she is so adorable. alo alo (playing with ning ning)

Me: Thank you. I got her a mobile phone toys as well. But the poor phone end up in multiple broken pieces on the first day cause she threw the phone to the ground.

Cocky Lady: You must have been buying the fake toys from pasar malam.

Me: No no .. I bought it from Tesco (in a very soft voice because the Cocky Lady fiercely condemned me for getting cheap stuff. What the heck)

Cocky Lady: Bla Bla Bla arrogantly. (Damn it, don't want to talk to this fella anymore.)

Playing Catching Up .....

Yesterday, so happen that I found one of my high school mates's blog. Thanx to Nuffnang for having the blog tracking. From the blog tracking, it brought me to his blog, I found the links to the yahoo group of SEMESTA 96ers Batch.

Gosh .. I have been MIA all these while. I missed so many gatherings and weddings.

5 years in SEMESTA. 5 wonderful years. 5 years that filled with sweet and bitter memories. 5 of my wonderful teenage years in SEMESTA.

This is the place where I learn how to be independent.
This is the place where I make friends.
This is the place where I make my fame being a National Rugby Player.
This is the place where I study, eat, play, sleep, fight and etc.

So many good memories about this place.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Parking Car Under The Hot Sun

Guys and Girls,

Particular to all who drive and parked your car under the hot sun.

I came across this article, few points to take notice

1. Don't Park Your Car Under The Hot Sun
- Reason being, when you parked your car under the hot sun. The direct heat to the car interior will emit harmful and toxic fumes that is bad for health.

2. If you have no choice but to park your car under the hot sun, then 3 suggestions for you:
i. Use solar/wind screen/ to cover your windshield from the direct hot sun. This is to reduce the heat from getting into your car.

ii. If you drive on warm day, ventilate your car for 10 minutes before driving.

iii. Clean your car (interior) more often.

Some useful links from From, it will tell you what is the impacts from Bromine, Phthalates and Lead.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sonic Lost in Mario World

Interesting game

Original link from here.