Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday, 26 Aug 2011 - Clear day

Getting up extremely early today as being waken up by my little monster Qian Hui. She tends to climb to our bed whenever she is awake and me being a very alert person will easily get awaken by her. Sooky managed to get QH back to sleep. Less than 5 minutes, Qian Hui make a fuss again, this time around, she asked for milk. At 530 AM, I have to get my lazy body up from the bed to make her milk. Trying to get back to sleep after that, roll to my right, roll to my left, close my eyes, all effort went into vain, can't get back to sleep. So I decided to wake up early, watched some movies before going to wet market to get some ingredients to make my signature Pork Burger as Sooky's friends are coming over tomorrow for some gatherings.

I had my breakfast at the wet market but I certainly have no appetite to swallow down the bowl of fishball noodles. Perhaps I'm still tired due to lack of sleep plus feasting like beast the night before on buffet which make me still feel bloated. Call back to wake up Sooky to ensure she is awake so that Qian Ning will reach her kindie in time. Tapao a bee hoon soup for Sooky on the way back.

8AM, quickly get myself dressed up to go to work. Traffic was smooth, perhaps due to majority of our muslim counterparts have started making the ways back to kampung to celebrate Eid Mubarak. Stopping at traffic light, so I take the chance to wipe my dusty + oily glasses. Boom !!! Bang !!!. It scared the hell out of me, I quickly check out my rear mirror and I noticed a motorcyclist going down after hitting a car. I was like, did he hit my car? I quickly get down to check the car out, and it didn't hit my car but the car next to me, how close is that. Poor chap, the car, big dent and scratches. Sometime I have the feelings that those motorcyclist are the bastard who should be responsible. Why must those motorcyclist manoeuvred in between cars exactly on the dotted white line? Are they trying to test their ear function on whether they can balanced themselves straight on the white line? Why can't they queue nicely behind those cars? Come to think of it, majority of the motorcyclists choose to ride a motorbike because they can't afford a car. Then I started to get very angry towards the bloody government. Why can't this bloody government of BN create a better transport system so that all this motorcyclists do not need to ride bike? How hard is it to create a better system? Fuck them all. I'm sure the motorcyclist won't be able to pay for the damage, so it is freaking sad for the car owner.

Getting down from the ram, I can see traffic heading towards Putrajaya at LDP was extremely pack. It was very unusual to see such pack traffic at that hours. Then I saw a police patrol car trying to squeeze through between cars. I guess there is another serious accident happen on the way to Putrajaya. Hope everything is fine. It is raya time, hopefully everyone drive safely for those who going back to kampung.

I reached office before 9am. While walking towards office, I suddenly asked myself, "Did I lock the car just now? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.", I don't remember at all. Although 99% of the time, I have locked the car but to be sure, I dragged my fat legs back to the carpark to check the car out. Ya I can't afford to lose this car. I don't have extra money to get another car. Thanks to the bloody government of BN who make the car so expensive in Malaysia. Fuck BN.

9.15am, office was pretty quiet, as usual most of the folks only turn up earliest by 10am. Was debating about how bad is the government with some of my Malay colleagues. Don't wish to elaborate as it tended to become very fiery whenever I talked about this fucking government of BN.

245 pm, didn't go out for lunch. Was having a little farewell party for our admin who is last day today. Boss get us some pizza. Had a some good chat with some colleagues, really learn a lot of stuff about current company and current issue.

Going to have beer with my ex-boss after works. It is good that we still keep in touch. Who knows one day, I might go back to old company?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spending quality time with my princesses

I was trying to spend some quality time with the kids yesterday.

Since I got 2 monsters who are equally excited to play the games that I downloaded from the market. They have to take turns.

So I start it with:

1. Playing fruit ninja
Qian Ning being the elder one get the opportunity to play first. Ya ya why must the elder one start first. Will shuffle this next time to be fair to both of my monster princesses.

Qian Ning was enjoying the game at the beginning but as the pace of the game picking up, she just gave up and said this, "so difficult to play". Then I realized indeed it is quite difficult to coordinate the movement. Perhaps not suitable for kids under 5. By the way she is 4 this year.

So I skip this game for Qian Hui, poor girl, daddy will let you play that tonight in order to be fair. Perhaps you at 2 years old could master the finger skill.

2. Snow white storybook reading
I downloaded an app call iStorybooks, quite a good apps, they have about 25 free ebooks on children story. The best thing is it can narrate the story with picture without you needed to tell the whole story. But I find it not interesting cause I didn't get the chance to practice my story telling skills.

3. flash card
This one was loved by both the sisters. Amazingly Qian Ning can read and identified most of the flash card apps that I downloaded. I guess she learn quite a bit from her kindie. So contemplating, should I send Qian Hui to kindie when she turn 4 or stick to the original plan to send Qian Hui to kindie only when she turned 5?

4. kids games - connecting the dot
Qian Ning loves this games. Connecting the dot enable her to relate the sequence of the number from 1 to 20. So this game will teach her 2 things, counting and coordination.

As for Qian Hui, she still can't identify anything more than 10 and what she do is simply rub the whole screen and cause all the dots to be connected. Then the picture will appear and she will clap, yea yea yea. It is easy to make our child happy, isn't it.


wow, I just noticed that I only have 1 POST !!! for 2011. Suddenly lost the urge to write. Been busy in the early 2010 and stop being active in blogging since then.

2011 was ok. Changed to a new job. Yes again, I have only been in my previous company for about 1 year ++ after leaving IBM and I changed job again. Well this time around, my ex-boss came knocking on my door and seeing that the interesting job scope and opportunity ahead, I decided to take up the challenge. I believed the experiences that I could learn from this new job will enrich my resume and will be precious in my future undertaking.

It is sad to leave Openet, made some good friends there, learn quite a bit in Openet. Openet is the only places that I felt as close as to Motorola. I had my best years in Motorola. I grew a lot in Motorola days.

In this new job, was thrown to a difficult project. Working late nights in my 2nd week till my wife and daughters complain that I haven't be going back for dinner for quite some time. Oh well, there is a guilt in me but still job is job. Need to help out where I can.

Things had slow down quite a lot since the delivery on Aug 1o. Now begin to breathe properly instead of rushing towards the submission. Product training will be given soon. Ting !!! ya product training is after my project submission. Learn quite a lot of stuff in the 2 weeks WAR !!. Hopefully when I go for the product training, I will understand and appreciate more.