Friday, July 27, 2007

Baby is about to be born

Yesterday, we kept telling the baby that, if you wanna come, you better come tonight. Then the baby was kicking hard. hahaha. I guess she must be saying, "yalar, yalar, i'm coming out very soon". In fact I told her that, she should come out once she finished "enjoying" in her mother stomach. Then SF, scold me, it is all my fault the baby don't want to come out. hahahha. It is such a great feeling for being able to feel the baby movement on SF dummy. When baby move around, SF dummy also changed its shape where you suddenly can see a small "hill" come up and down. Hahahaha ... I always "perasan" by telling SF that my baby listen to me, she is being very obedient.

This morning, there are more sign about baby to come. So we quickly get SF ready to go hospital. Initially we packed 2 giant bags with lots of clothes, food and other stuff that need to be brought to hospital. Then mom scold us for bringing so much of things. She said, nurse won't allow us to bring so many things. So on the spot, I quickly removed things that are not necessary. From 2 giant bags, we only bring one medium bag. Then mom ask me to go work first cause, not so fast for SF to deliver. Dad and mom will bring SF to hospital to register first. Mom will call me when SF is about to deliver.

I guess I shall be by SF side at this moment, but can't fight with mom. I'm sure SF wanna me by her side. Feel so sorry for her. If I stay by her side, then mom sure said "no need so kan cheung". Sighh... so in order not to fight with mom, I go to work first while waiting for her call me.

Really hope both SF & baby is safe and sound.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

My new T60P ThinkPad

This is the new look of my laptop

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Google Reader

Good day mates

For those who likes to keep track of blog reading. You can try on . This is a tool that help you to keep track of any updates to the blog. Give it a shot.

Baby Overdue

We still have 24 hours .. not 24 .. to be exact 13 hrs before baby is overdue. SF and myself have been anxiously waiting for the baby to come to this world. Every night I would be asking the baby, "baby, nei gei shi oi chut sai arrr".

I'm sure a lot people would said, first baby of course "kan cheung lar", if later have more than sure not that anxious already. Hehehe .... then I would say .. all are my kids .. of course I sayang & anxious.

Can't wait to see my baby and start taking a lot of her photo. We are going to setup a blog for her once she is born so that she will have a "history" for herself when she grow up. In my time, my parents seldom take photo for me when I was a kid. I only have few photos of myself when I was around 5 years old. It is kind like a disappointment to me where I don't even have a single photo of myself when I was a baby. Sighh.. so I have to make sure that my daughter will not have the same disappointment as her father.

Baby, daddy and mommy love you arrr.....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Our Home - Puchong Utama

I need to give SF some copyright money since I grabbed the photos from her blog.

This is the view from our living hall, you can see the little store room underneath the staircase. I don't like the staircase, will change this to wrought Iron when we have extra $$$$$. The room next to the staircase will be our maid's room. Then the dry kitchen. We planned to use the area next to the staircase as our dining area. SF like to watch TV during dining. So that area just suit her.

Main entrance, car porch. It is sufficient to put 2 cars in one straight line. But will renovate the grass area into tiles so that easier to put 2 cars side by side.

My little poor lawn comparing to the beautiful lawn at next door. Will convert our poor messy lawn into tiles area for car parking.

Front view of our house. Finally we have our own sweet little cottage. ps: the umbrella only serves as accessories for this photo.

Our master bedroom. I kind like it although a lot of people said that too many angles in the room. The area with windows is spacious enough to put baby bed there. So we can take care of the baby at night before giving it to mom to take care during our office hours.

My Baby

Tomorrow will be the EDD for SF. If doc's calculation is accurate. I shall be a father by tomorrow. I'm so excited now. Since SF EDD is around the corner. I will be travelling back to UYB daily from Uptown after work so that I can be by SF side in case she need me. In the meantime also, I will need to travel back to Puchong on wednesday & saturday to check on the contractor for the house renovation. wow... this is tiring.

Yesterday mom told me that SF will probably giving birth to the baby by tonight. I was so nervous. Cheh, false alarm. SF didn't have constant contraction which is the main sign for labour. Hopefully everything will went smooth. Both SF & the baby will be ok. It have been a long 9 months wait for the baby arrival. I'm so eager to be a father now. At home, I'm pretty strict with my nephew & niece. I kept wondering if I would be able to teach my sweetie the way I teach my nephew & niece. In the same time, I have the confidence that I can be a good father. Hehehe. The time will tells.

Wanted to see more of baby stuff, go to SF blog at

7th day of working in "I"

Today is my 7th day in "I". A new place for me to adjust myself. As usual, there ain't much to do at the moment. I'm still in the honeymoon stage where I'm only requested to do reading on the area that I'm going to work on. Apparently I heard it is gonna be very busy for the current team that I'm in. Hmm... this is going to be very interesting. Hopefully I will be able to blend well into the team. There are about 15 folks in the team. I'm still struggling to remember each of the teammates name.

It is the same as when I first started working in "M", lots of abbreviation. My head just went ????? when they starting talking techie language instead of ENGLISH.

From my very first impression in the meetings, I can sense that I'm in a team with tiger and dragon. Chinese said "ngo fu chong lung".Hahaha, that means I have to work extremely hard to make an impact to the team. The time will tell.