Friday, January 23, 2009

Jokes Of The Day

Apparently Sooky tell me this joke the other day and I kind like add a bit salt and pepper to spice up the story. I guess this is a good blogging material to share with you all. Hope that it make your day .... GONG XI FA CAI ...

The story started with 2 best mates going out for clubbing on a Friday nights. They happily drinks, dance and picking up chicks at those clubs. As night falling, Mr. A become so drunk that he unable to drive them back home that night.

Mr A: Hey Mr. B, I damn fucking drunk. Can you drive?

Mr B: Oh sure, no worries man. I can drive. (Of course no sweat, can drive his god machine worth about pound sterling 200K, similar to the Ferrari 599 GTB, the one that Cristiano Ronaldo crashed into tunnel wall.)

The next day .....

Mr A: Hey Mr B, are you sure that you are not drunk yesterday?

Mr B: Hey, damn you, if I'm drunk how the hell on earth that you woke up on your bloody soft bed inside your house?

Mr A: Diu, if you are not drunk, how the hell on earth that you drove the bloody police patrol car home?

Mr B: Shit man, did I do that? Cool ...

A & B laugh and roll on the ground ....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A good article to share with parents out there.
By the way, where have I gone missing. Hmm .. practically I go MIA because I was transferred to new project in the beginning of the year. I was asked to picking up the knowledge from our Gxxxxx, Ireland colleaques. The project will be transferred to Malaysia. So basically I need to brush up my C++, PL/SQL, Oracle, Perl (which currently in use), customize makefile and that means ONE LEG KICKING.

So now you see how busy I am. Jezz ... hectic year ahead.

Hopefully this is a good change in 2009 .. Finger crossed. ...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Foreign vehicles exempted from rear seat belt ruling

The Star

Vehicles from foreign countries, like Singapore and Thailand, entering Malaysia are exempted from the rear seat belt ruling.

Ever since Ong Tee Keat become MCA president, I think he also lost his conscience.

Why is that foreign vehicles entering from Singapore or Thailand be exempted from the ruling. When I drive in Cork, Ireland, I have to abide to the local laws in Ireland. When I drive in Chicago, United States of America, I too have to abide to the local laws in Chicago.

Why is that so, the foreign vehicles need to be exempted? At least I would say, the foreign vehicles passenger need to be educated politely that our country need rear passenger to be buckled up. I'm sure the foreign tourists won't make a big deal of this.

When I took bus in Melbourne, the driver reminded us to buckle up as he know that that there are few foreign tourists in the bus. Can you see that, you have to buckle up even you are in the bus.

Israel vs Lebanon

From The Star

In New York, the Security Council passed a resolution urging an "immediate, durable and fully respected ceasefire", and for Israel to withdraw from Gaza after its two-week air-and-ground offensive. The United States abstained.

There was no immediate reaction from Israeli officials to the vote, but Israel opposed the idea of a binding resolution. Israel's military commanders appeared keen to pursue the ground offensive to try to secure more gains.

For its part, Gaza's Hamas rulers did not recognise the resolution as it had not been consulted on it, said a spokesman for the Islamist group.

What does above means? Are they saying both Israel and Lebanon do not want to cease fire and want to continue the war?


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sooky is a major fans of pancakes. Ever since she had pancakes for breakfast in Chicago, she always tell how good it is the pancake that she had in Chicago, this and that lar. And when paddington pancakes open its stores in Malaysia. She is so happy because she knew I will bring her to patronise the restaurant.

After out 1st visit few months ago, @ here. So happen we go to The Curve again, we were like why not?

We ordered some pannekoek. Apparently pannekoek is the origin dutch pancake. Since we never tried this one before. So we ordered this. Tata, looks very appealing.

Wait do not let the exterior affected your judgement. It taste horrible to me. So plain. The thin pancake wrapped with spinach. Argh .. the spinach is just too raw ..

The mashed potato was so plain. Tasteless. No gravy. Terrible. Failed.

Chicken Chop with Ham top with tomato and cheese. Another failed product. The taste just does not clicked together.

After having "salty" type of pannekoek, we had this "sweet" pannekoek for dessert. After the disastrous "salty" pannekoek, this sweet pannekoek provides some comfort to us. It taste quite good when you have this along with honey and blueberry.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Israel vs Palestine


A lot of senior leaders have been asking Malaysian to boycott US goods & currency. To all these "retired" politician but not willing to retire gracefully, let me enlighten you that there are thousands if not millions of Malaysian who work for these MNC.

Are you asking all of us to resign as a sign to protest against US? Why is that so? Isn't that US has been asking Israel to cease fire? But the question is why should Israel comply eventhough we know Israel is US strongest proxy in middle east. Israel is still rule by themselves and not by United States of America.

So what it is to do with boycotting America? What is it to do with America? Besides, we are only small nations, what kind of impact that we will create?

Beside to these thousands if not millions Malaysian who work in US based MNC, if we are to ask to resign, who is going to feed our family?

Who is going to pay our bills?

Who is going to pay for our parents medical bills?

Who is going to pay our school going children school fees? Bus fare is going to increase by 30% some more.

Who is going to pay for our mortgage?

Who is going to pay for our hire-purchase?

Who ? Who ? Who ?

To all these so called "retired" politician, please shut up and retire gracefully. You already have millions, don't create anymore hardship to our poor fellowship. You shall go and enjoy your golden days with your grandchild rather than speaking nonsense here.