Monday, June 6, 2011

Eee yer

Lately Qian Ning (the elder) had been helping to put the blanket on Qian Hui as Qian Hui never sleep properly. QH will just keep rolling in trying to fall asleep and as the consequence, she is not covered by the blanket. Being a fussy fella, she will complain.

Qian Ning being the elder sister trying to perform her duty as a big sister. Yes indeed, my sweetie has certainly grown up a lot.

One time, yes no problem.

Second time, also no problem. QN will just keep doing it since I think she like the feeling of having responsibility.

Coming to third time,

QN: "Eee yer, like that jie jie (elder sister) no need to sleep lar"

Sook Fan and myself find it very amusing.