Monday, September 29, 2008

Salam Aidilfitri

Salam Aidilfitri kepada semua .. Selamat Balik Kampung ...

Friday, September 26, 2008


Today, I suddenly think of one of my teacher in SEMESTA, Puan Lee Voon Ting. She was a Mathematics teacher during my time (1992 - 1996) in SEMESTA.

Apparently, the school will assign a group of students to be placed under a teacher/sir for the Guru Angkat-Murid Angkat programme. Since we are in boarding school and living miles away from our home. The respective teacher will serve as our parents where they will hold regular meeting with us to keep track with our progress in our study. We can also share any problems with them and hopefully they can help to solve our problem.

I did a google for "Lee Voon Ting" and I'm so excited when I clicked on this page which give me the email address of hers. Wow after 12 years, then only I'm going to contact my teacher. Ya I know, I'm not a good student. I quickly dropped her an email. To my disappointment, the email bounced back instantly. Apparently the email address is no longer in use. Sighh..

Anyone out there, have any idea where is Puan Lee Voon Ting now? If you do, can you give me her contact details?

I am also looking for my F2 - Kemahiran Hidup teacher that taught me accounting. Puan Shamsuria I think ..


Nice? Interested to get one for yourself? Go here.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Plastic Recycling Code

Today I received a water bottle from my company for the Innovation Campaign.

Out of curiosity, I checked the recycling code. I notice the triangle sign with "1". What is that?

I did some google, plastic recycling code have 7. Here we go:

[Source 1] [Source 2] [Source 3]

1 - Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET, PETE)
Common Use: Plastic soft drink, water, sports drink, beer, mouthwash, catsup and salad dressing bottles. Peanut butter, pickle, jelly and jam jars. Ovenable film and ovenable prepared food trays.

Potential Problems: PETE have BPA that has been linked to breast and uterine cancer, an increased risk of miscarriage, and decreased testosterone levels.

2- High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).
Common Use: Milk, water, juice, cosmetic, shampoo, dish and laundry detergent bottles; yogurt and margarine tubs; cereal box liners; grocery, trash and retail bags.

Potential Problems: NO KNOWN PROBLEMS

3 - Vinyl (Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC)
Common Use: Clear food and non-food packaging, medical tubing, wire and cable insulation, film and sheet, construction products such as pipes, fittings, siding, floor tiles, carpet backing and window frames

Potential Problems: PVC can leach out.

4 - Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Common Use: Dry cleaning, bread and frozen food bags, squeezable bottles, e.g. honey, mustard.

Potential Problems: N/A

5 - Polypropylene (PP)
Common Use: Catsup bottles, yogurt containers and margarine tubs, medicine bottles.

Potential Problems: N/A

6 - Polystyrene (PS)
Common Use: Compact disc jackets, food service applications, grocery store meat trays, egg cartons, aspirin bottles, cups, plates, cutlery

Potential Problems: N/A

7 - Other
Common Use: Three and five gallon reusable water bottles, some citrus juice and catsup bottles.

Potential Problems: Can produce BPA that has been linked to breast and uterine cancer, an increased risk of miscarriage, and decreased testosterone levels.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where's My Telur Goreng a.k.a Fried Egg?

Where's My Telur Goreng a.k.a Fried Egg?

Read here @ Telur Goreng a.k.a Fried Egg?

Monday, September 22, 2008

ISA and Multiracial, Needed? BullShit !!!


Menteri Perpaduan, Kebudayaan, Kesenian dan Warisan Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal berkata Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) tidak perlu dikaji semula kerana ia masih diperlukan di negara berbilang kaum dan agama seperti Malaysia.
- Another idiot talking to the public. Another example of stupid politician / minister from Malaysia. Made in Malaysia.

- How does a multi-racial country like Malaysia need ISA to rule? What is the relation? What the idiot trying to tell the public here?

- ISA was meant to curb communism or terrorism. Not against INNOCENT civilians.

- Hey Shafie Apdal, you better step down lar. Speak without brain.

I'm So Freaking Busy

I'm so freaking busy.

Wanted to update about my trip to Kuching, Sarawak which was a month ago but I still can't find any time for it. Damn ...

So tired ..... gosh ...

Anyone got extra energy .. can donate to me?

Works is getting more boring and more boring .. and fill with dullness ... Help help .....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

So convenient by just blaming on Anwar Ibrahim

It was reported all over the place [here] and [here] and [HERE], that

“Beberapa pengurus dana asing melaporkan kepada kerajaan bahawa ramai pelabur asing tak berani melabur di negara ini akibat ketakstabilan politik daripada perbuatan Anwar ini.

“Nampaknya dia dah jadi satu ancaman kepada ekonomi kita dan mungkin juga keselamatan kita,” katanya pada sidang media bersama Timbalannya, Datuk Seri
Najib Razak, selepas mesyuarat Kabinet di Pejabat Perdana Menteri semalam.

PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is a threat to national security and the economy due to his lies, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.
- It is so easy for AAB to blame it on Anwar Ibrahim.

- Reveal to us, how many fund managers pull out from the deal. Give us the exact figure and facts that it is directly caused by the rumours?

- Everyone know, the whole world got impacted the current economy situation due to price hike in food and energy. Not a single country in this world that does not get hit by the high crude oil price.

- Share market drop? It is not only in Malaysia that share market drop. The whole world is having the problem. Hang Seng Index in HKG that used to break the magic 30 000 pts at late September 2007 but at August 2008, it is 17 148.91 (as of 3:30pm). Hang Seng Index drop by almost 15 000 points. Hence do Anwar influence it?

- It is so convenient for AAB and UMNO to blame on Anwar Ibrahim. Do those idiot people have any sense of the current economic situation. Can some economists in Malaysia give some good advise to our beloved PM? Please, not from cronies advice ok.

- AAB, it is good that you don't hold Finance portfolio because you simply not capable of doing it. Najib? Hmm I won't put my bet on him neither.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Menipu? Batal tak Puasa?

Kepada saudara-saudara muslim yang melayari blog saya,

Jika seseorang itu menipu dikala ia sedang berpuasa, maka soalannya, batal tak puasa beliau?

Apakah hukumnya?

Rakan sekerja saya (muslim), kata mengumpat batal tapi tak sure kalau menipu? Sila bagi tunjuk ajar.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Free Teresa Kok Online Petition

Friday, September 12, 2008

God Bless RPK and his Family

RPK was arrested under ISA (Internal Security Act) today.

Once again, the government of Malaysia have taken an undemocratic move.

If RPK has committed any wrongdoings/crime under Malaysian laws, the Barisan Nasional government should charge RPK accordingly in court with a fair trial. No one has the right to throw someone into the jail without trials. The basic law is very simple, a man is innocent until proven guilty.

God Bless RPK.

To Malaysian, is this the type of government that you have voted for? Zalim, CRUEL .... Where is the justice?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pendatang & Penumpang.

Kudos to Malaysians Unplugged Uncensored and Kuda Ranggi,

This bloody racist stupid idiot bugger, Ahmad Ismail

Bagi Ahmad Ismail, dia juga datang dari keluarga pendatang dan menumpang hidup di negara ini. Ahmad Ismail tidak boleh menafikan hakikat bahawa datuk neneknya adalah pendatang dari India untuk menerokai penghidupan yang lebih baik dan selesa di bumi bertuah ini.
Read more from Malaysians Unplugged Uncensored and Kuda Ranggi,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blackie Wednesday.. Kena Liwat

Today I officially declare it as "BLACKIE WEDNESDAY".

I left my home this morning to workplace. When I almost reached Sunway Toll, as usual I'm trying to reach for my Smart Tag. Jezz, to my horror, I realized that I left my Office Tag & Key & also my Smart Tag at home. I was like, arghh .. forget it, I'm gonna pay by cash this time round. I happily queue at the cash line (of course I do cursed those bloody idiot who don't queue and keep jumping queue in front of me. MALAYSIAN!!! Given me a choice, I just wanted to get down and smash their windscreen. Of course, I didn't do it. Just some evil thought in me.).

After paying the bloody RM 1.60 for the cilaka LDP toll. Damn expensive yet still stucked in the traffic jam. Thanx to our bloody government for having this super duper genius thought of having such bias contract with those blood sucker company (LITRAK). Opps.. out of topic again, can't help it, when it come to scold government, I just can stop. Don't know why. After paying the bloody RM 1.60 for the cilaka LDP toll, I still happily queue to get myself off from the 10 lanes to 3 lanes LDP. Another super duper genius design from our civil engineer. Bodoh idiot. From 10 lanes to 3 lanes, of course jam lar. Congestion. Imagine if you are pouring a 1.5 litres of water into a 0.5 litres bottle, of course it overflowed lar, bodoh idiot stupid "soh cai" "chun chu" "chu tau peng".

Suddenly the most beautiful thing in this world happen as described by 988 radio station (in canton: ni koh sai kai sheung, chui mei lai geh si, chung yi fat shang ler), phung phang pheng. A bloody silver perodua kembara knock me from behind. Shit, I kena so-do-my, shit I kena liwat. Then I quickly get down from the car (in the middle of road with lots of "killer" on the road, everyone drive like shit. I am so scared to get knock down by some idiots again.) to assess the damange. Ouch .. few more scratches ....

Normally for me, being a bad tempered person, I will scold and curse that fellow already. But when I saw this middle age man face, feeling very sorry and make an apology at the first place. My heart get soften. I was like.. arghh . small thing. I didn't scold him at all, I just told me to drive carefully next time. I do give a pat at the shoulders. Hey Mike, this is not gay ok. Out of courtesy to make him and myself feel better from the liwat (accident).

For those of you that not so lucky that met with accident and need to make a police report. Here are the procedure:

If your car stalled and can't move anymore
1. Call police.
2. Take picture of the accident,
3. Jot down car plate number of all parties
4. Remember the all the related things that you will need to make report.
5. Get the keputusan, this is not the police report, it is the keputusan/result that tell insurance company on whose fault. So that they know how to make the claim. Else you will just lose your NCD.
6. Get helps from friends/family.

If your car still can move
1. Call police
2. Take picture of the accident,
3. Jot down car plate number of all parties
4. Remember the all the related things in case you need to make police report if the "negotiation" with the other party does not goes well.
5. If need to make police report (ie: damage is too great, cannot settle), go ahead, and remember the keputusan.
6. If damage is small but need to fix, get a consensus on which mechanic to go for. Better still get a written copy by saying, party A agree that this is his/her mistake and party A will pay for the repair. Xerox the IC and sign the letter and xerox. To be safe dude.

At night, for ladies
- Call the police first. Give the police your exact location, landmarks or etc.
- If accident happen, never never get down from the car, wait for help/support from people that you trust. Get helps from more than 1 parties.
- Do not get down from your car, even the other party insist. Politely ask him to wait. Roll your window down a bit to allow you to talk.
- If the other party turn violent, stay calm, don't get down from your car. If can drive, drive to the nearest police station OR places with lots of people.
- It seems that current trend of car-snatching is 2 cars will tail you, one car will knock you from behind and the other car will "parang" you. Sometime 1 car also can happen.
- So to all ladies out there, be calm and stay alert.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Roti Tissue

Few weeks ago, my friend from HKG visited me. He was here only for 3 days. So I've been busy in planning where to bring him for good food.

1st day - Picking him up from Concorde Hotel, KL next to the Hard Rock Cafe. Jezz. The traffic was so bad in KL after office hours. No choice, bring him to Jalan Alor for some Malaysian Hawkers food. We have Fried Oyster, Bak Kut Teh, Ikan Pari Bakar and his favourite, prawn noodles (har mee). Cilaka the price at Jalan Alor is damn expensive. Everything is overprice. This will be my last time to Jalan Alor for dining. Cilaka not worthy at all.

After that, brought him to have Teh Tarik (another of his favourite.)

2nd day - Go to my house for dinner. Mom prepare Thai Tofu, Sambal Squid, Smoked Duck, Vege and soup. Huh, he really enjoy home dining. He whacked a lot of the food. Nelson, seems that you like my mom cooking ya. Next time, pay money.

After the dinner, decided to bring him to Mee Yoke at Chiow Yang (SS2) for another round of Prawn Noodles (Har Mee). Jezz, I tell you, Mee Yoke Prawn Noodles is the best in PJ and Puchong.

After that we proceed to Kayu Nasi Kandar just right behind of Mee Yoke for its famous Roti Tissue. Can you see the height and size of the Roti Tissue. Thumbs up .. Must try.

PS: quite pricey though, RM 5 for the Roti Tissue at Kayu Nasi Kandar

Friday, September 5, 2008

Common Sense Please !!!!

Yesterday, we brought Ning Ning to Dr Chan paediatric clinic at Bandar Puteri, Puchong to get her immunization jab for chicken pox. As usual, Ning Ning only cried for the first few seconds and she stopped after that. High resistence to PAIN or in another words, I would put it as "stubborn" daughter. At the same time, we also get Ning Ning to be checked for cough. Recently she cough badly only during bedtime. During daytime, she was ok. Sooky and I were kind like worried.

After that, we proceed to Giant at Bandar Puteri Puchong. After stock up some groceries, I proceed to second floor to withdraw some money from Maybank ATM. I was queuing behind a lady at that time. After the lady finished with her business, below are the conversation:

The lady still happily standing in front of me, messing up with her purse even after she was done with the ATM machine.

Lady: (Look at me in a weird way). Do you want to use the machine?

Me: Yes please. (along with a sarcastic smile)

Goodness, why on earth I want to queue behind the lady if I don't want to use the machine. Jezz. Common sense please ......

When I shared this freaking jokes to Sooky, she was saying this:

Sooky: Why don't you tell her that, nope I don't want to use the machine and I wanted to follow you home.

Wow Bing Bang Boom. Spot on. "One Knife See Blood" arrr ..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oh No .. Am I Pregnant? No way, I'm a MAN !!!

Oh No .. Am I Pregnant? No way, I'm a MAN !!!

Suddenly after lunch, upon reaching office, I felt like puking. I am very sure it is not food poisoning cause I don't feel any pain at my abdomen.

Hmm .. morning sickness? I'm pregnant?

Perhaps, I have the same pregnancy symptom as Sooky here and here. Some folks said that sometime the husband can sense/have the pregnancy symptom as the wife. The irony thing is when Sooky is pregnant with Ning Ning. I don't have that kind of feeling?

Weird, weird!! Strange, strange !!

==== Updates : 16:08 PM ====

For dad to feel the morning sickness, it is call "Couvade Syndrome or Sympathetic Pregnancy". Read more about Couvade Syndrome or Sympathetic Pregnancy from here and here.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm back .. From Kuching . super duper tired !!!

I have been MIA since 28 Aug 2008 to Kuching, Sarawak. That's why you see no updates for the past few days. It is a family trip cum attending friend's wedding in Hilton Kuching, Sarawak.

After spending 5 days 4 nights there, there is only 1 conclusion. You probably need only 3 days 2 nights over there. Ya ya ya, obviously we did a wrong calculation, bad planning and etc, but taking into the consideration where we are travelling with one toddler and dad + mom, we seriously think that we need extra time to cater for Ning Ning's need and my old folks need as well.

Reaching LCCT at 4:40 pm. Raining, sign for a bad day. More happening thing in flight. Apparently there was a small (it can be very big) fight between a local and a white. I don't sided either side, which I believe both parties have been very rude to each other. The local is like a rascal where the white think he is so superior. Sighh .. both are just jerks.

My-prebook taxi turned up late.

Reach home around 6pm, rush to kepong for dinner with Bro and SIL. 7pm rush to Selayang hospital to visit sis. FYI, sis safely delivered a baby girl on 1 sept 2008. Unfortunately, visit time is over, only mom was permitted to enter the hospital for a short visit.

Drive back to puchong, reached home around 9pm. Take shower.

Sooky's morning sickness is getting worse. She puked after reaching home. I guess she was too tired after travelling the whole day + the bumpy situation. Thanx to our road, so many potholes.

Sooky puked yesterday. Seeing her so suffering, I tried to comfort her by patting her back, GOSH, she puked even more after I pat her softly. Jezz, I'm just trying to comfort her. Obviously good intention turn evil outcome. "Ho Sam Chou Wai Si".

Before she puked, I already told her not to puke at the basin, try puked to the toilet bowl. Easier to settle the mess later on. Before I even finished talking, uweeekkkk .. everything on the wash basin. Jezz. I already prepared to clean up the mess, but after Sooky came out from the toilet, the mess are gone. Obviously she already clear up the mess. My dear, if I can even clean Ning Ning's poo poo, I don't mind cleaning your "puked" also. Gulp gulp .. Let's pray for the good health of both baby and Sooky.

More about Kuching trip coming soon .....