Friday, May 30, 2008

Deadly snake bites penis

Oh god .. that's hurt ..

Residents upset over postcode change

It was reported in The Star, 29 May 2008 that postcode number in most of the area in Puchong have changed from 47100 to 471XX. You will need to find out the 'XX' from Pos Malaysia Postcode Finder webpage.

Residents of Taman Wawasan in Pusat Bandar Puchong, Selangor, are bewildered by the sudden change of postcode number in their area.

They claimed that the change in the postcode was made three weeks ago but they were not informed about it.

Puzzling: Kok (third from right) and the Taman Wawasan Puchong residents pointing at the road sign bearing the change in the postcode.

According to Pusat Bandar Puchong Residents Association president Awies Ung, for the last 10 years they have been staying there, the postcode has always been 47100 but the number is now changed to 47160.

“Many residents have complained that the change is very troublesome and inconvenient for them as they have to call up banks and mobile phone companies to update their addresses.

“They are afraid that some letters and bank statements would be delayed or would not reach them,” Ung said.

Aiyoh, why Pos Malaysia never send any mail informing the residents about this. It create so much of hassle now. Damn. IDIOT company.

In my case, I have problem, how to determined the postcode, the system in the web returned me 2 postcode for the same place. Aiyoh ... Now I need to call 1-300-300-300 to find out more.

Good luck to others that also lived in Puchong.

=== Updates at 11:17 AM ===
I called them, somehow, the operator don't know how to find it. Aiyoh, then I explained to her that I found 2 numbers for my place. Then I asked her, which one is mine? She was so nervous in telling me the answer. She herself not confident with her answer. Aiyoh, so I gave her 2 numbers and asked her to give me each of the place/taman name. Then I make some more investigations online to find out the postcode for my place.

Apparently, the Postcode Finder got bugs, for my place they accidentally entered 2 postcode numbers. I suspect their database have 2 entries of the same taman name with 2 different postcodes.

Aiyoh, good luck to others.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Grand Saga Highway Barrier Is A Fuel Guzzler

Interesting article by Paul Tan at I wanted to make some correction to Paul Tan calculation that only based on 1000 cars. I understand that there are 38000 residents there.

Let's do a simple mathematics:

- Considering 5 people per household, hence equivalent to 7600 families there.
- Considering 1 family own 1 car, (hey nowadays, minimum also 2 cars per family), hence 7600 cars.
- Hence total petrol consumption is 345.6 litres (per annum per car) x 7600 cars = 2 626 560 litres of petrol. A whopping 2 million 6 hundred 26 thousand 5 hundred 60 litres extra that needed to be consumed.
- Considering RM 1 subsidy per litre, a wastages of RM 2 626 560.00 of government money. Huh ..
- If 1 family own 2 car, then equivalent to RM 5 253 120. 00. Fuyoh, if government can negotiate with the bloody Grand Saga and come out with a plan that benefit both the residents and of course Grand Saga lor. The whopping 5 MILLION can be used to subsidized other thing.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

FlipFlop Flippy from HLB

After second day of "fishing", at HLB - My high score is 9750g. I looked at the hall of fame, wondering how those folks manage to reach 16000g. Jezz really the King/Queen of "fishing". Hopefully you guys don't do it in office.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sichuan Earthquake - Photo - Heart-wrenching moments .....

Dear all

You can get some of the photos from the aftermatch in Sichuan at

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sichuan Earthquake - A Very Touching Story - Unconditional Love From A Person Called "MOM"

A tribute to a person called MOM !!

In Dujiangyan, rescuers witnessed a moment of unconditional love from a person call "Mom". The rescuers were digging for survivors and they found a young mother lay on her side in the rubble. In her arms, was a little infant girl about 3 - 4 months olds. The mother had already died but the infant survived. How? The baby survived on her mother's milk. The young mother ensured that her baby will still get her milk even when she died, so that she nursed her baby to the very last moment. The unconditional love from the mother to ensure her baby survived.

Rescuers said, “The baby’s healthy face was such a shocking contrast to her mother’s dust-covered lifeless face.”

The rescuers found the mother's handphone inside the baby's blanket with a message that reads "My darling baby, if you survive, please remember that I love you"...

From the curved body of the young mother, it showed that she was trying to protect her baby from the debris. She wanted to ensure her baby is unharmed.

When the rescuers carried the baby away from her mother, the baby cried, protesting loudly the moment her lips were away from her mother’s breast. I guess the baby knew that her mother has gone. She doesn’t want to be separated from her mother. Poor little baby. Dear little baby, stay strong, your mother sacrifice herself to ensure you survived from this aftermath. Appreciate the second life that your mother has given you.

Story picked/narrated from and

Sichuan Earthquake - A very touching story

The other day, Dad told me a very touching story happened in Sichuan.

There is this one guy who found his wife dead buried under the debris. He patiently removed the debris one by one and lifted his wife dead body. He tied his wife dead body close to his back with a rope and rode the motorcycle. While on the motorcycle he said this:

"My dear, I'm accompanying you for your last journey."

In cantonese:

"Lou Po, ngo sung nei sheung lou lar."

When I heard that, I just wanted to burst into tears. How heart-wrenching it is to hear such a story. I can feels the pain that they guy is getting. Stay strong bro, you have my greatest support.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Great night, Great win, Fantastic Match

It have been 9 years since the last time I celebrate Man Utd win in Champions League. Both team have the chances to win the cup but Man Utd deserved to win it simply because they are the greatest team in England in 2008.

This win will be remembered for years to come. Bravo

Notes: Picture source from

Sichuan Earthquake - Survivor Tips

I heard few stories regarding survivor tips:

1. A man survive after 9 days buried under the debris. How he do it? He drank his own urine. Remember human cannot survive without water for a maximum 3 days.

2. A man survive after 9 days buried under the debris. How he do it? He eat the grass and worms that he can find.

3. A woman survive after 9 days buried under the debris. How she do it? She drank her own blood from her leg. She survived, but the drawback is her leg need to be amputated.

Let's send our prayer and morale support to the victims of Sichuan Earthquake.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sichuan Earthquake

Hi all

Let's send our prayer to the people affected by earthquake in Sichuan.

It is heart wrenching to see victims in Sichuan.

The aftermath will leave many kids with no parents and become orphans. Many lives have lost. Many people will never see their loves one anymore.

May the victims have the mental strength to overcome this disaster. To the people of Republic of China, you have my greatest support.

I've created another blog for political debate

Hi all, appreciate if we can move all debate with regards to politic to my new blog at

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tun Dr Mahathir commented on my comment in his Chedet

After getting numerous number of "cyber" bullets from fans/readers on 15 May 2008 for my comments on the posting on UMNO - 62 Tahun (search the comment section for Alex Yap). I've decided to cool things down after that by issuing a public apology to Tun Dr Mahathir and his readers.

On 15 May 2008, he make another clarification to my statement at his writing at "Kepimpinanan UMNO masih "in denial"".

I have posted some comment by Amen on my public apology previously. Re-iterated here
Again, whatever I have written in the chedet was just my personal view.

Since all of us talking about ethics and responsibility in the article that we wrote. I was just saying, we should not be writing something on racial thing alone.

Orang melayu kata, kalau nak melentur buluh, biarlah dari rebungnya. Exactly, in our article, we need to be moderate and keep our perspective wide rather than just focusing on something.

We all malaysian. When we look at other countries like US, people say they are american, they didn't say I'm white, I'm black. Same thing to indonesia, Indon people said I'm Indon they don't say I'm malay, chinese or arab. Only in malaysia, we told our next generation that you are malay, you are chinese, you are indian and you are lain-lain rather than instilling in our childrens mind that we are all malaysian !!!!

When we keep telling our next generation that our race have lose power. Lost ground and etc, why kind of mentality that we are instilling in them. I study in boarding school where 99% of my counterpart is malay. I sleep, play, eat with them for 5 years in secondary school and I can even Azan. I have a lot of good friends in Malay. Trust me, we all not racist but when our leader give racist remarks, how can we tell our children that don't be racist. Lead by example please.

: If you notice some grammar errors, please bear with me, my English is ain't that good. Perhaps I'm better in my malay. Hahahaha

Thursday, May 15, 2008

An apology to Tun Dr Mahathir and his chedet readers

It seems that my comment in Tun Dr Mahathir's chedet blog was not well accepted. Here I take the opportunity to sincerely apologize if any of my words hurt your feeling.

Spicy Pan Mee

SF and myself are spicy pan mee #1 fans. Whenever we got chance, we will go to to the Super Kitchen Restaurant (if I do remember the restaurant name correctly) opposite "Restoran Kin Kin" for Spicy Pan Mee. It is so delicious. Some people say, Restaurant Kin Kin is the original Spicy Pan Mee in KL area, but we normally frequent Super Kitchen Restaurant at the opposite because it is air-conditioned. Lately, the price increased again to RM5 per "small" bowl. There is no "large" order. Only 1 size.

Because of that, I was thinking, why not try making it at home. Guess what, I succeeded making it on the first try. It is not that hard though.

Spicy Pan Mee: My version, anchovies, spring onion, shitake mushroom, mince meat and eggs and of course the sambal.

Ning Ning and her pool - Round 2

Aik .. who is taking my photo again ...

I got a fish ...


Urban Legend: Do not pump full tank of petrol

If happen some of you read about this mail forwarded by someone

Do not pump full tank of petrol

Many of us are not aware that the petrol kiosk pump has a return pipe-line
(in black). When the petrol tank (in the car) reaches full level, there is a
mechanism to trigger off the pump latch and at the same time a return-valve
is opened (at the top of the station) to allow excess petrol to flow back into
the sump. But the return petrol has already pass through the meter, meaning
you are donating the petrol back to SHELL/ PETRONAS/ CALTEX..........

Don't believe in this, you can get the clarification from here

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Eye on Malaysia, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

In 2007, I had promised SF that I will bring her to "Eye on Malaysia" since I cannot afford to bring her to London Eye for time being. As we procrastinate, the promise also went down to the drain. All a sudden, as we noticed, SF already in her final trimester, so we guess it is not a good idea to try largest Ferris Wheel in Malaysia (since we heard that it was built in rush without appropriate approval from the local authority, gulp gulp, dare to dxx?). Then it is almost year end, 31 Dec, oh no, they are going to dismantle the "Eye on Malaysia".

It is lucky the organizer "procrastinate" as well. They have extended the "lifetime" of "Eye on Malaysia" till 31 August 2008. So happen, early this month, FIL & SIL came down to town to visit us. So we were like, "why not, visit "Eye on Malaysia" this time round". And below are some of the shot taken by SF without the tripod. So the quality might deter a bit.

Ning Ning with daddy at "Eye on Malaysia"

Oh No, the Flash is coming, turn around ..

A happy family ..

Eye on Malaysia in Purple

Eye on Malaysia in White

Eye on Malaysia in Turquoise and White

Eye on Malaysia in White and Green

Wonderful night view of Kuala Lumpur's KLCC the Petronas Twin Towers

I have never thought, KL is so beautiful at night ...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Homemade Hong Kong Dim Sum - Steamed Prawn Dumpling - Har Gaw

SF made this few weeks ago ..

Not bad huh for first timer .. In fact it is quite tasty ..

Impressive ...

Tallest Sandwich Tower, The Curve

We saw this at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.

Guess what ... ?~!@#$%^&*

O'Briens is making the tallest sandwich tower. Jezz, can you tell how tall it is. If you compare the tiny people at the ground, by a simple comparison/calculation, the sandwich tower can feed close to 200 people or 1 person for 200 DAYS ....

Huh .. breathtaking isn't it?

Lan Kwai Fong Cafe - The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

During our recent "window" shopping trip to The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, we had our tea time at Lan Kwai Fong Cafe. It is located at the ground floor towards CineLeisure (close to Kenny Rogers). Below is the french toast with honey and cheese.

French Toast with Cheese and Honey

A closer look

I have to say the toast is quite tasty (the sweetness and cheesy taste, it is so "sinful", considering it is deep fried) although it is kind like pricey. RM 7 if I'm not wrong. The "Xi Mut Nai Cha" loosely translated to "Panty Hose Milk Tea" is RM 4.2 comparing to RM3.2 at WongKok Cha Chan Theng.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Waroeng Penyet - The Curve

We brought our maid to have some of her kampong delicacies. It is the Waroeng Penyet at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. Below are the details:

Location : Near the bridge to Ikano Power Center at first floor
Address : Lot 132, First Floor The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya
Tel: (+601) 7200 3988 / Fax: (+65) 6400 7998 (I got this from the website, but it looks like it is Spore phone number)
Food Type: Traditional Indonesian Food
Price: Reasonable (considering that it is air conditoned)
Cleanliness : 3 star
Food : 3 star
Halal : Yes

1. Front: Es Milo Dinosaur (basically it is Ice Milo with additional Milo powder on top of it. I give 3 star)
2. Back: Es Cendol (1star, very bad, the cendol is too soft, the coconut milk is not fresh. If your stomach is not strong, it is a no no for you.)

Closer view of the Es Cendol

More view on Es Cendol

Gado - gado

Ayam Penyet, opps sorry, SF forgot to take a snapshot before eating it. (Guess what, she is too hungry, she wanted to "penyet" the chicken)

Bakso Gorent Penyet

Basically most of the dishes at Waroeng Penyet name either start with or contain the word "PENYET"

Some "About Us" that I took from Waroeng Penyet website.

==== Copyright to Waroeng Penyet ====
Waroeng Penyet was initially opened on 5th January 2007 in Block 81 Marine Parade Central #01-638.

The word "Waroeng" means a traditional hut in Indonesia that serve ranges choices of traditional authentic food with a reasonable price (unlike fine dining restaurants). The word "Penyet" means "Flattened" as most of the main dishes are being flattened. But this is just a Javanese-style of making the food unique as compared with other dishes. It does not affect in terms of taste or quality.

Waroeng Penyet was opened by 4 Indonesians who have been living in Singapore for a few years and longing to serve a real traditional Javanese food to the locals as well as to Indonesians who reside here. Due to good response and demand from customers, Waroeng Penyet has opened its 2nd branch in Blk 134 Jurong East St 13 (Jurong Cafe food court) in order to cater to the residents around there.

Within few weeks after opening, few media have come and did a publicity due to the good response from customers and also the good taste of several signature HALAL dishes like Ayam Penyet (the original one), Empal Penyet, Ayam Bakar, Siomay Bandung (Fish Dumplings w/ Peanut Sauce), Chicken Satay and Chicken Soto. On top of all that, the factors that make Waroeng Penyet different than the other restaurants that serve similar dishes are the belachan chilli (sambal terasi) as we serve spicy and mild version. This chilli is freshly made every morning in a very traditional way by our Yogyakarta-originated head chef. As for the drinks, our specialty drinks are Avocado Juice, Ice Cendol, Happy Soda and Teh Botol. All the dishes are priced reasonably to cater all markets here.

Several medias that have recommended Waroeng Penyet are Berita Harian (2 times), The Straits Times (2 times), MediaCorp Suria Channel (Suria Segar TV programme) and also TransTV Indonesia Channel.

What makes Waroeng Penyet unique is also because it is several times visited by many local celebrities (Aaron Aziz, Hafeez Glamour, Adi Rahman, Lukman SPS, Suria artistes, Jai Wahab, Ronald Susilo, etc) as well as Indonesian celebritries (Peterpan, Samsons, Nidji, NuMata Band, Meriam Bellina, etc).

Waroeng Penyet strives to serve a good quality food and we humbly welcome feedbacks and comments in order to serve our customers better. You can send your feedback to or SMS to (+65)91775394.

With the continuos support from all the customers, we are planning to expand our wings to several parts in Singapore so that more people can enjoy the real traditional Javanese food.
==== END ====


Am I pretty?

Hmm .. Yes I am ... regardless of what you commented on me ..

Aik, where is Ning Ning, Ning Ning is hiding behind the balloon. Who is the lady posing next to me, ohh, that's my maid, Mustanah. It was her birthday, so we decided to bring her to have some Indonesia Cuisine at Waroeng Penyet. Blog about this later.

Ning Ning and her big ball0on

Interesting Tau Fu Fa, it mixed with red beans. You can get this at the Ikano Bridge linking Ikano to The Curve, RM 3

Waxing, Pain is not a factor for me

The other day my company have this little getaway from work by having a bowling competition at OneUtama. I haven't bowl for almost 2 years. After the bowling session, I felt a sharp pain on my shin and I guess it is due to muscle strain. Hence I applied the SALONPAS patch from Hisamitsu on my shin. Ya ya ya, I forgotten about the hair on my shin. The fear of pain start to build up in me.

The next day, before I tried to remove it I have to take a big gasp. Arghhh ... I peeled off the patch from my shin and I can feel a sudden sharp pain. Huh .. the pain lasted for a while and it was quite ok considering that my shin is not that hairy. Huh .. a breathtaking experience.

Studio Photo of Ning Ning

The other day, we went to Atria Shopping Center. While wandering around, we got "seduced" by Idees Photo Studio. They have set up a stall at the lobby for photo taking for babies.

Address: B-22-2nd Floor, Vista Magna, Jln Prima, Metro Prima, Kepong, 52100 KL. (next to Jusco Kepong)
Tel/Fax: 03 - 20211980

We paid RM 78 for 11 pieces of 4R studio photo. The basic package is RM36 for 4x 4R photo with one costume. Any additional 4R photo will be charged RM6 per photo.

Below are the good points and bad points of Idees Studio Photo

Good Points
1. Photo quality - good
2. Final touch up - good
3. Price - quite reasonable
4. Patient - the schoolboy look photographer putting a very good attitude while taking the photo but his BOSS is the other way. Sighh

Bad Points
1. Photo taking Techniques - average. He did not take the photo himself, instead he asked his schoolboy look assistant to do it.
2. Boss Attitude - BAD, why read here.
3. Customer Service - BAD, read here.

Initially before we took up the promotion for photo-shoot, the boss was the best owner in the world by saying "it's ok that you don't want to take the photo-shoot, come just have a look on our final product". The world change in the exact 180 degrees when we decided to take up the offer and opt only 11 pieces of photo out of the 40+ photos taken. He changed from Mr Nice Guy to Mr Mean. Jezz, it is my right as a consumer to decide what I want to do.

Deep Fried Meatball & Stir Fry Black Pepper Mutton

SF made this for me

Deep Fried Meatball coated with breadcrumbs

Stir Fry Black Pepper Mutton

A Happy Baby

A Happy Ning Ning, taken during our little getaway (vacation) to Genting Highlands.

Ning Ning happily pose for the photo session

Chiak ..

Daddy, bao bao Ning Ning arrr

Kakaka, daddy, you got tricked by Ning Ning already.

Again ???

Kiss my axx .. Hehehe .. Kidding .. later lightning come, Ning Ning scare scare arr

Daddy, Ning Ning don't dare to say that again, sayang Ning Ning arrr ..

Daddy, Ning Ning learn her lesson ... :(

Daddy, how can you resist to not to love Ning Ning

Nostalgia Displays

Nostalgia .. a deep thought by a father holding his daughter ..

A beautiful graffiti

So nostalgia ....

All the picture above, we took it at Genting Highlands, Hotel Resort during our little getaway to Genting Highlands.