Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to register for primary school in Selangor?

1. Go to

2 . Fill in the form, you will need your child MyKid card.

3. Pick a school from, for instance I wanted to find school with name "Sin Ming". Make a note for the PPD and the school address.

4. Once you have successfully registered, you will be given a PIN. This is for you to login again to your registration to amend or check for status.

5. Remember to print out the completed form by clicking on "Cetak" at the bottom.

Duration for registration: 1 March to 30 March every year

Eligibility to register: Child is currently 5 years in that year. Meaning at most you can register your kid 2 years in advance.

Supporting documents needed:
  1. Birth certificate (original & photocopy)
  2. Both parents MyKad ( (original & photocopy)
  3. Marriage / Divorce certificate (original & photocopy)
  4. Utility Bill (TNB/Water) (original & photocopy)
  5. Completed registration form printed.
  6. Self-addressed envelope address to your child's name. (4" x 9" envelope ONLY with 60 cents postage stamp)
  7. Surat Hak Penjagaan/Perintah Mahkamah, where applicable (original & copy)
  8. Doctor's report & Kad Oku, where applicable (for special children) (original & copy)
  • Scenario 1:
- current year, 2012 (child is 6 yrs old)
- child expected admission is 2013 (7 yrs old by 2013)
- result will be out by Aug 2012
  • Scenario 2:
- current year, 2012 (child is 5 yrs old)
- child expected admission is 2014 (7 yrs old by 2014)
- result will be out by Aug 2013