Monday, January 28, 2008

I hurt my daughter :((

On last Saturday, officially is my blunder #3.

Ning Ning was getting fussy because she was sleepy. Hence I decided to put her to sleep in the baby swing. I was able to put her into the swing. I noticed that the swing was not nicely put, so I tried to pull the swing. Out of my awareness, the swing move forwards and guess what. "Pok" I accidentally knock Ning Ning head to the wall.

Normally I'm able to put Ning Ning into the swing and take her out without any accident. I am just too careless this time.

At that moment, the split of seconds, my heart was so ache. I'm almost down to my tears. Ning Ning didn't cry at the beginning, just that her face turns sour. The moment SF came over, when Ning Ning saw SF, she start crying. Ning Ning must be wondering, "wuahhh, daddy knock my head to the wall". Sweetie, daddy didn't mean it. I'm so sorry.

For the rest of the day, I just couldn't sit tight. I am so worried that any mishap could happened and Ning Ning is very pain but she don't know how to tell me. I'm so sad. Luckily, Ning Ning went to sleep for almost 2 hrs and waking up with no side effect. Thank god for taking care of Ning Ning.

Lesson learnt: be extra careful in handling baby.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"I" have been "HaCkEd"

Jezz .. Can't believe it that SF hacked my blog, but anyway, sometime we just have to say YES ....

Sighh .. In Chinese saying ... "Luk Yuet Fei Sheung" .. loosely translated to "snowing in June with sadness". Back in China, it only snow in December, hence the opposite June should be summer where we should get bright sunny day. If it snow in June, that show the "God" is showing "his" sadness. Normally we linked the idiom above to terrible events with sadness, injustice and unfairness. You guess what is the injustice here ...

I need "justice pao" .......

Tiara + nInG NiNg

Daddy, have you finished taking my photo. I need to hide my tiara first. Very precious, you know...

Daddy, bao bao, can arrr ???

Han Wen ko ko, don't block me .....

I'm the ultimate winner .. yeah ...

Sleeping beauty

Look at my little sweetie

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hijacked by Mrs. Yap

I will always be nice to my wife and my daughter

I will not stay up late for watching soccer matches (even if it's MU)

I will not play Final Fantasy and ignore my wife

My money is my wife's money, My wife's money is my wife's money

- Mrs. Yap (Wahahahhaha! *evil grins*)

Lesson learned:
Never let others know your password. You never know when they will go crazy!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Olive Oil Myth

The other day, SF forwarded me a link "Olive Oil Myth". After reading the article, I was like, oh my god, I got cheated by my colleaque KE for almost 2 years. He once told me that olive oil cannot sustain high heat where the heat will alter the olive oil into unsafe oil.

Jezz, in fact olive oil is a highly monounsaturated oils and therefore resistant to oxidation and hydrogenation. High heat will only cause the olive oil to lose its taste rather than affecting the nutritious value of olive oil.

Have fun reading the link above.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Lunch at Carl's Jr

Hmm .. yummy spicy beef french fries. Look at the melting cheese .. Finger lickin good.

The Beef Burger .. Apart from the bread which is not tasty .. others was marvellous.

Side look of the beef burger ...

Fish Fillet .. A bit too sour in taste .. The tartar sauce is too sour.

I will still opt for beef burger ..

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Xmas in OneUtama

A belated xmas. We decided to go to One Utama on 30 Dec 2007 to take some pictures of the christmas decoration. Reason being, we do not want to get sandwhich by the countless people during xmas. Beside, we bringing Ning Ning together, so it is easier to manoeuver the stroller with less people around.

Here are the photos

We wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas and the happy new year.

Nice, simply marvellous, more fantasy as expected. Nice deco.

Hmm.. wondering can bring the lights back home or not. Nice

Not taken in 1U but decided to put it here. This picture was taken when we bought our Canon Ixus 860 IS. Ning Ning must be thinking, yeah daddy got a new camera to take my pictures.

Eihhh...Daddy taking my photo again, let me give me daddy a nice pose first.

Ning Ning with SF.

Mommy, faster, Ning Ning to chase the handsome hunk over there.

Mommy, the handsome hunk went to the other side already, I'm losing him ...

I'm so dissapointed, can't get to know the handsome hunk just now...

I'm still very devastated, can't hide my dissappointment (biting lips)

Pooooo ... my signature piglet lips ....

Monday, January 7, 2008

My 2008 Resolution in General

  1. Be a good husband.
  2. Be a good father.
  3. Keep the "fire" within me to look for better opportunity.
  4. Man Utd fans forever, this 2008 mark the 17 years anniversary of me being Man Utd fans.
  5. Work harder, strive for promotion.
  6. Lead a healhty lifestyle.
  7. Stay up less watching soccer (insufficient rest is bad for liver and kidney, beside this is also a directive from my wife)

My 2008 Resolution for Career/Work

My 2008 resolution


I made a promise with my colleaques, Yong, that I will try not to complain about MY CURRENT COMPANY, WORK, COLLEAQUES and ETC ETC ETC.

For the past 6 months, I have been complaining about the peoples that I worked with, the process (basically processless), the systems, the tools (suppose to aid our work but not really that case) and etc. It make me like a crying baby in the office only. Sometime I feel like I am the clown for making fun of the company. I suppose to be supportive of my company. I should enjoy doing my job. Ya, I have to be more motivated in my works.

Can bao bao ?

My favourite photos of Ning Ning during our last trip to Malacca.
Hehehe .. can bao bao Ning Ning or not ....?

Friday, January 4, 2008

Xmas in Midvalley

SF with Ning Ning, it seems that Ning Ning found something more interesting to look at.. Hmm .. it must be a handsome hunk at that side.

Wah, Ning Ning looks very interested with the giant red mushroom. She must be thinking, hmm such a giant candy for Ning Ning ...

This year xmas deco in MidValley was good but if we were to compare it with last year decoration. Xmas decoration for 2006 simply outlcass decoration for 2007.

Yummy thumb ....

Ning Ning: Daddy, please concentrate with your driving, don't stare at Ning Ning's adorable looks, else Ning Ning can't even lick Ning Ning's tasty thumb with peace of heart. The road is very dangerous, you know....

Daddy you must be joking .. huh ...

Daddy, Ning Ning very smart liao, you can't trick Ning Ning anymore ...

No Problemo ...

Yesterday was the usual clinic visit for Ning Ning to get immunization jab. Since we already know that Ning Ning has high tolerance to needle prick, we don't really anticipate that Ning Ning will get very fussy after the jab.

As usual when Ning Ning's name got called, we went into the room. This time we noticed something different. Ning Ning kept scanning the surroundings and people around her, as if she know something going to happen. The doc put a drop of medicine into Ning Ning's mouth. I guess the medicine must be super duper bitter and Ning Ning spit it out on the spot. Hahaha. She used her "poooooo" skills ... Gagagaga.

Before the jab, I tried to divert Ning Ning attention by playing the rattle in front of her. And guess what, doc prick Ning Ning's thigh with the syringe. All a sudden, Ning Ning's face turn sour, she cried for about 3 seconds and stopped. As we comforting Ning Ning, we let her hold the rattle (as a compensation for being poke). Then Ning Ning start staring at the doc non-stop. She must be wondering, why everytime I see this doc, I feel so pain..Grrr .. I must remember this fellow. Next time it is my turn to poke this fellow .. Grr .. gaggagagaga...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Playing catch-up

I only find some spare time to "update" my blog recently. SF said I actually hijack or copy her blog. Oh ya ya .. since she already written, I must as well link my blog to hers instead writing a new one. The rule of thumb, why re-invent something that someone has already invented.

So I'm taking this opportunity to give credit to SF.

*Applause* ... *Applause* ... *clap* ... *clap*

The Old Make Way, The New Takeover

On Saturday, 29 Dec 2007, we decided to make a hole in our pocket. We got ourselves a new digital camera! It's an Canon Ixus 860 IS. The old Kodak Easyshare CX6330 has to make way since it started to give us problem with the battery. It seems to drain the battery faster than usual even we use a new alkaline battery.

The new Canon Ixus 860 IS simply outclass our old Kodak Easyshare CX6330 in terms of its outlook and camera specifications (considering my CX6330 camera was 4 years old, 3.1 MP was actually quite high spec at that time). Let's witness the difference.

Old old "general" -- Kodak EasyShare CX6330

Our new "general" -- Canon Ixus 860 IS

Don't get me wrong that Kodak Easyshare CX6330 is a bad camera. In fact, CX6330 has served us for a good few years. From Malaysia to Ireland, Japan, US and many other places. The quality of the photo was indeed very good considering it is only a mere 3.1 MP camera. We like the photos taken using CX6330. It helps us to record down our dating days, wedding days, our beloved daughter younger days, vacation, family events and etc. CX6330 also a very ease to use camera.

I believe it is the nature law where old things have to make way for the new one to come ..

We chose Canon Ixus 860 IS because lot of people actually said, "For camera, you won't go wrong with Canon."

We have been testing with Canon Ixus 860 IS for 2 weeks now. There is pro and cons.
- Higher MP
- Got Face detection
- Got Image Stabiliser
- Colours taken very natural.
- More features to control in manual way.
- Macro photography was easy.
- Lack of optical zoom
- Date only inserted for postcard photo and not normal photo.
- Stitch assist need to use specific software to stitch photo instead of WYCWYG (Even my sony ericsson phone can do that).
- After turning off the red-eye reduction, the red light will still appear. Sigh, I wanted to take close shot of my daughter using auto mode but the red light keep appearing straight to my daughter's eye.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Our vacation to Malacca - Dec 2007

We had a very good vacation at Malacca despite being very tired since this time we have a new family member. Our beloved daughter Ning Ning. Everytime when we need to go out, we will have to carry plenty of her things. Beside, we need to be very careful with the places that we are going. Ning Ning still very young and she can easily get frighten by her surroundings. Hence apart from physically tired, we are also mentally tired. But it is really a good family trip. Everyone is happy, SF was happy with her BIRD NEST TRIP, Ning Ning was very happy with her first vacation to Malacca and I am a happy man to see both of my loved ones so happy.

Catch some of Ning Ning's photos at here.

We also have a lot of nice food during the trip, check out the photos from here. We had:

Food we gobbled up :P
- Duck Noodle (my favourite, located near bukit cina)
- Chicken rice balls at Chung Hwa Kopitiam
- Satay celup at Capitol's
- Bak kut teh and claypot beef at Loi's (near Bukit Beruang).
- Junk food Delicacies at Jonker Street
- Durian and mango chendol yum yum! at Jonker Street
- Desserts at Sweetie's (Lou po cai tong shui) (opposite Dataran Pahlawan)

We also had lotsa bird's nest dishes lol! :P
- Bird's nest porridge at Uncle Keong's (inside dataran pahlawan)
- Shark fin noodle at Uncle Keong's (inside dataran pahlawan)
- Bird's nest egg tart at Yong Ann's (near Stadhuys Square/Red Building)
- Bird's nest mango pudding at Yong Ann's (near Stadhuys Square/Red Building)
- Special bird's nest noodle at Yong Ann's (near Stadhuys Square/Red Building)

Yong Ann's Bird's Nest Egg Tart

(Hmm .. I puzzle for a while on where to put the apostrophe. Either at Yong Ann or at the birdie. I guess I wanted to identify Yong Ann's creation and also the birdie's creation. Hence I opt to put apostrophe at both Yong Ann and the birdie)

Yong Ann's Bird's Nest Pudding

Yong Ann's Mango Pudding with blueberry and Bird Nest

Yong Ann's Bird's Nest Noodle

Sweetie's chinese sweet dumpling (Tang Yuen)

Uncle Keong's Sea Coconut with White Fungus desert

Uncle Keong's Watermelon and Honeydew desert

Uncle Keong's Shark Fin Noodle

Uncle Keong's Bird's Nest Porridge

Jonker Street's Durian Cendol and Jackfruit Cendol

Needle, hmm .. Yo "Sai Mat Geng" (Yo, no need to scare) - Dec 2007

"Don't be frightened, it's just like mosquito bite..." were the usual words uttered to comfort little children when they need to face a jab. Amazingly, NingNing has already achieved this level of enlightenment...

Wanna know more, click here

More good food in Nov 2007

I guess November is a food fiesta month. It seems that I had a lot of good food from both outside and homemade.

Wanna see the picture. Click on the link provided.

1. Prawn Ceviche (starter), Irish Pork Stew (Main course) at here. "Engineer" by SF.
- Tres-bon .. the prawn ceviche was very good. The Irish Pork Stew was simply marvellous. Thank you my dear for preparing this "sensational" dinner.

Verdict: A+ (***** star)

2. Sri Karak (PJ State, durian desserts) at here.
- A BIG BIG let down.
When we talked about DESSERTS, we talked about SWEET.
When we talked about SWEET, we talked about SUGAR.
When we talked about SUGAR, we talked about SIN.

How can a food call as DESSERTS when it is NOT SWEET and NOT SINFUL. Jezz. The durian bomb is simply does not qualified as DESSERTS. The other food that we have like otakx2 noodles and fried squid was just ok only. Nothing to shout about. We also had the signature dish from the restaurant "chicken porridge". Jezz, tasteless, so plain, not salty enough and worst still no taste of chicken. Sighh ..

Verdict: "D", FAILED. (* star)

3. Pastamania (The Pavallion) at here.
- The pasta and pizza here were not too bad. Quite tasty and reasonable for that price.

Verdict: "B+" (*** star)

4. Baked Cheese Rice at here. by ME.
- Excellent, marvellous. I simply can match those baked cheese rice from those Hongkies style restaurant like Wongkok Char Chan Teng, Kong Yam Kong Seik, Fun Hei Dei, Kim Gary and etc.

Verdict: A+ (**** star)

5. Hakka Style Dinner at here . by SF.
- Hakka Abacus Beads, Cabbage stew with sardine and potato & Fried Chinese gold ingots.
Hmm.. such a homey dinner. Muackkks.

Verdict: A (**** star)

7 Nov 2007 - Unconditional Love

On Nov 7, I read SF's blog at here. I was so touched by the unconditional love shown by Dick Hoyt to his son. With the perseverance, Dick manage to give his son Rick a normal life instead of lifeless.

All a sudden, I felt that warm fluid flowing down from my eyes. Yes I cried. Dick Hoyt is such an angel. How nice this world would be if we have more people like Dick Hoyt.

World Peace.

Nov 5, Italian Food Day ...

After a very successful homemade fine-dining, we decided to try out another 2 new dishes that we used to have in one of the Italian restaurant in Bandar Puteri, Puchong. Taaaa ..
Creamy seafood tomato soup

Seafood Olio

Seafood Olio become our favourite lunch. It is simple and easy to prepare.

November 2007

It have been quite a while since the last time I update my blog. Let me try to recall what I have gone through in November. Perhaps this will be the longest ever blog since it comprise of events for a month.

Nov 3
Today is a really really BIG day. It is my wife Sook Fan's birthday. Sook Fan's decided to celebrate at home since we have a new addition to the family (Ning Ning). Beside, Sook Fan wanted to try out some new dishes. Guess what, check it out.

The 2nd main actor, the main course - Chicken Cordon Bleu (?) with creamy white sauce :P... grilled it instead of baking it with an oven. A creative creation by Sook Fan, ranging from cooking the meat (browning) to deco (dressing). The gravy was prepared by me. I give 8/10 for this signature dish. Of course have to give higher, else she will pinch my ear later. But indeed it is very tasty.

You must be wondering where is the main actor then if the main course is 2nd main actor? The main actor (actress) is of course Sook Fan, since this is her BIG day.

Harr .. This is another creative invention from of course ME, Mr Alex Yap. This is baked brocolli with mozarella cheese. The secrets are "BOIL" & "SALT". Yummy ......

Har, creative invention #2, my "Yummy Rainbow" drink. Initially I named it as "Yummy Sky", then SF said the name is not "class" enough. Hence she suggest to change it to "Yummy Rainbow". SF like it a lot. If I do not remember wrongly, she also give 8/10 for this drink.

Family photo, do you noticed that Ning Ning was staring at the "Yummy Rainbow". I bet she must be saying, "Daddy & mommy, could you guys be a little bit faster in taking photos. Ning Ning wanna "swallow" the Yummy Rainbow. The Gordon Bleu Chicken also looks very tempting. Ning Ning had enough with milk. Ning Ning wanna be carnivore also."

Inner look of the Chicken Gorden Bleu (c).

For dessert, we had chocolate mousse cake (hahaha, SF bday cake).

Week 1 & 2
As usual, busy with work. These two weeks was packed with deadlines and thousands of urgent requests to get thing done. Sighhh .. Why people don't understand about working based pre-planned schedule. Why why why ....

I also become a "STAR" in overnight. I was helping IBM to do some promotional video to promote our centre in Malaysia. Guess what I am one of the actor in the video. This video will be shown to all IBMers worldwide. Huh .. have to start get royalty from IBM. hahaha.

Week 3
I went for PERL training in Amcorp Mall. The first 2 - 3 days is rather not fruitful because most of the stuff taught, I have already know. The instructor was not effective, apart from speaking with a strong accent (which make conversation a bit difficult. He is not local. He can't even understand a simple question asked from me. Jezz). His teaching method is also not interactive. He basically read the whole thing from the book. Wait a minute, I can do that on my own, why should I need an instructor then.

So I decided to count on myself and learn from books and internet. The exercise given also way too easy. Again I decided to modify each of the exercise to have more "ummpph" and increase difficulty level.

In a way, the whole week is great escape from work. I have been working non stop for the past few months. By going to this training, it gave me the opportunity to getaway from work related, issues and other headache from work.

Although I was away from work but I still have to login from home after the training to follow up on issues raised at work for the project that I'm working me. Poor me, in training also have to work.

During this week also, I have to finish editing the IBM video. Jezz, since when I become a movie person. I have to edit the video and rearrange it in proper order. As a matter of fact, when we shoot the video, we do not follow the sequence of the script. Hence some video that should come earlier may appear at the back of the tape. To add on, I receive a request from my MD to add in subtitles to the video. So I have to find suitable software to do that. :0, need to complete the video editing in ONE day. What make thing worst is, software A cannot do what software B can, so I have to mix and match to have all the effect embedded into the video.

Week 4
After missing out for a week, tonnes of works waiting for me in the office. Starting a new project on first day back to office from training. Knowing nothing what is going on since I don't have a chance to really review the requirements. Sighh .. god to help me to finish this project.