Thursday, November 1, 2007

Wondering ....

Wondering when Ning Ning will be old enough to sit on her own and enjoy the beautiful and tasty kid's burger from secret recipe.

Yesterday I brought my parents, nephew and niece there and they really enjoy the food.

Look at the alphabet fries + mini burger ... hmm yummy ..

My nephew, Han Wen .. looks so happy ..

My niece, Jia Hsuen, she seems to be happy as well. Notice her teary eyes, she just finished crying, got scold by dad.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Like Father .... Like Daughter

Present to you all

Like Father .... Like Daughter

Monday, October 29, 2007

Ng Ng ... Ng Ng ....

Ng Ng .... Ng Ng ...

Question: Ya .. what are the nature need that sounds like Ng Ng ... Ng Ng ...

Answer: Ya correct, helping QN to do her "big business" ... QN vs Poo Poo

My Second Blunder ..

Good day mates ..

My daughter
Noticed any weird thing from the pic above? NO .... Give some more effort ...

Noticed the weird buggy part at the groin area? Ya ya .. I wrongly dress the back part of the pants to the front.. the buggy part was designed to accomodate babies pampers so that baby can be more comfortable in their pants .. Hahaha .. my #2 blunder ..

What else, .. hmm then you have to frequent my blog more often for any updates ....

My First Blunder

Good day mates

My first blunder. Ya exactly my first blunder in taking care of my daughter. As usual, SF helped to bath the baby and I shall be ready with the milk because my beloved QN is very fussy. After the shower, she (QN) must drink milk else she will raise the decibel to 300++. Yeah 300++ no joke. If you are late, then better be prepared to lose your ear-drum... Hahaha.

Now QN is having 4oz of milk. So what I did was

1. Get 3oz of cooked water - (warm/room temp).
2. Add in 4 spoon of milk powder.
3. Add 1oz of hot water.
4. Of course feed the baby with milk

So as usual, QN was so excited to see the milk bottle. She is so in haste in drinking the milk. The weird thing .... she could not suck the milk from the bottle. So SF use her CSI brain to investigate why the milk won't come out. Guess what, the some of the milk become harden and blocking the bottle nipple so the milk won't come out. SF then ask me how I make the milk. Then I answer based on the steps above. Guess what. .....

I MIX UP THE STEPS ..... It should be ...

1. Get 3oz of cooked water - (warm/room temp).
2. Add 1oz of hot water.
3. Add in 4 spoon of milk powder.

Hahaha .. that is my first blunder ... and more to come ...

Friday, October 19, 2007

My little sweetie

My little sweetie begin to learn on how to roll ...

My latest invention ... Bacon Roll

Hi all, my latest invention. Bacon Roll.....

In fact cooking is one of my passion. I like do cooking where I can try out new dishes and also in the same time, I can test my cooking skills. I use to have a housemate (Tze Yong) when we were in Melbourne. He used to say "cooking can help to release tension/pressure". Sometime I find it true as well because I can forget all the misery, problems and suffer in my work and enjoy the cooking session.

The recipe, at the bottom of the page.

Ehh .. where is the end-result photo. Too bad, it is too tasty that SF don't have a chance to take the photo and it is finished. The credit have to go SF for taking the photo. Oh ya, FYI, SF created the 1st version of bacon roll (picture not available). It is tasty in some sense but you know what, I improved her version of bacon roll. I have to give her credit here, she start complaining to me just now cause I didn't give credit to her. Here you go, my beloved wife, I loved you so much..... muackkksss

200g bacon
150g mince meat
40g carrot (cut into thin strips (french strips))
1 piece of onions (english onions)

1 tsp. oyster sauce
1 tsp. soy sauce
Pinch of salt and pepper
1 tsp. cornstarch

1 tsp. black pepper
2 tsp. soy sauce
1 tsp. cornstarch mixed with water
1 tbsp. oyster sauce

3 tbsp. oil

1. Roll the bacon with mince meat in it. Add a strip of carrot/celery in the center to create a chewy sensation inside the bacon.
2. Heat small amount of oil and fry until bacon is dark brown, make sure the mince meat is cooked as well, drain and put aside.

3. Wipe pan. Reheat pan, add oil, pepper and onions. Mix and stir fry until aroma flows.
4. Add gravy ingredients. Ensure the gravy is thicken.
5. Pour the black pepper gravy on top of bacon roll.
6. Garnish the dish with either fried asparagus or fresh parsley.

Serve with white rice.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Famous SEMI-VALUE qoute.... best in the century

2) The one on TV when in trying to say he was ashamed, he said:`Kemaluan saya besar`
3) On drugs, "Jangan hisap dada"
4) said in a ceramah "Kita akan bina satu jambatan untuk orong-orong kampong disini", one pakcik asked, "Datuk, sini takde sungai,buat apa bina jambatan?" and he glorious replied,"Kalau takde sungai, kita bina sungai!"
5) favorite quote on national television "Toll naik sikit, manyak marah saya. You ingat semua ini toll saya punya bapa punya kah!"
6) During the water shortage crisis : "semua orang diminta jgn membuang aiyerr..!"
7) During blood donation campaign in Sg Siput: "..marilah kita semua menderma dara.."
8) During the opening speech of various function: "...selamat datang saudara-mara
****** actually is "saudara-saudari"
9) At an opening ceremony: "mempersilakan datin paduka Rxxxxah Axxz naik ke pentas utk membuka kain"
10)Commenting about his modesty: "sebenarnya, kemaluan saya sangat-sangat besar"

The information provided is mainly an creative creation, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose.

In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from the information provided on this website.

All the names and incident was created with neither intention of destroying image of a particular person nor embarrassing anyone.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Attitude in working

Ya, today I wanted to write about ATTITUDE. I'm a software developer. Everyday I need to deal with the software tester and perhaps customer from the field that using our product. I'm glad that each product will be tested by the tester before being launched to the customer. I rather fix the problem found in testing phase than fixing a problem in the field that cause so much of unwanted pressure and "visibility".

The problem is, not all tester are really good. Some of them just make no sense to me in their testing work. These bunch of people, do not study the architecture of the system, understand the flow, the logic and just simply test the system. A lot of the time, the problem that tester found is because of their configuration issue. Arghh come on, how come developer can do their unit testing and setup the environment and why not tester? Most of the time tester have more time to review the requirement and architecture compare to developer. Hence I expect the tester to be more "intelligent" in doing their work.

Today I received a "complain" from the tester complaining that over 300+ items not generated in the output file. Goodness, how the hell on earth this can happened? I went to do a testing on my own and I'm only half way through the 300+ items. You guess what? I'm still half way, but I can FOUND all the items in the output file. Damn ... Why can't those tester be more "intelligent".
I used to be a software tester as well. Whenever I found problem, I will be very careful in investigating the problem to ensure it is indeed a software problem rather than my own configuration issues and wrong way of testing before going to developer to ask them investigating on it. But this kind of mentality not happening in most of the software tester nowadays. Whenever they found problem, they think they are very smart and straight away raise a bug to cause a chaos in the department to close the bug ASAP. I can tell you 75% bugs raised in my current job are not valid. Jesus christ. I began to question the skill of the tester hired. If I were the manager, these bunch of tester will get a boot from me already. Go BACK to UNI to study problem solving skills again lar ........

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Shifting house ....

Recently a lot of people searching for clues for shifting house/moving house from google and ended on my blog, I guess those people are looking for ideas/checklist and here you go, I've updated the list of things to keep in mind.

1. List of thing to clean up your new house/apartment. Things like broom, cloth, soap powder, water hose and etc.

2. Ensure basic utilities are ready like electricity and water.

3. You might want to hire professional (more expensive) or semi-pro house mover to help you move your furniture to new house/apartment (if you have existing furniture that you wanted to keep or still brand new).

4. Drink plenty of water because you easily get dehydrated and fall sick.

5. Few extra t-shirt to change cause I ensure you that you gonna sweat a lot.

6. Try to do the house moving in Saturday so that you get a day of rest rather than going to work on the next day.

7. Delegate your work, cause you can never be able to do everything on your own. Get some helps from friends or families.

8. Get ready with cash/cheques cause you will need to settle bills for your new furniture and labour cost.

9. The very important thing, planned the arrival of furniture separately rather in one shot, else you will have headache to monitor all the movement of the workers. You definitely do not want to have your furniture to have scratches.

10. You might want to pre-check with the wheather forecast. You certainly do not want to move house on rainy day. It is too much of mess to deal with.

Wow it have been quite a tiring experience of shifting house. I recently moved in to my new house. Previously, when I was still single, moving house is just like moving room only because all my belongings will only reside within the room. So it is kind like peanut to move around. But now, after having family. The shifting thing is for the whole house. God knows how many things we have in the apartment after staying there for 2 years. We used to rent out a room for our friend. After she moved out, we used the room as a storeroom/garage. Initially, only one of the corner was occupied with our "rubbish". After 2 years, the "rubbish" was stacked as tall as the room's height. It occupied all the 3 corners (except the door corner, else I wouldn't be able to open the room's door). It was like a nightmare when I need to pack all the things up. Luckily SF still on holiday, else I wonder how am I going to finish packing all the "rubbish".

There are some furnitures that are still brand new from my apartment that can be reused (it was only 1 or 2 yrs old). So we decided to temporary reuse it for a while (there are so many other expenses that we need to take care of, so if can thrifty, then be a bit thrifty lor). I rented a truck to help me move the stuff. Wow it cost me a boom. 1 trip of truck = $80, workers charges = $50. It took me 2 trip to move the bigger stuff to my new house. I decided to use my avanza to move the smaller smaller stuff that we have packed in the box. This can help to save money a bit. So a total of $260 just to move the furniture ONLY.

On 29 Sept itself, I split myself into few parts. One part to take care of the furniture moving. One part to take care of the installation of air-conditioner (with the help from ah Ling). One part to supervise my maid in cleaning up the house. One part .. ehhh . forgotten liao .. So it was a very very tiring experience. You must be wondering why I cramped everything in 1 day. I've just changed job to my new company. I have very limited leave till end of the year. I only have 5 days since I joined in mid-July. I have already utilised 1 day for baby and another day for house renovation. So I have no other choice of doing all the thing in one day. SF cannot help to supervise the renovation thing cause our baby Ningx2 scared of the drilling sound. So it is better that SF stay in the apartment with the baby.

0n 30 Sept, we officially moved in to the new house. Mom & dad came over to carry out the traditional chinese ceremony for moving in to the new house. Lots of thing to prepare. Sis did came over as well. According to mom, for the first day in new house, we need to cook a proper meal and have dinner in the house. So mom was busy preparing few dishes at home. Yi Hang, Sis's son, was so naughty that he broke my $250++ bottle of perfumes. Luckily I have already used up 1/4 of it, else sakit hati.

On 1 Oct, more renovation to be done. I've asked the electrician to install water heater in the bathroom and install the astro for us. The water heater part was pretty easy that he just drill the wall and install it. But the astro part was a bit tricky. Apparently according to the electrician, my house contractor does not put the astro line properly. Hence the wiring was a bit hair wire. He helped me to fix it. It was very kind of him in helping me to install the astro although it was raining. Then the disastrous news came, my decoder spoil. Apparently the newer decoder is very sensitive to shock. I might have accidentally shake the astro box while shifting it to the new house. It cost me $165 to fix the decoder. Money again. In the evening, we decided to go to Ikea to grab some deco and stuff for the house. We bought a coffee table, clock, dustbin, toilet accesories and etc. Wow, $$$$$ again .... It is not an easy matter of having a new house. Everything is $$$$$ ..

Friday, September 28, 2007

Rude lady

On Aug 15, 2007 I was heading home after a long day in office. As usual, traffic was pretty bad after the office hours. I got stuck at the flyover in front of One Utama and no car movement at all. One Utama has put a giant TV in front of the building for advertisement purposes. It was showing all kind of shop or events in 1U. So I take the chances to relax and watch the advertisement.

All of a sudden, I felt my car was shaking. I thought earthquake or what. Then I suddenly figured out, "Dxxx" someone (car) knocked me from behind. I quickly get down from the car to assess the damage. To my frustration the lady who knock my car, pretending nothing has happended by shaking her head and both hands signalling that no damage what!!!! Blxxxx Hxxx, what kind of people is this? Luckily only few scratches at the bumper. She don't even have the courtesy to say sorry. It will be just enough for her to raise a her hand (saluting style) to say sorry. I'm not a unreasonable guy who demand compensation for that kind of trivial issue. All I expect is some courtesy from her.

Perhaps, she feel intimidated because of my facial expression (angry for being knocked, I guess it is acceptable right) and my big size. But still, where is the courtesy to say "SORRY" .. Arghh come on Malaysian. People said Malaysian is friendly. Bull shit, Malaysian ain't friendly at all. I have more pleasure time with Aussie compare to Malaysian. Malaysian only treat foreigner with manners and not to Malaysian itself. Dissapointing. It is not to say that I prefer Aussie, but as a matter of fact, this is the reality.

Oh ya, I have make a simple investigation on this accident and the cause are:

1. The giant TV, very distracting. Some idiot driver that can't drive properly but still don't want to concentrate on driving will cause accident.

2. The lady itself. May god bless her.

Here is the Blxxxx Laxx car that knock me. REMEMBER HER PLATE proton satria "WEC 1952". Whenever you see this lady driving,

1. Don't follow her (tail her), cause she can break suddenly. Her sudden break is faster than the speed of LIGHT. Goodness.

2. Don't let her tail you, cause she definitely will knock you from behind and pretending nothing is happening. Such an idiot.

3. Don't drive side by side with her, she thought that she is Alonso. She will do whatever she could to make sure she is driving in front of you.

So lesson learnt.

Photos moved to shutterfly ...

Hi all

Sony ImageStation is due to closed down by 1 Feb 2008. Hence I've moved my photos collection to Shuttlefly. Feel free to visit LX's Memoirs at

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ning Ning's compilation ...

My beloved daughter's milestones ......

More photos of my house

Here you go .. as promised .. more photos ...

My car porch ...

Front view of my house, I extend the grill to the front of the door ...

My fan ....

Two of the wall light at living hall.....

The grill design ...

More grill design .....

Extended car porch .. so that can park 2 car side by side. Notice the colour differences. Cannot find the exact match of tiles. Wuahhhh ...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Almost complete ....

After a long wait of 2 months, finally my house renovation is about to complete. Apart from some painting work on the wall and ceilings, the house renovation is 90% completed. We are about to start moving in the furniture and other stuff by end of this week. Below are some of the snapshot of the items in my house.

My kitchen ....

My dining table ....

My wall light....

My ceiling light at the living hall.....

Front view of my living hall ... Look at how fast the fan is spinning. It is a 5 blade silver metallic colour.

My dinner light ....

My sink and water tap ....

I haven't got a picture of my wardrobe yet, anxious. Hahaha....

Friday, September 7, 2007


Thanx God Friday. Such a good phrase. Now, every week I'm looking forward for the Friday to come ASAP. So that I can forget about the need to go to office. I can leave all the "shitty" things behind and go home. I don't need to bother about working with unreasonable people, idiots and insane people. Goodness, all these stress gonna make my life shorter. I seriously in need for a quick way to release my stress.

TBC ......

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Merdeka Weekend

I'm so thrilled for the merdeka weekend. It is a 3 days off, means I have more rest days. As I mentioned in my previous blog, don't feel like going to work. Hahaha. Hence the long weekend is really what I'm fancy of.

MIL come all the way to KL from SS and SF wanted to stay overnight at Puchong so that MIL can spend more time with QN. I was like "why not". So on Saturday we packed some clothes and baby's stuffs and heading back to Puchong. We decided to go back to SF's office in cyberjaya for a while so that SF can fix some of her work related thing after missing from office for a month. Just when we were about to reach the office, I received a call from SF's brother telling me that SL (SF's sister) have engaged in an accident in Putrajaya. I was like "WHAT", new car woh. Less than a month old. Fortunately nobody was injured. So I quickly make my way to Putrajaya. By getting little information of where they are, I make a quick guess that the accident will be at the usual road that I used to go to Alamanda. What a good guess, from far I can see the accident place.

SL was so sad seeing her new car in such state. I guess that is the norm of driving where one day, we will engage in accident. After that I lead her to police station to make report. It took such a long time for the Sergeant to come back to police station where the accident place is only <5 mins away from police station. God knows where he go. SL was give the summon for reckless driving and have to do some "special deal" just to get the police report "Certified True Copy" in order for us to make the insurance claims. Goodness the "sar jien" was wearing the tag "Saya Anti Rasuah". Sigh, this is what I call Malaysia Boleh. Finally after spending almost 5 hrs at the police station. We are allow to go home. Sorry for all those "xxx", terms, I did this to avoid being prosecute by the government since Malaysia do not have the freedom of speech.

I was so tired after that and I still have to go to bank to settle some business and meet the contractor to discuss some issues for the renovation. Since we need to meet up with the mechanic to fix the damage car, we decided not to overnight at Puchong and make our way back to UYB.

Instead of having a long weekend, I have a bad weekend. Luckily bro go to Puchong on Sunday morning, so I can stay at home and rest without the need to send SL back to Puchong. Oink Oink at home .................


Recently I felt so lazy and low motivation to go to work. I feel so lost in my current work now. How I wish things are smooth, but I guess that is the nature of life where not everything turns out the way we want. I need to find a way to "wake up" from my current sleep. I need to find something to motivate myself in my work and start to deliver.

There are a lot of things happening at the moment. I felt so tired. So many things that need my attention. Everyday I will look forward for the COB to go back home to see Qian Ning & SF. The little smile from QN just makes my day.

In terms of work, I missed those moments when I was in 'M'. Although there are tough deadlines to meet, tough people to deal with and etc but I can still find the joy of working. I have direction to move to compare to now where I am in no man island. Perhaps I've been sitting in my comfort zone for too long and it is hard for me to adapt to new environment. Hopefully all this weird feeling will go away as time flies.

In terms of family life, I felt so contended where I have a good wife (SF), a "naughty" daughter (QN), house, car and etc. Looking forward to have a family outing. Wanted to go somewhere where I do not need to think about work and can spend quality time with my family.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


My bunny look
Alamak .. I'm wanted .. shy shy
Oh no .. don't tear down my billboard. All my fans will get dissappointed.

My sweety's feet

My beautiful little foot
Yo ... my feet ... nice leh ..
The size is 3 inch .. hahahah

Qian Ning - 2 Aug 2007

Hmmm .. someone is staring at me
Let me see, who is staring at me .. hmmm
Ohh. .. it is my daddy and mommy. Alo.....

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Baby - Yellow (Jaundice)

On 3rd August, nurse told SF that baby is yellow, we will need to admit baby to the hospital for UV lighting to remove the yellow. Poor my little sweety.

Poor Qian Ning

Qian Ning rebelling .....

29 July 2007

Baby was born.

At 0300 hrs, SF give me a call that doctor has give the permission to admit her to the labour room. I was so nervous and excited after receiving the call. With my half open eyes, I quickly get dressed and rushed to the hospital. On my way to the hospital, I kept praying to the god to help SF to give birth easily and safely. By 0320 hrs, I'm already at the hospital. After I have parked my car at the basement, I quickly ran to the ward first. I didn't see her at her bed, then I checked with nurse and she told me that SF had already in labour room. Guess, what I was so scared and worried that she was in pain. When I reached labour room, the nurse tease me that no need so hasty, she is yet to give birth. She even teased me that I reached office in such a short time, I must be speeding all the way to hospital. If anything happened to me, then I can't even see my daugther coming to this world and in turn SF will have to come visit me. :p

I managed to see SF at 0330 hrs. She look very much in pain. She had dilated for 3cm. In GH, doctor will only help mother to deliver baby when the mother had dilated for 10cm. In general, 1 hour is equivalent to 1cm for first baby. SF was attached to a machine that can monitor baby heart beat and level of pain that SF had been endured. Seeing her in so "san fu", I feel so bad cause there are nothing that I can help her to reduce her pain and I can only sit by her side to support her. At certain point of time, when the machine show the pain level at 60+, SF will be very much in pain. SF has been very brilliant, patient and determined in the whole process in delivering the baby.

In between, I tried to close my eyes to save energy for later. After a long wait, nurse finally told me that SF had dilated for 10cm. They can start the labour process. I was like "It's time". SF was given a short tutorial by the nurse on how to successfully give birth to the baby. SF was so much in pain but yet she was so determined to deliver the baby. I was so sad to see her in such unbearable pain and yet I can't help her in anything. All a sudden, warm tears flow down from my teary eyes. I feel so weak and small for not being able to help her. How I wish baby born quickly and release SF from the pain. After a long 20 mins, baby finally come to this world but I still can't stop the tears from my eyes. I was so happy to see baby was safe and healthy. As usual, baby will cry when they were born. The first scream (cried) by the baby was such a beautiful melody on my ear. SF instantly show her mother instinct by trying to comforting baby when nurse hand over the baby to SF. Guess what, I still can't stop crying when nurse asked me to wait outside while they treating SF and the baby.

My little sweety was only a mere 2.84kg.

My little sweety in her sleep.

She is still in her deep sleep.

Waiting ....

Although SF was admitted to hospital on 27 July, but for 2 days, there aren't any sign that baby is coming. I know she has been very anxious for the baby arrival and so do I. I can sense her fear and worry since baby EDD has already been late for 4 days. There are plenty risks for a overdue baby. I tried my best to accompany her at the hospital from morning till evening. Hospital only allow visitor to start visiting their families member from 1300 hrs to 1930 hrs. In the morning, I will bring breakfast prepared by mom. I'll deliver the breakfast to her but since they do not allow visitor to stay in the ward yet, so I have wait outside. While waiting for 1300 hrs, I normally take the chance to doze off on the long chair at the waiting hall. Then mom will bring lunch by 1300 hrs. I know at this time, SF need my company, hence I'm trying my best to be with her. I knew that she need my support. SF has been suffering and sacrifice a lot for carrying my baby. So I'm trying my best to be a good husband.

Around 1600 hrs, I will go back to get mom prepare the dinner. After dinner is ready around 1730 hrs, I will go back to hospital again to deliver the dinner to SF. It have been a tiring trips, travelling from home to hospital few times a day. But I know it is worthy. I like the feeling of being a father.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Baby is about to be born

Yesterday, we kept telling the baby that, if you wanna come, you better come tonight. Then the baby was kicking hard. hahaha. I guess she must be saying, "yalar, yalar, i'm coming out very soon". In fact I told her that, she should come out once she finished "enjoying" in her mother stomach. Then SF, scold me, it is all my fault the baby don't want to come out. hahahha. It is such a great feeling for being able to feel the baby movement on SF dummy. When baby move around, SF dummy also changed its shape where you suddenly can see a small "hill" come up and down. Hahahaha ... I always "perasan" by telling SF that my baby listen to me, she is being very obedient.

This morning, there are more sign about baby to come. So we quickly get SF ready to go hospital. Initially we packed 2 giant bags with lots of clothes, food and other stuff that need to be brought to hospital. Then mom scold us for bringing so much of things. She said, nurse won't allow us to bring so many things. So on the spot, I quickly removed things that are not necessary. From 2 giant bags, we only bring one medium bag. Then mom ask me to go work first cause, not so fast for SF to deliver. Dad and mom will bring SF to hospital to register first. Mom will call me when SF is about to deliver.

I guess I shall be by SF side at this moment, but can't fight with mom. I'm sure SF wanna me by her side. Feel so sorry for her. If I stay by her side, then mom sure said "no need so kan cheung". Sighh... so in order not to fight with mom, I go to work first while waiting for her call me.

Really hope both SF & baby is safe and sound.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

My new T60P ThinkPad

This is the new look of my laptop

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Google Reader

Good day mates

For those who likes to keep track of blog reading. You can try on . This is a tool that help you to keep track of any updates to the blog. Give it a shot.

Baby Overdue

We still have 24 hours .. not 24 .. to be exact 13 hrs before baby is overdue. SF and myself have been anxiously waiting for the baby to come to this world. Every night I would be asking the baby, "baby, nei gei shi oi chut sai arrr".

I'm sure a lot people would said, first baby of course "kan cheung lar", if later have more than sure not that anxious already. Hehehe .... then I would say .. all are my kids .. of course I sayang & anxious.

Can't wait to see my baby and start taking a lot of her photo. We are going to setup a blog for her once she is born so that she will have a "history" for herself when she grow up. In my time, my parents seldom take photo for me when I was a kid. I only have few photos of myself when I was around 5 years old. It is kind like a disappointment to me where I don't even have a single photo of myself when I was a baby. Sighh.. so I have to make sure that my daughter will not have the same disappointment as her father.

Baby, daddy and mommy love you arrr.....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Our Home - Puchong Utama

I need to give SF some copyright money since I grabbed the photos from her blog.

This is the view from our living hall, you can see the little store room underneath the staircase. I don't like the staircase, will change this to wrought Iron when we have extra $$$$$. The room next to the staircase will be our maid's room. Then the dry kitchen. We planned to use the area next to the staircase as our dining area. SF like to watch TV during dining. So that area just suit her.

Main entrance, car porch. It is sufficient to put 2 cars in one straight line. But will renovate the grass area into tiles so that easier to put 2 cars side by side.

My little poor lawn comparing to the beautiful lawn at next door. Will convert our poor messy lawn into tiles area for car parking.

Front view of our house. Finally we have our own sweet little cottage. ps: the umbrella only serves as accessories for this photo.

Our master bedroom. I kind like it although a lot of people said that too many angles in the room. The area with windows is spacious enough to put baby bed there. So we can take care of the baby at night before giving it to mom to take care during our office hours.

My Baby

Tomorrow will be the EDD for SF. If doc's calculation is accurate. I shall be a father by tomorrow. I'm so excited now. Since SF EDD is around the corner. I will be travelling back to UYB daily from Uptown after work so that I can be by SF side in case she need me. In the meantime also, I will need to travel back to Puchong on wednesday & saturday to check on the contractor for the house renovation. wow... this is tiring.

Yesterday mom told me that SF will probably giving birth to the baby by tonight. I was so nervous. Cheh, false alarm. SF didn't have constant contraction which is the main sign for labour. Hopefully everything will went smooth. Both SF & the baby will be ok. It have been a long 9 months wait for the baby arrival. I'm so eager to be a father now. At home, I'm pretty strict with my nephew & niece. I kept wondering if I would be able to teach my sweetie the way I teach my nephew & niece. In the same time, I have the confidence that I can be a good father. Hehehe. The time will tells.

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7th day of working in "I"

Today is my 7th day in "I". A new place for me to adjust myself. As usual, there ain't much to do at the moment. I'm still in the honeymoon stage where I'm only requested to do reading on the area that I'm going to work on. Apparently I heard it is gonna be very busy for the current team that I'm in. Hmm... this is going to be very interesting. Hopefully I will be able to blend well into the team. There are about 15 folks in the team. I'm still struggling to remember each of the teammates name.

It is the same as when I first started working in "M", lots of abbreviation. My head just went ????? when they starting talking techie language instead of ENGLISH.

From my very first impression in the meetings, I can sense that I'm in a team with tiger and dragon. Chinese said "ngo fu chong lung".Hahaha, that means I have to work extremely hard to make an impact to the team. The time will tell.