Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ho Chiak - Cao Cao Grilled/BBQ Lamb

After watching Ho Chiak, the other week, SF and myself are so eager to try out this so call best grilled lamb in klang valley presented by Ho Chiak on Cao Cao BBQ Lamb.

The anxiety to try out the Cao Cao BBQ lamb is over 3 causes
1. The trust on Ho Chiak
2. The name of "Cao Cao" get us attracted. As you might know, Cao Cao is such a popular figure in the ancient of China. This death of Cao Cao, signified the start of "Three Kingdoms", Wei, Shu and Wu. On the whole, Wei occupied the north, Shu occupied the southwest and Wu occupied the southeast.
3. The expression of the Ho Chiak hosts. Grrrrr .. why grrr .. see below

The hawker's stall name: Cao-Cao Lamb BBQ (noticed the old 7-digit landline?)

This is the look when it was served. Disappointing

Another shot with flash ...

My Verdict.
1. Too charred .. too burnt - FAILED
2. Tasteless - FAILED
3. Mint sauce not strong enough. - FAILED
4. Presentation - FAILED
5. $$$ - too expensive, RM6.5 per piece, the above caused me RM13 - Jezz - FAILED .. FAILED FAILED.
6. Ho Chiak FAILED me.

In fact, to be honest, I don't find Ho Chiak gives accurate information all the time. I like the "Lat Chiu Pan Mee" at off Jalan Raja Laut and the snow ice (use to be in 1U, but closed down already now). But others failed miserably.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Steamed Yam with Pork Belly

My favourite, steamed yam with pork belly (wu tao kao yuk)

SF's cook this dish for me since she know this is my favourite dish. She got the recipe from here. But we made some modification to the recipe by doubling the quantity of the gravy and steamed the dish for 2 hours.

The meat was tender and the yam was soft and flavorful. Yummy! :)) muackksss

Ning Ning and her swimming pool

Recently we bought ning ning an indoor ring pool. The price is quite reasonable. 4ft pool - RM 7.90. We also bought a mechanical air pump RM 19.90 to fill the ring swimming pool with air. Trust me, you wouldn't want to blow the ring pool by using your breath. If you do, please drop me a call, so that I can pre-call the ambulance for you just in case, if you stop breathing.

Look at her, so adorable ...

Mommy: Aiya, ning ning, cover cover first, cannot let others see. "Sit sai dai" ..
Ning Ning: Mommy, can we a better cloth, I don't like this little handkerchief. Can we have colourful bikini?? Hmmmm

** obviously, ning ning not very happy with it.

NZX - Niu Ze Xui - Ara Damansara

NZX - aka Niu Ze Xui of Malaysia. I guess this is suppose to be a copycat of Niu Ze Xui of Spore. NZX has been opened since Dec 2007.

SF and myself carried a lot of hope that this new shopping place going to be a happening place. I guess what people said "the greater the hope the greater the disappointment" is quite true. Exactly, I expect this NZX to be happening, if not as happening as Spore NZX, then at least 50% of it. But to my surprise, what a big letdown.

My Verdict below:

1. Shops: Most of the shops are not opened yet for business.

2. Ventilation: It is so stuffy .. (although that day when we visit NZX, it rains. Surprisingly, the place is spacious enough but just no wind. I guess the abundant of buildings nearby blocks all the wind from flowing in.)

3. Variety: Very less. Most of store is either Milk Pearl Tea, Mobile Phone shop, Games, pirated DVD. Not much clothing shop also.

4. Food: So limited, ok, they have big apple doughnut and others homemade food. The only restaurant worth mentioning is the "Jia Fei Dian" loosely translated to kopitiam (cafe). I guess I can't complain too much since it is the only restaurant that worth mentioned in NZX. Credit have to go to this cafe, from the outside, it looks very appealing. The ground floor is air-conditioned and the other 3 floors is open air. Mostly internal deco is in white colour. Look very clean and nice.

the photo below, I grabbed it from SF's blog.

Ice Milk Tea - **** (4 star - good)
Coffee with Milk + add on grass jelly - ** (2 star - average)

Roti Curry (Curry Bun) - **** 1/2 (4 1/2 star)
- this is worth mentioning, the curry taste is really good, creamy and not too hot
- I took away 1/2 star because it is too oily.

Ning Ning in Green

Hey, mommy taking our photo, Ning Ning faster pose ..

Heya, I can stand .. I'm the queen (aka king) of the world ....

Ning Ning: Let me teach you how to clap .. clap clap

Ning Ning: And this one is "tim chung chung" .. try if you can catch the worms or not .. :p

Good food ...Butter Grilled Fish

Huh .. I finally get some time to blog. Last month and this month is really busy busy and busy. No other words to replace the BUSY ... Sighh .. work and work ...

Anyway, I'm playing catching up once again .. Ya ya ya .. you will say I make all the excuses .. I'll take it.

Presented to you all .. our recent creation

Butter Grilled Fish + mix vege + Baked Mashed Potato with Crunchy Bacon and Cheese (hmm .. it is so sinful just by hearing the name) (porky, I don't consider beef bacon is bacon, those are faked bacon)

You can see few slices of the italian sausage at the side (hmm... wondering why the shop keeper told me that it is italian sausage, I remember those that I had in Melbourne, Victoria Market are not like that.. hmm interesting)

Butter Grilled Fish

Mix Vege toss with salt + Olive Oil

Baked Mash Potato with Crunchy Bacon with melting Cheese

Golden Fried Rice with lots of button mushroom (SF's favourite)

Friday, April 4, 2008

My "Trojan" daughter

Trojan Ning Ning

look at what have SF done to Ning Ning, trojan Ning Ning. kacha kacha ...

Bean Curd Roll + Sambal Yao Yu (dried squid)

Another signature creation of mine ....
1. Bean Curd Roll
  • Bean Curd Sheet
  • Mince meat
  • Brocolli

Notes: You must be noticing the ugly deco of brocolli. Wuahh.. it is my wife. She destroy my creation.

2. Sambal Yao Yu (dried squid)

  • Chilis
  • Yao Yu

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hot Baby on Wheel vs Pinky Dinosaur

My little sweetie on the wheel. She said, she is the "boss". She do the driving, don't mess with her.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Golden Creamy Chicken (Wong Kam Nai Yau Kai)

My latest creation ...

Golden Creamy Chicken (Wong Kam Nai Yau Kai)

2 pieces of chicken breast
Curry leaves
3 pieces chili (preferable chili padi)
5 cloves of garlic (mashed it)
3/4 cup of evaporated milk
2 tablespoon of butter
salt to taste

1 egg
soy sauce
corn flour

1. Cut the chicken into long strip.
2. Marinade the chicken with egg, salt, pepper, corn flour and soy sauce. Wrap the chicken with food wrapper and kept in fridge for 1 hour.
3. Deep fried the chicken strip until golden brown. (Before you deep fried the chicken, coat the chicken with corn flour and let it rest for 20 seconds. This is to ensure the chicken moisture is able to soak the corn flour well and give us the crispy feeling.)
4. Drain the excessive oils from the fried chicken.
5. Melt the butter in frying pan.
6. Add in the garlic and brown it.
7. Add in curry leaves and chili and brown it.
8. Add in evaporated milk and salt, thicken the gravy.
9. Add in the fried chicken and toss it.

Serve with white rice.

Prep time: 20 minutes
Cook time: 10 minutes

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How to make your own day

If you feeling down, sad or boring

Visit this link, it will definitely make your day. Enjoy