Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to capture Unix console screen output?

Many of you might want to capture the screen output of the unix console for references later or wanted to show the output to another counterpart.

This command is particularly useful in 2 scenarios:

1. During a training, where instructor do a demo using the endless list of command that you have difficulty to remember and jotting down.

At many instances, even you can jot down the command you might not even able to remember what is the output of the command.

Put it this way, many of us, learn from example. Hence being able to capture the screen output is very important.

2. If you are a student and you need to show your program output to your lecturer. Use this command.


script [space][filename]

CTRL+D to exit the script command

=========== For Instance =========
$ script script.out
Script started, file is script.out
$ date
Tue Mar 17 17:04:07 SGT 2009
$ time

real 0m0.00s
user 0m0.00s
sys 0m0.00s
$ ^D
Script done, file is script.out

$ cat script.out
Script started on Tue Mar 17 17:04:03 2009
$ date
Tue Mar 17 17:04:07 SGT 2009
$ time

real 0m0.00s
user 0m0.00s
sys 0m0.00s
$ ^D

script done on Tue Mar 17 17:04:11 2009

So simple, right ......

Friday, March 13, 2009

Catch Of The Day

Pendidikan Moral Bersama UMNO

Wanna know more go to http://aisehman.org/?p=1028

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bellygood - Lunch Promotion from Tuesday to Friday. Don't Miss this ...

For more info:

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46150 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.


Tel: 5630 1699

My Previous blogging on Bellygood at here.

Vegetarian Eel

I got this idea for this dish from Astro Wah Lai Toi. One of the chef from a well known restaurant in Hong Kong prepared this.

1. Soak 6 pieces of medium/large size of shitake mushroom until soften.
2. Cut the soften shitake mushroom into a thin and long "string". Use a scissor to cut the edge by following the shape of the shitake. By doing this, you will get the thin and long stretch of shitake mushroom.
3. Cut the thin and long stretch of shitake mushroom into 3" long per piece.
4. Add one beaten egg into the shitake mushroom.
5. Coat the shitake mushroom with corn flour and let it rest for a while before frying it.
6. Deep fried the shitake mushroom and drained the excess oil.
7. Prepare marmite sauce. (1 spoon marmite, 3 spoon of honey, 1 spoon sugar, soy sauce, water)
8. Thicken the marmite sauce by cooking it under a medium heat for a while.
9. Once thicken, toss the deep fried shitake mushroom with the marmite sauce.
10. Sprinkle it with some dried fried sesame seed and serve with white rice.

Prep time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes

Get Rich Fast Scheme

If you wanted to know the trick to get rich fast scheme. You just have to go to Jelapang, Perak and take some "golden" advice from the cilakat toad.

Well, after the cilakat toad betray the people of perak, after the cilakat toad betray the majority of Malaysian that wanted a CHANGE, the cilakat toad instantly become rich. Well she did turn up at her abandoned service center with a bloody MERCEDES. Well, it is claim that the Mercedes was not hers. Aik, can someone lend me his/her mercedes so that I can go to work. Oh ya, don't forget to fill up the tank ya, I don't want to burn my own pocket to fill up the tank.

And also please service the car first before lending it to me. Alright, do we have deal?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Terima Kasih and Give your mom a ride, is there a relationship between them?

The other day, when I was watching Astro Wah Lai Toi award presentation, when Hui Shiu Hong give speech after receiving

Favourite Scene Stealer: Hui Shiu Hong as Chow Fook Wing in Dicey Business

he said this in Cantonese:

"ceh nei ah ma sheung jeh" loosely translated to "Give your mom a ride in a car".

At first, I was like, what the ..... I thought he is swearing but not, he is trying to say "Terima Kasih" to the audience. But when you put the two together, it really sounds the same.

Hence "Give your mom a ride in a car" in cantonese is closely related to "Terima Kasih".

I can see the light .....

Update from here

I finally can see there is a light towards the end of the tunnel. Finally 1 hope for 2009 is about to be materialise in the next few days.

Left with 1 more request .. hopefully I don't meet with another conmen again. FYI, I already bump into 2 bloody idiot conmen. Cilaka.