Friday, October 31, 2008

Dinner in Kuching .....

An hospitality from Tze Yong and Choi Suan for treating my family and myself a fabolous dinner in Kuching. Thank you so much .. Hmm .. yummy.....

"Mani" Vege ... [I know it sounds so porn ....] .. In fact it is the vege that you can have when you ordered Pan Mee. Just that they fried it with carrot and egg. Very popular in Kuching, Sarawak.

Stewed Pork Leg

Porky Satay .. Another speciality from Kuching, Sarawak.

Notes: Sorry to all my muslim friends/readers for this porky post. No offences ok.

Me? Checking out AirAsia Stewardess

Huh, got cun AirAsia Stewardess .. Ning Ning, you wanted to see or not. Don't tell mommy ok.

Mommy !!!! Daddy checking out AirAsia Stewardess Jie Jie

Wondering what is this?

It is infant in-flight seat belt. Wanted to know how to use, get a baby and take AirAsia flights, then you will know.. :p

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I made a call to 03-8883 3655 to find out more. The number was stated in the newspaper The Star.

I asked the person in charge on why we have this discrepancy. Standard answer:

Malaysia use batch 1 for testing which is not contaminated.

Singapore use batch 2 for testing which is contaminated.

They promise to do more testing by using batch 2 that Singapore use for testing.

Then I asked them, if the product is not known to be safe, why the Kementerian Kesihatan announced to the public that it is safe to consume. She told me their testing is OK. Then I said, now Singapore banned it, why Malaysia still allowed it. The girl "oh, we cannot simply issue press statement to ban a product".

Bloody hell, then you can simply issue press statement to say it is safe to consume. If someone die because of this, I wonder what will the government do? Cover up the case again? Is government trying to protect to manufacturer or US the RAKYAT?

I am so pissed off now. I personally bought 2 packet of Julie Cheese & Peanut butter biscuit. Sooky my wife already finished the Cheese Biscuit. Basket, sooky is pregnant now some more. Bloody hell government of Barisan Nasional (BN). Stupid Idiot.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Wahai Liow Tiong Lai, di manakah kau?

Apa penjelasan kamu terhadap kes ini. Kenapakah pihak kerajaan Singapura mengharamkan pengambilan biskut-biskut berikut: [klik sini], tetapi pihak kementerian kesihatan Malaysia mengluluskan/menghalalkan pengambilan biskut-biskut tersebut yang tercemar dengan melamine?

Kenapa pihak Singapura boleh mengesan tahap melamine yang melampau tetapi kementerian kesihatan Malaysia tidak boleh? Apakah berlakunya penyelewengan? Apakah berlakunya unsur-unsur rasuah di sini? Sila jawab, wahai yang pandai Liow Tiong Lai.

Wahai Liow Tiong Lai, kalau anda tidak berkemampuan untuk memegang jawatan Menteri Kesihatan, sila letak jawatan, jangan memperjudikan nyawa-nyawa kami sebagai rakyat Malaysia. Anda tidak bertanggungjawab, pihak kementerian kesihatan Malaysia perlu memohon maaf kepada rakyat Malaysia. Anda perlu letak jawatan. Anda tidak layak. Anda tidak "FIT" untuk jawatan Menteri Kesihatan dan sememangnya anda bukanlar doktor kesihatan. Anda mungkin tidak faham ataupun tidak tahu menahu proses kesihatan.

Wahai Liow Tiong Lai, sila jawab.

in [ The Star, 24 Oct 2008 ]

KUALA LUMPUR: The Health Ministry has declared four types of biscuits from China and 20 locally produced biscuits to be safe for consumption after analysis revealed they contain permissible levels of melamine.

The ministry’s public relations unit, in a statement yesterday, said the local biscuit brands that were safe are Khong Guan, Khian Guan, Julie’s and Munchy’s.

Biscuit varieties okay for consumption made by Khong Guan include Biskut Wafer Berkrim, Bis­kut Creamy Chocolate, Biskut Cream Crackers and Biskut Marie Kecil.

“Khian Guan brand biscuits safe for consumption include Biskut Marie Koko, Biskut Chocolate ABC, Biskut Rusk and Biskut Lemon Krim,” the statement added.

Julie’s brand biscuit varieties that are safe include Biskut Superior Cracker, Biskut Stereo Sandwich chocolate, Biskut Marie Besar, Biskut Sandwich Creamy Cheese, Biskut Butter Cracker, Biskut Cottage Crackers, Biskut Sandwich Perisa Limau, Biskut Finger Lemon, Biskut Peanut Butter Sandwich, Biskut Banana Flavoured Cream Sandwich and Biskut Chocolate Shorties.

As for Munchy’s, those tested and found to be safe include Biskut Sugar Crackers, Biskut Kraker Kal­sium Sayuran, Biskut Marie, Biskut Choc­O­Chocolate, Biskut Mini Crac­kers with Peanut Butter, Biskut Shortea Milk Cookies, Biskut Lexus Cheese Cream and the Biskut Lexus Peanut Butter varieties.

The four biscuits made in China found to adhere to the permissible levels of melamine are Biskut Wheat Bran Lover Chocolate Sand­wich (Silang), Sandwich Biscuits (Golden Fuji), Golden Grape Cookies (Golden Fuji) and Soybean with Fruit and Veggie (Polleney).

The statement advised consumers to read labels before purchasing a product.

“The ministry also advises consumers not to buy biscuits sold at pasar malam, pasar tani and other places or products that do not have labels,” it said.

For more information, consumers can contact the Food Safety and Quality Division at 03-8883 3655/ 503/ 652/ 500. The lines are open from 8am to 9pm, including public holidays. €” Bernama

By Singapore government

Friday, October 24, 2008

On AirAsia to Kuching

My back-dated photos on my trip to Kuching, sorry mates, always forgetting to upload it to my blog.

Notti Qian Ning with Mommy

Obedient Qian Ning with Daddy

Cabin Aisle

The Wing and The Sky

Dad and Mom

My trip to Kuching was rather a very spectacular trip. Why? We boarded the afternoon flight AK5208 to Kuching at 1255 hrs and supposing will be reaching Kuching by 1440 hrs. We happily took our lunch at LCCT lounge area and waited to get boarded. Everything was ok except for the part where Air Asia seats are not numbered. It is free seating. It end up everyone rush to the plane as if the plane will take off soon or they won't be any seats left for the passenger. Another suprising element was, Air Asia departure was ON TIME. I always heard from others experience that Air Asia always delayed their flight. I guess lady-luck must be on my side this time.

Goodness, the kiasu-ness of human being. Let me get it clear, not only Malaysian that are so impatient and impolite, I saw some foreigner behaving in such a way too. Hmm .. they must be adapting well to Malaysian/Singaporean culture very well then.

This is the very first time for Qian Ning on a plane. Let me advice you, if possible, do not travel with baby or toddler where they can't follow your instruction in swallowing his/her saliva to ease up the pressure at their ears. Sooky and myself had a tough time taking care of Ning Ning on board. Ning Ning become very fussy whenever the pressure change and she started crying and we are so worried that her cried will disturb other passengers.

Thank God, after almost 2 hours, we finally see the Kuching land. We are so grateful to see the mainland for 2 reasons:

1. Finally, Ning Ning won't be bothered by the pressure at her ear anymore and she won't be fussy.

2. We RAN OUT of diapers. Apparently Sooky made a wrong judgement by only preparing 2 pieces of diapers on board.

Since Ning Ning can't understand our instruction to swallow saliva, we were left to feed her water to help her balance up the pressure. I guess too much of water also causing us another trouble. I end up running up and down inside the cabin, looking for other parents with toddlers. Hopefully I can ask for courtesy for a piece of diaper. To my horror, none of them have extra. Sighh.. with my dissapointed face walking back to our seat, Sooky got a new idea by using the cloth napkin to substitute the diapers. And guess what? We only have 2 cloth napkins for our emergency use. Pray hard that Ning Ning don't pee so much.

Suddenly, jeng jeng jeng .... we received an announcement from the flight captain saying that we won't be landing in Kuching due to bad wheather and instead we will be diverted to Sibu airport. Har !!!! ... What is going on? The view of mainland of Kuching become smaller and smaller and eventually dissappear from our sight. What makes me so piss off was, they were no announcement from Air Asia crews to calm us down and let us know what are the plans for them to get us to Kuching. Air Asia crews simply let all of us wondering around what is going ON. Grrrr .. 30 mins later, we landed in Sibu. They were refuelling the plane, and you know what, it took them 2 hours to do that. What lar ..

Now I was left wondering what time will we get back to Kuching. What will happened if the wheather in Kuching did not turn to good? What will be happened to hotel reservation. I quickly looked for the hotel confirmation slip, it say that:
"Please contact hotel for late check in before 7PM on day of arrival, otherwise units shall be released without further notice"
I was like, OMG !!! Then I tried switched ON my HP to make a call to the hotel to inform them about our situation. Then the beautiful stewardess "je je" come to me and requested me to turn OFF the phone. I was like, please please let me make this one call only. Me turn into pug mood. Begging for mercy. gagagaga.

People always said, bad thing always come in stream rather than just once. The number on the hotel confirmation slip provided Swiss Garden International Vacation Club Bhd was wrong. I can't reach the hotel reception. Arrrggghh ... Another bad services from Swiss Garden International Vacation Club Bhd. We were midled into signing up with Swiss Garden International Vacation Club Bhd for the vacation membership few years ago. We always end up not getting the hotel of our choice whenever we wanted to make a reservation. Especially during peak-season, you can forget about getting a hotel for yourself. Beside when we sign up for the vacation membership, we were not told that the 7 days annual allocation were to be divided into 5 weekdays + 2 weekends. Jezz, they are so dishonest. Here I would like to advice everyone not to join the vacation membership with Swiss Garden International Vacation Club Bhd.

I end up calling my friend in Sarawak to help me search in internet for the hotel phone number. Amazingly my friend Choi Suan reply to me within a very short time period. When I come back and tried to google for it, I couldn't find it. Choi Suan, if you happened to read this. Thank you so much for your help.

After waiting for 2 hours in Sibu, finally we fly back to Kuching. Tze Yong, my housemate in Melbourne and also Choi Suan's husband come to fetch us from airport to the hotel. Such a hospitality from the host, Tze Yong and Choi Suan.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What I had for lunch?

Sooky woke up @ 7am again today to make me bento. This time it is sushi, hmmm .. yummy.

More details from her blog.

All time favourite: Inari (made by me)
gunkan-maki with corns, green peas and diced carrots in mayo

Maki rolls with crabstick and cucumber

Bear, star and heart-shaped onigiri (rice balls) with nori (seaweed). At the side are wasabi and soy sauce in the new animal sauce bottles which just arrived yesterday (Bento set ordered by Sooky through a dealer in Spore).

Guess, what, the presentation above for onigiri are too plains right. See the transformation below after being "cured" by me.

Tata .. the new ONIGIRI with nori and bonito flakes on it.

I am with RPK

We did not wear our RPK T-shirt last Saturday... yeah, we did declare Saturdays as RPK day but last Saturday, we only went to Today Publishings to get the consolation prizes that NingNing won - a small Pureen baby gift set, a Tombliboos Mini Plush called Eee and some Teletubbies VCDs which NingNing loves!

Since we are going to The Summit, USJ on Sunday, we were like why not parading our t-shirts at Summit then.

Sooky and myself make a promise to ourself that we will wear RPK t-shirts once a week in the public to show our supports to RPK and as a concern from us as the ordinary citizen towards our weak and cruel government.


No to ISA

Grilled Salmon with Creamy Spinach Salmon Spaghetti

Our latest creation:

Grilled Salmon with Creamy Spinach Salmon Spaghetti

Side View

Aglio Olio Mushroom

Recipe for Grilled Salmon with Creamy Spinach Salmon Spaghetti:
- Spaghetti
- Salmon
- Spinach
- Double Cream
- Salt & Pepper to taste

1. Cut the spinach into fine pieces
2. Boil the spaghetti (remember to add salt into boiling water. Reserve a little bit of the boiling water to thickening the gravy later.)
3. Grilled the salmon. All little salt and pepper.
4. Brown the garlic with olive oil.
5. Stir fried the spinach until soften.
6. Add in shredded salmon.
7. Add in double cream
8. Salt & Pepper to taste.

And it is ready to serve.

Friday, October 17, 2008

My 1st Bravo in current company

My official 1st Bravo was from my previous company Motorola.

This is 2nd in my working life and 1st in my current company. Of course the BRAVO awards come in the form of certificate + cash bonus lar. How much.. sensitive. Don't ask.

Yahoo .. striving for more BRAVO awards .. Ganbade ....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Petrol RON 97 at RM 1.92 ? No where to be seen? Where's the promise?

As I have discussed and critic at my previous blog entry, is our Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, Datuk Shahrir Samad a trustworthy person? He mentioned in Harian Metro,

“Jadi, kalau kita mahu menikmati semula harga RM1.92 seliter itu pada hari ini, maka harga minyak dunia perlu cecah AS$72 setong.?"
According to Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, Datuk Shahrir Samad that in order to enjoy RM 1.92 per litre of RON 97 petrol, world crude oil need to be USD $72 per barrel or below.

As of today, 16 Oct 2008, oil fell US$1.43 to US$73.13. It is pretty close to US $72 per barrel but yet our petrol price for RON 97 is RM 2.30. That's so far from the figure RM 1.92.

Based on my calculations:

US $72 = RM 1.92 per litre (at exchange rate US 1 = RM 3.5)
US $73.13 = RM 1.95 per litre (at exchange rate US 1 = RM 3.5)

Why are we still paying RM 2.30 NOW ?????

Give us back our liberty !!!!! We are NOT stupid ... Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, Datuk Shahrir Samad, please take note of this.

We want daily adjustment to the petrol price. Give us back our money !!!!!!

Bento From Sooky

Sooky has changed !!! Sooky has changed !!! Read more from Sooky's.

Sooky woke up at 7am this morning to prepare Bento for me. What is Bento? Bento is basically a meal served in a box or in other words, home packed lunch. Why I said, Sooky has changed? Simply because out of 729 of 730 times (ever since we got married 2 years ago), Sooky will be the last person to crawl out from the bed. Hahaha .. I must go buy lottery liao.

Sooky took 1 1/2 hr to prepare this Bento. I must make sure I carefully taste the food. But I can already give 8/10 for the loves she put inside the food. The other 2 ... I'll give when I taste the food. Do you know that, for the food to taste nice, it must be prepare with loves from the cook.

But in fact, I'm really appreciate the bento and feel touched too. It looks so nice and appealing. Hopefully it taste good too. hahhaha .. Don't worry, Sooky is a good cook too. Not that far from my standard. hahahaha.

Fried Rice with ham, carrots are for deco.

Wow, that's lots of food.
Stir Fried long beans with preserved turnips
Black Pepper Chicken with Mushroom
Sausage & Bacon
Kebab (Grilled Capsicum with Ham)

Anyway, here's our conversation this morning:

Me: Wow, looks so nice...

Sooky: Of course, took me one and half hour you know?

Me: Huh? How come need that long? These I can do in much shorter time (Note: Joking only. In terms of deco the food, I'm sucks too, I'm only good in adding color in my dishes to make it look good.)

Sooky: Okay, tomorrow I'll just microwave a piece of poop for you. That should be fast.

Me: T___T

Sooky: V(^_^)V

Honey .. hubby loves you .. muacks muackss ......

[Update at 1:20 PM]
- WOW !!! Thumbs up & Toes Up.
- Taste so good .. have to give 20 / 10 .. Additional 12 pts is given.
- Honey .. can I have daily bento to office please .... please please.
- All my colleagues were so envy of me just now. I re-heat the food in microwave and the aroma fill up the whole office. Everyone come and peep on what I have today.
- Muacks Muacks ...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Starry Starry Night - Vincent

[Lyric Source] [wma source]

Lyrics and Music:
Don McLean, Vincent 1971.

Starry, starry night.
Paint your palette blue and grey,
Look out on a summer's day,
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul.
Shadows on the hills,
Sketch the trees and the daffodils,
Catch the breeze and the winter chills,
In colors on the snowy linen land.

Now I understand what you tried to say to me,
How you suffered for your sanity,
How you tried to set them free.
They would not listen, they did not know how.
Perhaps they'll listen now.

Starry, starry night.
Flaming flowers that brightly blaze,
Swirling clouds in violet haze,
Reflect in Vincent's eyes of china blue.
Colors changing hue, morning fields of amber grain,
Weathered faces lined in pain,
Are soothed beneath the artist's loving hand.

Now I understand what you tried to say to me,
How you suffered for your sanity,
How you tried to set them free.
They would not listen, they did not know how.
Perhaps they'll listen now.

For they could not love you,
But still your love was true.
And when no hope was left in sight
On that starry, starry night,
You took your life, as lovers often do.
But I could have told you, Vincent,
This world was never meant for one
As beautiful as you.

Starry, starry night.
Portraits hung in empty halls,
Frameless head on nameless walls,
With eyes that watch the world and can't forget.
Like the strangers that you've met,
The ragged men in the ragged clothes,
The silver thorn of bloody rose,
Lie crushed and broken on the virgin snow.

Now I think I know what you tried to say to me,
How you suffered for your sanity,
How you tried to set them free.
They would not listen, they're not listening still.
Perhaps they never will...

Number 2 Doing Well

Yesterday we went to see gynae Dr Ng Soon Pheng at Columbia Asia Medical Centre, Puchong. This should be a monthly check up with gynae for the baby growth. Apparently this Dr Ng is very famous and it is hard to make an appointment with him. As usual, being kiasu (not dare to lose), I asked Sooky to make an appointment first before going to see Dr Ng. We managed to make an appointment at 2045 hrs.

We reached the hospital @ 2020 hrs. This our first time going to Columbia Asia Centre, Puchong for medical purpose. I normally go to Sunway Medical Centre for any specialist advise. The first impression was, hmm ... quite a decent private hospital. Clean, bright, cold enough, spacious, quiet and etc. But the nightmare began, Sooky was asked to register at the "Emergency Reception Counter". I was like, :o , huh ... WHAT? For such a big hospital, they don't have a proper registration counter like Sunway Medical Center or Subang Jaya Medical Centre? Why is that Emergency Reception Counter, we are going to see gynae, it is not anything to do with EmErGeNcY .. Arghhh .. doesn't sound right to me.

Fine with the name of the counter "EMERGENCY", what pissed me off was the staff at the reception counter and the system. There wasn't any numbering system for the patient to take number and queue. As usual, malaysian like to cut queue. I seriously hate people cutting queue. Damn it. Few preggy mummy just flocking the counter and expecting to be served. Again fine with the bloody non-queue system if the staff can served those preggy mommy and other patient fast enough. To my horror, the reception lady take her own sweet time to do things and there is no urgency in them at all. They don't even bother about those patient queuing to be registered. Jezz, if someone indeed in emergency, for sure, that person with be declared "CERTIFIED".

Finally after waiting for 20 MINUTES, they finally managed to register Sooky into the system. Jezz, after 20 minutes taken to register Sooky into the system, you know WHAT !!!! they register Sooky's name wrongly into the system even after we gave her the IC. What d' hell !!!!! But then, come help to forgive the receptionist "jie jie" cause Sooky's name is indeed a bit misleading. Her surname is LE. Ya sounds a bit french. Huh, I got a french wife, not bad huh. By default, LEE is spelled with double "e" instead of single "e". But in Sooky's case, her whole family is having a single "e" for LE which make them sound french. hahaaha.

After registering, we went to the waiting area outside Dr Ng Soon Pheng clinic. Another shocking scene, the monitor showes that Sooky's turn was 2240 hrs and at that time our watch clearly show 2040 hrs. OMG, are we going to wait for another 2 hours. Another serious issue that we noticed was, there was no nurse at the nurse counter outside Dr Ng Soon Pheng clinic. Where were all the nurses? Jezz. Then I have to thicken my face and pose at the nurse counter with the hope that someone/nurse will notice by big fat ass posing at the counter. After 5 minutes, we got attended. Finally. The nurse took Sooky's weight and urine for lab test.

After waiting for roughly 30 minutes, finally we got attended by Dr Ng Soon Pheng. After a series of incident, I already have some reservation for Dr Ng. I placed a high hope on Dr Ng Soon Pheng that he will be professional enough to attend Sooky. To our relieved Dr Ng Soon Pheng is a very caring, friendly and detailed doctor. He is very patient in explaning the details to us. I raised my concern to him regarding Sooky's prolonged cough. I gave him few details regarding our previous visit to GP where the GP prescribed antibiotics and gave Sooky nebulizer for suspecting Sooky having asthma. He was kind like shocked at the first place. Luckily that Sooky didn't take the antibiotics at the very first time. Antibiotics and cough syrup only suitable for preggy mommy at the 3 or 4th month onwards. Dr Ng Soon Pheng patiently walk us through the differences between asthma and bronchitis. He asked us not to worry too much as the cough won't affect No 2 and will only cause discomfort to Sooky.

During the ultrasound scan, we managed to see Number 2's face and he/she was wriggling actively when Dr Ng Soon Pheng moved the transducer over Sooky tummy. It gaves us a very familiar feeling when we first saw Ning Ning face.

Finger crossed, everything will be ok. We have another appointment with Dr Ng Soon Pheng next month to follow up on baby's growth.

Monday, October 13, 2008

RM 1.92 per litre of RON 97?


“Jadi, kalau kita mahu menikmati semula harga RM1.92 seliter itu pada hari ini, maka harga minyak dunia perlu cecah AS$72 setong.?"

According to Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, Datuk Shahrir Samad that in order to enjoy RM 1.92 per litre of RON 97 petrol, world crude oil need to be USD $72 per barrel or below.

It is very weird, as of 13 Oct 2008, 11:05 am, world crude oil prices are USD $80.82. Our current RON 97 prices is at RM 2.45 per litre.

I wonder will government actually give us the people RM 0.53 reduction in petrol if the world crude oil price fall to USD $72 per barrel in order to make RON 97 RM 1.92 per litre.

What say you?

Best Speech Of The Century

‘Lucu tetapi sedih’, itulah gambaran yang diberi Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi mengenai impak keputusan Pilihan Raya Umum (PRU) Ke-11 terhadap politik tanah air, khususnya Barisan Nasional (BN).

“Kadangkala saya rasa sedih, kadangkala saya rasa lebih lucu daripada sedih. Parti yang kalah tidak dapat tubuh kerajaan, berlagak macam dia menang, kita yang menang berlagak seolah-olah macam kalah.

“Kadangkala kita lupa kita menang dalam pilihan raya. Itu yang melucukan dan itu yang lebih sedih,” katanya ketika merasmikan Persidangan Perwakilan Gerakan Nasional di Menara PGRM, Cheras, di sini, semalam.

- LX believed Harian Metro was trying to mentioned about PRU-12 and not PRU-11.

- LX can't helped but kept laughing and rolling on the ground.

- LX think Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi must be a bit too old to judge.

- LX think laugh because result PRU-12 was so bad compare to PRU-11, then we consider that a significant lost by the ruling party.

in PRU-11, 2004, BN win by landslide victory, a 90.41% majority of MPs in Parliament (198 out of 219), with only 1 state (Kelantan) with PAS.

in PRU-12 2008, Barisan Nasional (BN) win by only 63.06 % majority of MPs in Parliament (140 out of 222) with 5 + 1 states fell to the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coliation. Kelantan, Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor + Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, all now governed by PR where BN are merely reduced to the opposition roles in these 5 + 1 states.

Yes, a win is still a win. No doubt. No question about that. But isn't that the big difference between 90.41 % and 63.06%, a sign that BN is losing the plot, a sign that BN is losing the support from the people? If Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, don't know how to count, don't know about statistics, he can get scholar from our local uni which I think good enough to teach him a thing or two.

Or better still, he can asked his former political master, Tun Dr Mahathir to explain to him.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi also have to remember that the popular votes from peninsular Malaysia for PRU-12 was under 50%. Is that a VICTORY to BN? Goodness... It's Mathematics !!!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Che Go Korean Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid

We had some korean food at Che Go Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid

We took the RM 59.90 set meal for 2 - 3 person.

Cleanliness: Good
Air Conditioned: Yes
Price: Moderate
Taste: Good, worth to try
Halal: Yes

Mentally retarded old man .. which is ME ..

The Restaurant - Che Go

Side Dishes

The Grilled ....

Kimchi Jigae

Yummy, the grilled marinated chicken ...

Bibim Bab - The rice + stirred fried chicken + egg + sweet & spicy sauce

The Chicken ... gulp gulp

Spring Onion Pancake

Worst choice of the day ... This drink taste terrible .. It is some green tea blended with red beans. Never never never try this drink.

Garlic Butter Rice With Prawn

Sooky made this Garlic Butter Rice with Prawn ....

The stir fried vege was by me

Our Future

Have you played RPG games before? Battlefield2 & Counter Strike Zero are very recommended games.

Our future = C4 + Arm Dealers + Murderer

Picture source [here] [here] [here]


MP5 - Light and accurate.

Murderer - wanted ......

Thursday, October 9, 2008

How to kill mosquito effectively?

In my younger days when I still stay in kampung (village), UYB. I used to sleep with mosquito net. Ya lots of mosquito in those days in kampung. Mom will help to catch any mosquito trapped inside the net before I go to bed. Ya I am a mommy boy.

Mom typically very good in catching the mosquito by clapping both hands.

Over the period of time, I tried practising her method (which is the common way for all people) to catch mosquito. I find it hard to catch mosquito using the conventional method. After watching "Once Upon In China" by Jet Li, I have an idea/inspiration for new method in catching mosquito.

Tata ..... It is the "TIGER CLAWS FIST".

Imagine you opened up your palm to reassemble the tiger claws and then you follow the mosquito from the back just like how the tiger attack human neck from behind. Scope, there you go.

My in-laws always said "can catch mosquito like that meh?"

The result is as the picture above. 1 mosquito, 4 stains of blood.

Mark Your Protest Against ISA

Dear Malaysian,

Please mark your protest on "Abolish ISA" by sending emails to:

1. Y.B. Datok Seri Syed Hamid bin Syed Jaafar Albar (,
3. YAB Datok Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi (
4. YM Raja Petra Kamarudin (

Click here

Badawi Stepping Down in March ...

Abdullah Badawi the current Prime Minister of Malaysia is stepping down from his post in March 2009. It was a bit shocking to me that he is willing to step down. Giving the current situation where he has nothing to lose if he stay on and fight to the end. Why must he succumbed to the pressure from the UMNO warlods to step down? If he stay on and fight, at least we can remember him as the shortest serving PM and a BRAVE one. Someone with guts. Now he has chose to step down, he will be remembered as one of the shortest serving PM alive and as the weakest, powerless, incompetent and useless PM.

This incident somehow brought me back to few thousands years ago incident. A history in ancient China dynasty. It happened between pre Dynasty Han era and ending of Dynasty Qin era. I learned the story below from online materials + TVB movie drama "The Conquerers".

Main figures: Lau Bong (Liu Bang), Hong Yu (Xiang Yu), Hon Soon (Han Xin), Siu Ho (Xiao He)

1st idiom - Sing Ya Siu Ho, Pai Ya Siu Ho

Hon Soon was someone who is very familiar with military strategy and tactics. Apart from this, he was also very well versed in wheather, landscaping and other geography knowledge. All this criteria is the basic need for a successful general during the wartime. Hon Soon had always wanted to become someone very important during the wartime. He dreamt to be a General one day.

Initially he went to join rebel army Hong Yu. During the first meeting, Hon Soon presented few brilliant ideas for Hong Yu on what are the criterias for a good general. He even boasted to Hong Yu that in order to conquer China, he only get 1 person and kill 1 person (Tak Yat Yan, Sat Yat Yan). Hong Yu asked him, who are they? Get 1 person which is him, Hon Soon and kill 1 person which is Soong Yi. Soong Yi is very a cunning person that caused the death of Hong Liang (Hong Yu's uncle.). At that time, Soong Yi was very appreciated by then the Chu's King. He was one of the powerful officer at that time. Unfortunately, the conversation was overheard by Soong Yi. In order not to spoil his plan during the wartime, in turn Hong Yu punished Hon Soon. But later, Hon Soon did make it into Hong Yu's rebel army. The problem is Hong Yu didn't want to make use of Hon Soon intelligent and knowledge due to this ego of being invicible at that time. Hon Soon was only given the post as guard under Hong Yu. Hon Soon become very upset and took Cheung Liang (Zhang Liang) advised to join another rebel army called Han under Lord Liu Bang (Lau Bong).

Initially Lord Liu Bang also did not think much of Hon Soon. He had assigned Hon Soon to manage the food supply instead of making him the General. In fact Lau Bong was waiting for a person that was recommended by Cheung Liang to be made as General. The problem is when Hon Soon met with Lau Bong, he didn't reveal that it was Cheung Liang who asked him to join Lau Bong army. Hon Soon, the Brilliant I called, instancely improve the food supply management for Lau Bong's army which has been the major headache for them due to the poor process in managing the food supply that cause majority of the food rotten before it is being used. Reason being, they mixed up the old and new supply. Hon Soon make use of the military tactics, "Dui Chan Chut San" loosely translated to "remove the dust, use the new". Hon Soon make army open two doors in the food store. One side to get the new supply and the other side to get the old supply. By doing this, it ensure that nothing was mixed up.

I am almost towards the agenda of the first idiom and how it links to both Abdullah Badawi and Mahathir Mohamad.

The turning key, was one day Hon Soon noticed that Lau Bong made his cock fighthing bird as General instead of him. He was so upset and left Lau Bong's army camp at that night as well. Luckily for Lau Bong that have so many loyal servants that serving him. His Prime Minister Siu Ho, quickly go and chase Hon Soon under the moonlight to persuade him to serve under Lau Bong. Siu Ho awared of his tremendous skills. This event also become a major hit in chinese opera with the title "Siu Ho Yuet Ha Chui Hon Soon" "Siu Ho Pursuing Hon Soon Under the Moon". As of then, Lau Bong made him the senior General for Han's army. And with this, Hon Soon had helped Lau Bong to defeat "The Invicible" Hong Yu become the founder of Dynasty Han.

Later, it was Siu Ho that trapped Hon Soon back to the palace and caused Hon Soon being executed under the conspiracy of rebelling against Lau Bong. It was Lau Bong's wife Empress Lu who executed Hon Soon.

Hence, later when a person succeeded just because of someone, and also because of this someone, he met with failure, We will say this "Seng Ya Siu Ho, Pai Ya Siu Ho".

Although Tun Dr Mahathir has reiterated many times that he did not appoint Badawi to the DPM post. It was UMNO who did it. But I can't feel like not linking him to Badawi for the constant attack to Badawi from Tun Dr Mahathir from inside and outside of UMNO. Beside please bear in mind that Tun Dr Mahathir being the PM at that time has the prerogative/exclusive privileges to choose his own cabinet. Being appointed to UMNO No 2 does not warrant/guarantee that person to be appointed as Deputy Prime Minister. Similarly to being UMNO president does not mean automatically be the Prime Minister. Our constitution said, the ruling party choose the leader in the Parliament. Ruling party here I suppose is the 14 coalition parties in Barisan Nasional.

You guys have to decide who is who:

Siu Ho = Mahathir / UMNO
Hon Soon = Badawi (hey of course Badawi is not where near as good as Hon Soon.)

2nd idiom: Meng Sao Chan Tou, Ngam Touh Chan Chong

Back then, when Hon Soon taken Cheung Liang's advised to join Lau Bong's army, the only bridge (chan tou), a very narrow pathway that linked central Ham Yeung to Ba Suk has been destroyed. Cheung Liang gave Hon Soon a secret alley to go inside Ba Suk. When Hon Soon was made Senior General and preparing to attack Hong Yu, he purposely disguise the action of repairing the bridge and in the same time, smuggling out the army from the secret alley out of Ba Suk to attack Hong Yu.

Later, people will say, when a person purpose do something to disguise something while intented to do something else, we would say, "Meng Sao Chan Tou, Ngam Touh Chan Chong".

Hence Badawi's action of stepping down is a pure stepping down OR just purely just a disguise from his genuine intention, we won't know. Let's wait and see.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"mischievous" daughter

Ning Ning with her new clothes from Po Po

Grr .. Gotcha ...

Take it ....

i-Dragon @ Midvalley

Again, few months back, we go to i-Dragon @ Midvalley for lunch. Gosh, we couldn't find where is the restaurant. After consulting the information desk "che che", then we found it. Jezz, i-Dragon was hidden behind the Coffee Bean and on the way to Cititel. Hahaha .. I'm not a frequent customer (you know what I mean) of Cititel, so it make sense that I didn't noticed i-Dragon was there.

We had:

Sooky ordered some Shreded Chicken with Dried Prawn La Mien. Yuck, it taste damn horrible. If you ever go, never NEVER never NEVER order this.

I always play safe. I always ordered Dan Dan Mien. It was some spicy soup with peanuts and mince meat. This taste good even though not so original as the one that I've tried before.

This is another favourite of ours. Turnip pastry. It is crunchy at the outer side, and yet so warm and tasty at the inner side for its turnip.

Yummy ...

Sooky ordered a desert. Mango Pudding with Pamelo. Thumbs up.

Tea time .... Ice Cappucino + Sunrise + Chicago Cheese Cake. My favourite cheese cake in town.