Thursday, July 31, 2008

NRD: Male is ODD, Female is Even?

It was reported in The Sun, Thursday 31 July 2008.

NRD Corporate Communications Officer, Janisah Mohd Noor said, "NRD would like to make it cleaer that it is not stated in any act of law or procedures in the department that odd numbers are reserved for male and even numbers for female."

I find this very weird. I did a quick analysis and survey at my workplace. Guess what?

1. Out of 10 males that I survey, ALL 10 males having odd number for their IC.

2. Out of 10 females that I survey, ALL 10 females having even number for their IC.

How can above analysis explain what Janisah had said? If there is no any act of law or procedures in the department that odd numbers are reserved for male and even numbers for female, then the distribution of odd and even numbers should be random rather than follow a specific pattern where ALL males having ODD number and ALL females having EVEN number.

Random Distribution can be explained by Poisson Distribution here and here.

I did a quick simulation using Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.

My survey and analysis with 10 males and 10 females from office. This contradict with the statement given by NRD Corporate Communications Officer, Janisah Mohd Noo.

If the process indeed is random, we should get graph something like below

My random simulation shows that 6 Females getting ODD number and 4 Females getting EVEN number

My random simulation shows that 3 Males getting ODD number and 7 Males getting EVEN number

PS: The only explanation that I can guess is, my sample data size is not big enough. But then what is the probability of me getting ALL 10 males having ODD number and ALL 10 females having EVEN number?

Beware of Internet Scam on BMW Automobile

If you ever received an email saying that you have won a BMW, don't fall into their TRAP. It is a SCAM. This is confirmed by Motor Trader.

Reference Number: BMW:2551256003/23

COMPANY in collaboration with eBay.
508, King's Road, Chelsea, London.

Congratulations! You are the STAR PRIZE WINNER of this year! The Board of Directors, members of staff and the International Awareness Promotion Department of the BMW Automobile Company in collaboration with Bay,wishes to congratulate you on your success as the STAR RIZE WINNER of this year's BMW Automobile International Awareness Promotion IAP) held today in Madrid, Spain.

This makes you the proud owner of a brand new BMW 5 Series 550i Sport Saloon car and a cash prize of £45,000.00 (FOURTY FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS TERLINGS ONLY)

To collect your prize please contact our Claims Manager JOAN JOSE. Please include the following information in your email:

1.Full Name:
2.Full Address (the address where the prize will be received)

Mrs. Joan Jose
eBay's BMW Claims Department
Phone: +44 703 591 5121
FAX +44 707 505 5820

BMW AUTOMOBILE in colaboration with eBay.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cure The Cough, The Natural way

I happened to bump into this page by Janice Kumar that has the natural remedies for cough.

I'm sure at this moment, the durian season, a lot people are falling sick.

Hope the link helps.

Possible remedies:
  1. Honey + Onion
  2. One onion, five basil leaves, two cloves and five peppercorns in 200 ml of water
  3. Baked Guava
  4. Turmeric + Milk
  5. Turmeric + Salt + Hot water
  6. Honey + Ginger

Philosphopy Of The Day

I was watching Forensic Heroes II yesterday night, Mung Ka Wai mentioned something that I think it is worth sharing here.

"Whenever we are in a difficult/critical situation, the best thing to do is to Accept The Reality, Face The Reality and Able To Let Go"

Being able to do so, we certainly can overcome whatever difficulty that we are facing.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Some Joker/Genius who invented this .....

I can't help to stop laughing when I read something about DSAI, AAB and MAHATHIR at here. The person who invented this is truly a JOKER or GENIUS..

LOL ....

A very bad weekend for me ....

A very bad weekend for me ...

I have been sick for the past 1 week..

First, it was just some fever (38.3 degree celcius)

Later, bad sore throat. Jezz I can't even sleep properly at night, the sore throat is so irritating.

Then, running nose and very very very bad cough joined the play. I coughed until my chest bone also feel like broken.

Worst still yet to come, I got nose bleeding .. Aiya ...

Then the violent cough also cause me to puke blood (Jezz this writing going to scare SF. I'm find honey. Doc said it is because I cough too violent. I took some phlegm syrup, now much better already).

The cough/phlegm (intended to reduce phlegm) syrup that the doc gave me is GREEN in color. I wonder will I turn into Incredible Hulk after drinking the potion or not. hahahaha. First time ever I see cough syrup in GREEN color. Normally is dark brown/black in color.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Do You Ever Love Me?

Yesterday I was on MC. So I just laid down at my couch (to become a potato couch) and watch the HKG drama, Money Maker Recipe "Si Lai Ku San".

I came to a scene where Tang Lai Meng asked her bf that "Do you ever love me?" before they broke off.

Hmm .. I was asking myself, is that really that important? Whenever a couple broke off, this question always pop up. Why is that we need to know whether our ex do ever love us or not. Is it that important to know? Beside will the answer "yes" make us feel better? The end result still we no longer together so does it matter?

So my verdict of the answer:

1. YES. May make us feel better but it confuse us because, if you do love me then why on earth that you broke off me.

2. NO. Adding salt on the wound. What the hell, if you do not ever love me, why on earth that you going steady with me.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm so lonely

Ya ya ya .. i had a great sleep yesterday since SF brought Ning Ning back to Sungai Siput for vacation. Ning Ning got the chance to get together with Po Po and Kung Kung.

Suddenly I felt the house is so empty and quiet. Normally it was filled with laughter and screaming from Ning Ning. Suddenly everything so calm. Only dad, mom and myself (+ our maid).

I used to let Ning Ning play on our bed at night before bedtime. Suddenly no more little monster jumping and screaming on my bed. Feel so lonely.

Suddenly I was like, "ayyy where is my wife?".

I miss my wife + daughter so much.

PS to SF:
My dear, I do miss you not only at Ning Ning .. hahahha

PS to Pooi Pooi:
Don't threaten me again .. grrrr ..

Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm A Free Man

Hahaha .. I'm a free man now .. at least now till Thursday .. Why?

SF has gone back to Sungai Siput. She even brought Ning Ning back to hometown. No no, we didn't end up in big argument. Chun Choong, her brother came back from Singapore for vacation, hence she decided to follow her siblings back to hometown for some reunions.

Hence, I will have 3 days "in cloud 9". No one going to disturb me before I go to bed. No waking in the nights to feed Ning Ning. Hahahaha .. I hope SF don't read about this. OMG !!!

So I have start calling my friends out for yum cha. heheeh kidding .. more like mahjong session.

It is similar to Lau Ching Wan movie "Seven Years Itch". hahahaha

OH no ... I know SF going to pinch/pull my ear till it drop .. gagagagagagagaga

Friday, July 18, 2008

Blunder in making baby porridge

We have let our maid follow mom back to hometown to clean up the second floor of our shop-houses. Effectively on November 2008, mom will close her tailor (Sin See Toy, ie: New Modern Tailor) shop after a total 38 years. Mom need the second floor to put whatever things that can be moved. So we left with no maid to take care of the house chore. Guess what? The new No 4 would be me lor.

So I woke up at 7am to do the laundry, preparing baby bath tab and also baby porridge. FYI, normally my maid would take care of all those. So this time, I have to do it.

1st day - Too little rice for the porridge. Not enough for Ning Ning

Today - Too much rice, until the porridge also spill out.

Sigh .. a blunder prune daddy, I am..

Ingredients for baby porridge:
- Spinach
- Tomato
- Potato
- Anchovies soup (without oil and salt)
- Rice
- Fish Fillet.

No Luck This Month - July

This morning SF broke the news to me that we did not succeed in our baby #2 plan. She is a bit upset cause she wanted so much to have baby #2 ASAP.

I just have to say, it is all fated. We need to keep trying. Take it easily. I'm sure we will be able to have baby #2 cause we are still young.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stupid Government, Studid PDRM, Another Unnecessary Massive Jam

Bloody idiot government, bloody idiot PDRM, another massive jam.

Why is the rational having another road blocks. Damn it. Bastard. Scumbag.

City police chief said (in The Star) the roadblocks were part of its operations.

- Oii .. City police chief, you bodo. Malaysian need to go to work lar. People need to go work on time to make a living.
- If someone got fired because of this, then the bodo action is the one to be blame. Indirectly you guys shall be blamed and sued.
- If you all have so much of time and energy go catch thief, robber, mat rempit, rapists and etc lar. Don't create trouble to Malaysian. Remember, we tax payer pay your Fxxxing SALARY.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Debat: Hari Ini Membentuk Kerajaan, Esok Turun Harga Minyak

I wanted to blog in detail about this debate but couldn't find time today as I'm engaged in my new project. Deadline next week my friend.

I've jot down few points that I wanted to share with you all.

By the way, the debate does not happen to appear in TV3 that have wider viewers for some reason. You know lar. In fact it appear in TV9, Astro Awani and Bernama TV.

Stay tuned with & for more updates.

My First RM 0.50 from Nuffnang

I earned my first RM 0.50 from Nuffnang today for ads between 6 - 12 jul 2008. I only started putting nuffnang in my blog since last week. I am so happy. Although this is nothing compare to other prominent blogger, I take this as a good first step to move forward.

Yeahhh .....

By the way, need to thank the readers who frequent my blog. Thank to you all.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Homecook - Sweet and Spicy Clam & Spicy Chili Crab

For every balik kampung trip to Sungai Siput, MIL will prepare some her best delicacies for SF and myself. For our last balik kampung trip, MIL prepare two of her best dishes:
  1. Sweet and Spicy Clams
  2. Cpicy Chili Crabs

Har har .. This is Sweet and spicy clams. This one is not sold anywhere are it was cooked by MIL. One of my favourites. Ingredients include clams (of course), sweet bean paste, tomato ketchup, chilli sauce, ginger slices, small chilli and spring onion.

Spicy chilli crab... Ingredients: crab, small chillies, garlic, beaten egg (in fact beaten egg can be exchanged with salted egg yolk which will taste even better)

- nothing to complaint anymore since got MIL cook for me.
- The spicy chili crabs is too hot for me and for SF too and for FIL too. MIL can stand for very hot food but not us. She put too much of small chili (cili padi) into the crabs dishes.
- I like the clams, everytime I go back, I sure hints to MIL to cook that.
- Her others speciality:
  1. Dried curry chicken. (Very special, looks like rendang but not exactly. Very unique. Next time I tried to jot down the recipe.)
  2. Turmeric Chicken. (Even my dad and mom and elder bro also like it.)

I'm so bored today !!!!!

I dunno why I'm so bored today. Sighh .. Don't feel like doing any work eventhough I have a project due on 24 July. Sighhh .. Just feel like lay down and do nothing.

Yeah I won RM 20++ from yesterday mahjong session with Wai Hong and Loi. 2 things I learned yesterday:
  1. Don't be cocky and boastful that with good mahjong skills you will win. You need luck sometime to win big. Yesterday I tried not to be cocky and I win !!!! (to wai hong who probably going to read this. It WORKS ... hahahah)
  2. Wear Pink .. yeah you might thinking why not wearing RED. NO cause Wai Hong will sure wear her super fierce RED pants for the mahjong session. Look at her, so supertitious. In order to break her spell, I decided to wear a more gentle PINK to balance up the yin-yang power. (Hahaha, it works tooo !!!! Wai Hong is the sole loser yesterday. kakakaka $$$$$)
Ya nothing to blog actually .. too bored.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Scheme to help lower-income group cope with housing loans

It was reported in The Star,

Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop said the move would enable borrowers to have more disposable income for their daily expenses.

For example, a person who has managed to repay half the amount of his 20-year loan of RM300,000 within 10 years might be given 20 years instead of 10 to repay the rest of the loan.

This simply would not work. Making the loan repayment longer simply means paying more interest to the bank. In the end, the borrower would end lose even more money. How can our Finance Minister brilliantly come out with this statement. I do not think he is well verse in Finance. Jezz.

Ambiguity in TNB Bills

I received an email a while ago regarding some ambiguity in the TNB bills.

The bill reading as below

9 April 2008: Before=29128, Current=29380. Total Usage=252 units.

Following the tariff before Electricity Hike, (200 x 0.219) + (52 x 0.289) = RM 58.83

At 7 May 2008: Before=29128, Current=29968. Total Usage=840 units. (RM 228.76)

WAT !!! 29128 Again. Isn't that it should be Before=29380?????? So that the correct usage = 588 units.

One thing also strike me instancely, in Apr usage are 252 units (RM 58.83), suddenly in May usage is 588 units (RM 155.93). A whopping RM 97.10 extra?

Anyway, if the user did not check the bill properly, the user might have pay an extra RM 72.83 to TNB that has been making huge profit RM4.06bil.

Tenaga Nasional Bhd's net profit by 88% to a record RM4.06bil for the financial year (FY) ended Aug 31, against RM2.16bil previously.

- Not sure if the above email that I received is correct or not. Anyone has any personal experience, please share with us.
- Huh .. My personal success is reducing my electricity bill by RM 30 - 50 a month by NOT turning ON the aircond at night.
- Ranting a bit. Bloody hell, making huge profit RM4.06bil, still want to increase the electricity tariff. Bastard.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Inflation In Malaysia Only at 6%? True or Lies?

I find it weird when government said that our Inflation rate in Malaysia is under 5% and now Bank Negara Malaysia Governor Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz, announced that Inflation to exceed 6% in June 2008. 6% or more, this is kind like a safe statement?

Is 6% a realistic figure? Can some experts in the economic explain this to me?

Here is the list of thing that do not increase by just 6% and average of those increase by double digit. I'm going to say this as Before (2007) and After (2008)
  1. Rice: 100.503% increase. (Thai King: Before=RM 19.90 per 10kg, After=RM 39.90 per 10kg)
  2. Petrol: 40.625% increase (Before=RM 1.92 per litre, After=RM 2.70 per litre)
  3. Diesel: 63.291% increase (Before=RM 1.58 per litre, After=RM 2.58 per litre)
  4. Nasi Lemak: 20% increase (Before=RM1 per packet, After=RM1.2 per packet)
  5. Economy Rice: 14.29% increase (A typical 2 meat 1 vege, Before=RM 3.50, After=RM4.00)
  6. And more and more .....
More on food price increase. Information below, taken from The Star.

I did not see anything that less than 6%, ya ya Teh Tarik increase is 9.09%. But yet all the above increases do not translate to 6% or more (when this statement is made, I expect it would be around 6 - 7 % but the above looks very much more than the statement "6% or more") as mentioned by Bank Negara Malaysia Governor Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz, so please the economics expert out there, please educate me.

Best, Famous, Good Food In Ipoh - Tau Fu Fa

This place is a *MUST* visit in every Ipoh trip:

Funny Mountain (along Jalan Dato Tahwil Azar). In fact, it intersect with Jalan Theatre. If you can find Jalan Theatre, you won't miss this. For map, refer to my previous blog for Best, Famous, Good Food In Ipoh - Curry Mee by Xin Quan Fang.

They're famous for their soy bean product -- Tou fu fa and soy milk. See how people queue up. Normally people will buy takeaways or just eat in their car right in front of the shop. Yes, they do deliver to your car but not doorsteps lar.

Tau Fu Fa ... Smooth Smooth, Sweet Sweet ..

Another of my fav: Hak Bak (Black n White, mixture of soya bean + grass jelly. In KL, we normally named "Michael Jackson".)

If happen that you go for the Funny Mountain - Tau Fu Fa, and you are into Hong Kong Dim Sum, then you should never miss this. Foh San Dim Sum at the opposite row of the Funny Mountain - Tau Fu Fa. Foh San Dim Sum is the best in Ipoh. Lots of variety and tasty.

Very famous for their Fish Ball & Loh Mai Kai. If you wanted to go there, please be there at least 30 minutes earlier. Hints, very hard to get a table. So be prepared to wait. Go early so that you won't starve to death. Beside of Foh San, you can go to Ming Kok or Yuk Fuk Mun located near EXCELSIOR hotel in Ipoh. The row behind it.

43, Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil, 30300 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Best, Famous, Good Food in Ipoh - Curry Mee by Xin Quan Fang

If you are looking for Best, Famous, Good Food in Ipoh, here you go. Number 1 in the lists - Curry Mee by Xin Quan Fang (in cantonese, Sun Chuen Fong). This is a highly recommended food and it is a MUST TRY item in Ipoh for the famous, best, good food.

Typically they are very good for 5 things:
  1. Curry Mee
  2. Kuey Teow Soup
  3. Side dishes (roast pork, stew pork, fresh prawn, steamed chicken, bean sprout (taugeh or nga choi, fyi, Ipoh taugeh is the best, it is fat (thick) and crunchy), sometime they do have pork maw)
  4. Ice Coffee (Kopi Suet by name in Ipoh)
  5. Ice Milk Tea (Teh Suet)
Business Hour : 7am to 2pm (You need to queue for about 15 mins, it is very packed)
Food Type: Authentic Curry Mee Noodle (I suppose they do not use santan/coconut milk in the curry gravy), Kuey Teow Soup (of course bee hoon also available)
Price: RM5 per bowl. side dishes = RM10
Cleanliness Votes : 4/5
Food Votes : 5/5 (2 thumbs up + 2 toes up. very good. MUST TRY)
Smoking and non smoking zone : Not sure (but so far, I guess Ipoh folks has been very considerate where they do not smoke inside in the shop)
Halal : NO (cause they served pork, arhahahaha)
Air Conditioned : NO (get prepared to sweat, not because of it is hot, but because of the curry. hehehhe)

Front: Ice Milk Tea (Teh Suet), Back: Ice Coffee (Kopi Suet)

Tips: Ipoh is famous for its white coffee, it is best served both hot/cold

The shop's name: Xin Quan Fang (Sun Chuen Fong)

The Gravy For Dip For Side Dishes

(The thick gravy is a perfect match with the side dishes. You should not miss this.)

Curry Mee + Bee Hoon

(The curry gravy is marvellous, the best in Malaysia and of course Ipoh. Not so milky taste which is great, course you won't feel bloated even though you whacked 2 -3 bowls. A bowl without meat is only RM 1.50)

Side Dishes

(MUST TRY: It goes perfect with the gravy dip dip above)

More pics

(Aiyo, my saliva also come out already)

Kuey Teow Soup

(FYI, kuey teow produced in Ipoh is famous for its smoothness. Cannot find elsewhere in Malaysia. Only in Ipoh. The clear soup is so fantastic. Simply awesome combination with the smooth (wet wet) kuey teow.)

Front Liner Army

(Opps, it is a bit messy, but trust me, they are very hygiene indeed)

The Curry Gravy

(WOW !! It is so oily, yes it is, but it taste so good simply it is sinful food.)

174, Jalan Sultan Iskandar
30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel No : +6016-531 4193
Business hours : 8am - 12pm (at 12 pm, most side dishes would have been sold out)

GPS Coordinates : 4.593135,101.08422


Maps, if you coming from Simpang Pulai, you won't miss this.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Secret To Be Successful

I heard of this from 988 radio station.

It is some philosophy from Kelly Chen, and I changed it a bit:

The secret to be successful are: A LITTLE BIT EXTRA

  • a little bit extra of: Effort
  • a little bit extra of: Hardwork
  • a little bit extra of: Determination
  • a little bit extra of: Burning desire
  • a little bit extra of: Believe
  • a little bit extra of: Perseverance
  • a little bit extra of: Good Attitude
With all those, hopefully SUCCESS is on your way .....

Family Day at Sunway Pyramid

2 of the 3 most important woman(ning ning in approx 30 yrs time) in my life ... Ning Ning & SF. Of course the other one is my beloved mommy ler ..

Ning Ning with mommy and daddy .. hang on .. where did Ning Ning looking at? hmm .. she must be staring at some hensem hunk ... she can't wait to show off her new found skills .. WAVING adorably.

Oh No .. Ning Ning can't get her eyes of the hensem hunk ..

Ning Ning new found buddy ...

She like her new found buddy so much ...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ning Ning First Trip to Cinema

Finally after 2 years, SF and myself get the chance to watch movie in Cinema. It is showing Incredible Hulk. We had prepared for the worst so we took the corner seat next to the exit to escape easily just in case NingNing was scared by the loud noise.

But lady luck was with us, NingNing watched few advertisement at the beginning, and dozed off right before the actual show start. She slept all the way, and only woke up in the last 15 minutes.

I brought NingNing to the outside hall for the final 15 minutes since the actual fighting was in the end between Hulk and the bad guy. The noise is too much for NingNing, so I decided to go out with NingNing and let SF watch the ending since she had sacrificed so much all these while after having NingNing into our family.

Why the Hulk so ugly one ???

No worries, I can defeat The Hulk with my baby power...

I'm Beautiful, I'm Beautiful, I'm Beautiful, It's True

Am I Beautiful?

Yes, I'm Beautiful

Peek A Boo With Ning Ning

On our recent trip back to Woh Fung (Sungai Siput), we stop at our famous/favourite/good/best curry noodles from Ipoh's Xin Quan Fang. It is located at 174 Jln Sultan Iskandar Shah.

Ehhh .. Mommy leh?

Chakkkk ...

Sign With Blood #2

My boss make me sign with blood again yesterday (1 Jul 2008) to deliver the phase 2 by this Friday (4 Jul 2008) for my tool that I'm developing. This tool will be used by the engineers to parse their system configuration to ensure the correctness.

Guess WhAt? Bingo !!! I get it done within 1 hr today .... Check mate ...