Saturday, April 25, 2009

No Yam for 100 days after giving birth

Tips of the day:

Well, it is up to you to believe it or not, believe it. It is some chinese custom on forbidden things for newly giving birth mommies.

- No yam (wu tao) for new mommies after giving birth for 100 days.

Unbearable discomfort (itchy) at vagina.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm freaking emo and pissed today

I don't know why ... I'm freaking emo today ....

I don't know why ... I'm freaking pissed today ...

I don't know why ... I feel like kicking ass ....

I don't know why ... I wanted to see blood ...

I don't know why ... I crapped so much ...

I just don't know why .....

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Beauty Unveil

Latest addition to Yap's Clan

Unveil the beauty to you all ......

hello everyone .... am I beautiful .. Yes I am ... neh neh neh neh neh ....

Our Baby was born !!!

Ya Sooky safely deliver our baby on last Thursday.

Both sooky and the baby are doing well.

Thank you for all the well wishes ...

One thing I wanted to tell all the guys a.k.a husband out there.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Differences between latte and cappucino

I found 2 of the best answers from

I used to work in a bar cum restaurant back in melbourne. I have never question my superior on what is the difference. I only know that he show me how to make it.

Now after 8 yrs later .. I'm finally enlighten .. eureka ...

Answer 1:
"cappuccino is a serving of espresso (about 2 ounces) with essentially similar amounts of milk and a rather stiff milk foam. Caffè latte is a serving of espresso with about three times as much milk, topped with a short head of foam. So a latte is milder and has a milkier taste." from

Answer 2:
"Both a latte a cappuccino are usually based on a 30ml shot of coffee. A cappuccino is 1/3rd coffee, 1/3 warm milk and 1/3 froth (Thats when its made properly- usually alot of people will make it milkier than that). A latte is supposed to be served in a glass rather than a cup, and is 1/4 coffee, 2/4 milk and 1/4 froth. For its optimum, the beans need to be grinded just before use and the milk should be textured to 60 degrees celcius" from

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Difference between latte and cappucino?

Anyone know what is the difference between latte and cappucino?

Don't know ..

Tell you the answer tomorrow...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Reverse Parking

It is fucking annoying. Every weekday I get very pissed when I see those idiots at the multi-storey parking at the place where I work in UPTOWN.

Fuck them all.

Very often I see un-skilled driver tried to do reverse parking. Generally reverse parking should be easier as compare to parking by going in head first, but reverse parking need SKILLS. How I wonder why those people taking long time to park their car in a reverse way. Some taking 4 -5 attempts to reverse their car properly into the parking lots.

Damn, don't you know that you are blocking my way. I have to wait for those fucking idiots to park their car first before I can go. My advise to you all, the loser, don't reverse park, use the conventional way to park your car, please. Please, please don't waste my time. My time worth millions $$$$ (Opps, suddenly a 5 cents coin dropped and I am standing next to my "grandpa" old bicycle. This scene familiar to you.)

And got some fucking idiots, when they reverse their car, they didn't park their car properly in the designated parking lots. Most of the time, the front part of the car will be 1 or 2 foot outside the designated yellow box. Bodoh. And all those fucking idiots, so happen park their car outside the designated box near the turning point of the floor. Hey you all, idiot, you making others having hard time to make the turning.

Get a life, idiots ....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

No wonder BN kalah at 2 Bukits

Look at what they do in Bukit Gantang..

People ask them to campaign but they party pulak. ish ish ....

Check this out at

Wanna see more video, visit here, The Obnoxious 5xmom, blog on this.

Found the video

Few things LX wanted to tell this Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, our new Defense Minister from Najib's new cabinet.

1. Gosh, you idiot, those are not chinese culture. Those are not chinese dance. If you are so illiterate, watch more astro wah lai toi lar. Watch those drama on ancient chinese history. The girls don't dress like that lar. 2 words for you. YOU IDIOT.

2. That show you don't understand chinese. By the way, I still like first part of your speech where you persuade the chinese in kuala sepetang to give BN a chance to solve their problem. Well, put it this way, even they don't vote for you, you should still serve them.

3. What is the relation between visiting the death and respect them. Aiyo regardless of which races funeral events, you also have to respect lar. Are you saying, lots of UMNO MP did not visit chinese in the events someone pass away. Apa lar.

4. Sack your aide lar. Stupid. Didn't cover for you.

LX seriously hope this Ahmad Zahid Hamidi do not simply send army to another country to capture their army back to our country and tell the public that the country like to play hide and seek with their army so we respect their culture and we join the party. Gosh ... LX don't wish to see another conflict like Israel vs Lebanon happening...

If you look at those HKG drama about Chinese Dynasty. Well, I always take example from those drama although it is not real but in reality, those drama gives us good education. Often, only leaders that understand about the people suffer will make it great to the top of power ladder. Good kings in the chinese dynasty history always try to disguise themselves as ordinary citizen and try to understand the hardship and problem in the people.

In this case, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi perform very poor in this context. He don't even understand chinese culture and pretending he is to the reporter. Jezz. Where is his IQ then? Don't he know that his speech is being recorded and millions will have access to it online? LX will respect this Ahmad Zahid Hamidi if he say this "I'm learning about chinese culture, I'm sincerely wanted to blend into chinese society. I want to know the hardship in chinese community, in fact I want to know the hardship of all Malaysian. I'm here to help." Wouldn't this be better? If his speech writer cannot write a better speech, sack him and get KJ to write lar. But then Najib don't like KJ hoh. So no chance. Then get Mukhriz to write you a good speech lar. Opps, Mukhriz also pro-Malay. So damn difficult to find a good leader in UMNO. Ya damn fucking difficult.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Insincerity ...

Do you guys know what does it mean by Insincerity?

Well, it was portrayed to us by our beloved BN government.

They have recently released 13 ISA detainees ... Well, if you said this is not a populist move, tell me.

If Najib is really sincere, he should have opposed the unlawful detention even when he is ONLY deputy prime minister of Malaysia. If he don't dare to oppose Badawi because he is ONLY deputy prime minister, what makes him a good leader then? Isn't that he followed ordered blindly? Or he is just a coward? Or he indirectly condone to the unlawful detention of the hindraf leaders.

Well, Najib, admit it that you are doing it because you just wanted to "show" to the people that you are caring. Well, if this is your call, then you bloody idiot, majority of the Malaysian know that this is a populist move. If this is a suggestion from one of your close-aide. Then sack him/her, bloody idiot suggestion. Put you in a vulnerable position. And lastly, stupid you for following the suggestion blindly.

Let me tell, you if you abolish the ISA, then ppl might not think this is a populist move. You sincere in changing the country. By only releasing 13 ISA detainees, that is a POPULIST move, idiot.

Look at the conditions that BN government set for the recently ISA detainees at The Star,
- must remain in their respective towns
- They also have to report to the police station every Monday.
- The two are also not allowed to speak to the press.

“These restrictions are routine for those who are released early,” Syed Hamid said Monday.

He said that the two were due to be released on Dec 13 this year.

'But since we released them earlier, the restrictions will be in place till 13 Dec," he said.

Stupid Syed Hamid. idiot brainless.

[LX] - cannot leave their towns. Bloody hell, people need to work. Need to cari makan. Need to find money to raise a family. If the work need them to go outstation and the bloody government ask them to stay at home. Bloody hell, that is "tolak rezeki" bodoh namanya tu. Idiot.

[LX] - not allowed to speak to the press .. bloody hell .. where is the freedom of speech .. opps i forgot that malaysia have no freedom of speech. Unless you are from UMNO-goons.

Do you see how Idiotic this Syed Hamid? Look at his response, due to we released them early, the restrictions stay. Babi, bodoh, if release early still have restrictions. To me it look like these 2 fellas being handed a house arrest instead of early released from Kamunting. Neh.. something like Su Kyi in Myanmar.

Sighh .. What happen to Malaysia? If Najib is smart, he should really axe all these bodoh minister. Useless. .a burden to him. . hmm .. Najib is ain't that smart at all.