Monday, June 15, 2009

Such a lovely daughter - ning ning

This morning, sooky and myself have simple breakfast (super duper tasty kaya puff from Ipoh with coffee. ps: sooky cannot touch coffee, only anmum lacta milk for her. kakaka)

Then as usual, our super duper naughty daughter Ning Ning will climb up to the chair at the dining table hoping to have her portion as well. Well, she is still a toddler and her morning meal = MILK. So we gave her a little bite of the super duper tasty kaya puff.

Then I started lecturing my daughter:

Me: Ning Ning, do you know that, when you behave and acted like a girl girl, you are such an adorable kids. Do you know that?

Ning Ning: (responding to my lecture, Ning Ning throw a kawaii looks with the sweetest smile on earth to me. Perhaps, she is trying to acknowledge my lectures. Me almost puke blood, when Ning Ning do that. I'm trying to be serious but she is trying to be kawaii. Sooky almost spit out the puff pastry on the table. Jezz)

That's our super duper naughty daughter, Ning Ning.

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