Saturday, August 4, 2007

29 July 2007

Baby was born.

At 0300 hrs, SF give me a call that doctor has give the permission to admit her to the labour room. I was so nervous and excited after receiving the call. With my half open eyes, I quickly get dressed and rushed to the hospital. On my way to the hospital, I kept praying to the god to help SF to give birth easily and safely. By 0320 hrs, I'm already at the hospital. After I have parked my car at the basement, I quickly ran to the ward first. I didn't see her at her bed, then I checked with nurse and she told me that SF had already in labour room. Guess, what I was so scared and worried that she was in pain. When I reached labour room, the nurse tease me that no need so hasty, she is yet to give birth. She even teased me that I reached office in such a short time, I must be speeding all the way to hospital. If anything happened to me, then I can't even see my daugther coming to this world and in turn SF will have to come visit me. :p

I managed to see SF at 0330 hrs. She look very much in pain. She had dilated for 3cm. In GH, doctor will only help mother to deliver baby when the mother had dilated for 10cm. In general, 1 hour is equivalent to 1cm for first baby. SF was attached to a machine that can monitor baby heart beat and level of pain that SF had been endured. Seeing her in so "san fu", I feel so bad cause there are nothing that I can help her to reduce her pain and I can only sit by her side to support her. At certain point of time, when the machine show the pain level at 60+, SF will be very much in pain. SF has been very brilliant, patient and determined in the whole process in delivering the baby.

In between, I tried to close my eyes to save energy for later. After a long wait, nurse finally told me that SF had dilated for 10cm. They can start the labour process. I was like "It's time". SF was given a short tutorial by the nurse on how to successfully give birth to the baby. SF was so much in pain but yet she was so determined to deliver the baby. I was so sad to see her in such unbearable pain and yet I can't help her in anything. All a sudden, warm tears flow down from my teary eyes. I feel so weak and small for not being able to help her. How I wish baby born quickly and release SF from the pain. After a long 20 mins, baby finally come to this world but I still can't stop the tears from my eyes. I was so happy to see baby was safe and healthy. As usual, baby will cry when they were born. The first scream (cried) by the baby was such a beautiful melody on my ear. SF instantly show her mother instinct by trying to comforting baby when nurse hand over the baby to SF. Guess what, I still can't stop crying when nurse asked me to wait outside while they treating SF and the baby.

My little sweety was only a mere 2.84kg.

My little sweety in her sleep.

She is still in her deep sleep.

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