Saturday, August 4, 2007

Waiting ....

Although SF was admitted to hospital on 27 July, but for 2 days, there aren't any sign that baby is coming. I know she has been very anxious for the baby arrival and so do I. I can sense her fear and worry since baby EDD has already been late for 4 days. There are plenty risks for a overdue baby. I tried my best to accompany her at the hospital from morning till evening. Hospital only allow visitor to start visiting their families member from 1300 hrs to 1930 hrs. In the morning, I will bring breakfast prepared by mom. I'll deliver the breakfast to her but since they do not allow visitor to stay in the ward yet, so I have wait outside. While waiting for 1300 hrs, I normally take the chance to doze off on the long chair at the waiting hall. Then mom will bring lunch by 1300 hrs. I know at this time, SF need my company, hence I'm trying my best to be with her. I knew that she need my support. SF has been suffering and sacrifice a lot for carrying my baby. So I'm trying my best to be a good husband.

Around 1600 hrs, I will go back to get mom prepare the dinner. After dinner is ready around 1730 hrs, I will go back to hospital again to deliver the dinner to SF. It have been a tiring trips, travelling from home to hospital few times a day. But I know it is worthy. I like the feeling of being a father.

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