Friday, April 10, 2009

Reverse Parking

It is fucking annoying. Every weekday I get very pissed when I see those idiots at the multi-storey parking at the place where I work in UPTOWN.

Fuck them all.

Very often I see un-skilled driver tried to do reverse parking. Generally reverse parking should be easier as compare to parking by going in head first, but reverse parking need SKILLS. How I wonder why those people taking long time to park their car in a reverse way. Some taking 4 -5 attempts to reverse their car properly into the parking lots.

Damn, don't you know that you are blocking my way. I have to wait for those fucking idiots to park their car first before I can go. My advise to you all, the loser, don't reverse park, use the conventional way to park your car, please. Please, please don't waste my time. My time worth millions $$$$ (Opps, suddenly a 5 cents coin dropped and I am standing next to my "grandpa" old bicycle. This scene familiar to you.)

And got some fucking idiots, when they reverse their car, they didn't park their car properly in the designated parking lots. Most of the time, the front part of the car will be 1 or 2 foot outside the designated yellow box. Bodoh. And all those fucking idiots, so happen park their car outside the designated box near the turning point of the floor. Hey you all, idiot, you making others having hard time to make the turning.

Get a life, idiots ....

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