Thursday, April 9, 2009

No wonder BN kalah at 2 Bukits

Look at what they do in Bukit Gantang..

People ask them to campaign but they party pulak. ish ish ....

Check this out at

Wanna see more video, visit here, The Obnoxious 5xmom, blog on this.

Found the video

Few things LX wanted to tell this Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, our new Defense Minister from Najib's new cabinet.

1. Gosh, you idiot, those are not chinese culture. Those are not chinese dance. If you are so illiterate, watch more astro wah lai toi lar. Watch those drama on ancient chinese history. The girls don't dress like that lar. 2 words for you. YOU IDIOT.

2. That show you don't understand chinese. By the way, I still like first part of your speech where you persuade the chinese in kuala sepetang to give BN a chance to solve their problem. Well, put it this way, even they don't vote for you, you should still serve them.

3. What is the relation between visiting the death and respect them. Aiyo regardless of which races funeral events, you also have to respect lar. Are you saying, lots of UMNO MP did not visit chinese in the events someone pass away. Apa lar.

4. Sack your aide lar. Stupid. Didn't cover for you.

LX seriously hope this Ahmad Zahid Hamidi do not simply send army to another country to capture their army back to our country and tell the public that the country like to play hide and seek with their army so we respect their culture and we join the party. Gosh ... LX don't wish to see another conflict like Israel vs Lebanon happening...

If you look at those HKG drama about Chinese Dynasty. Well, I always take example from those drama although it is not real but in reality, those drama gives us good education. Often, only leaders that understand about the people suffer will make it great to the top of power ladder. Good kings in the chinese dynasty history always try to disguise themselves as ordinary citizen and try to understand the hardship and problem in the people.

In this case, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi perform very poor in this context. He don't even understand chinese culture and pretending he is to the reporter. Jezz. Where is his IQ then? Don't he know that his speech is being recorded and millions will have access to it online? LX will respect this Ahmad Zahid Hamidi if he say this "I'm learning about chinese culture, I'm sincerely wanted to blend into chinese society. I want to know the hardship in chinese community, in fact I want to know the hardship of all Malaysian. I'm here to help." Wouldn't this be better? If his speech writer cannot write a better speech, sack him and get KJ to write lar. But then Najib don't like KJ hoh. So no chance. Then get Mukhriz to write you a good speech lar. Opps, Mukhriz also pro-Malay. So damn difficult to find a good leader in UMNO. Ya damn fucking difficult.

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