Thursday, July 16, 2009

12 Years Ago and Now

Last week, I had a chance to get together with some old friends, old teammate and ex-coach of me. It was a good gathering considering that I haven't meet some of them for more than 12 years ever since I finished my secondary studies.

Rugby was a game that I have passion and fun. I spent my entire 3(1) years in secondary school from F3 to F5 playing what I like which is RUGBY, doing what I am good in it which is RUGBY playing as forward (prop, second row, no 8 and fullback). You must be asking where is F1 and F2? Yeah, spot on. I was damn fat and not athletics at all. Not playing any other game except badminton for fun. I can't run fast, I can't jump high and basically not good in any sport.

In F2, I tried on football, well, in school team but as reserve only which again, I am not good enough, average only. Then I switch to rugby, and again I'm a reserved player. Well I have no qualms on that and I know I must work harder to gain a place in first teamer. Back then I was the waterboy, the jersey boy, the ball picker and basically doing nothing except serving my teammates. But at least I managed to get into the team that travel to Kuantan for our MSSP game. I learned a lot from my other teammates who got onto the field. I see the way they played and I learnt.

In F3, here is where my "career" in rugby get ignited. Starting my first real competitive game, starting my first real tournament and I started it with a "bang". We got 3rd place in the tournament and I was the "Pemain Berbakat U15" (Gifted Player for under 15). I did not look back from there and I moved on to represent U18 state team at the age of 15, represent Malaysia U19 team at the age of 16 and went on to win few more awards like "Pemain Harapan U18" (Valueable Player for U18) and Best Forward U18 for Pahang.

Look at how fit and lean we are when we were 12 years back.

We won SEMSAS open in 1996. My Captain Marvel standing to the most left and myself standing on the most right.

How I look in 1996 at Muadzam Shah MSSP event

See what have changed after 12 wonderful years.

12 years later, I'm a dad. From a 60kg ruggers, turn into a 110 kg fat daddy. Almost double, can you believe that? believe it.

There you go, my Captain Marvel. Pojie. Big contradiction.

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