Thursday, September 17, 2009

My princess

From left: Ning Ning & Hui Hui

Top left: Qian Hui with her big smile, Qian Ning showing off her skills on eating on her own
Bottom left: Qian Ning with her signature kiss, Qian Hui in her korean lamb head deco


bubbles said...

Hi Alex. How are you? Saw your comment on my blog. Sorry, been a slient reader of your blog lately. Wish you and your family a Happy Chinese New Year!
Gosh..your 2 girls are growing up so fast..cute!

Alex Yap said...

Hey Li Ping

Me worst, become lazy bump by not updating blog and not reading other ppl's blog for quite some time. I was super duper busy for the past few months. Engaged into a super duper difficult project.

Hey, u2. Gong Hei Fat Choi ..

Ya, that 2 little "monster" is growing up fast and nastier as each day past ...