Sunday, December 27, 2009

How do you deal with inconsiderate people?

Oh god, it is 1039 PM on Sunday night. I have a neighbor who still running some ceremony like karaoke session.

Oh well, I don't mind you run any ritual for your religion, but I bet your religion taught you well to respect people. We don't need to blast the PA system to the max and disturb other people, right fucker. Oh come on, I have 2 little babies who need sleep and the noise was so terrible even I could barely deal with it. The ceremony started around 8pm and it is 2 hours and 39 minutes, and there is no sign that they are ending any time soon.

My god, do you need to tell the whole world that you are having some freaking ceremony. Give me a break. Fuck it.

What make things worst, they light the chinese fire-crackers that chinese use to burn during Chinese New Year. How on earth that fire crackers have to do with their religion is really a BIG MYSTERY to me.

I really love Malaysia. Najib really did a good job. What a good 1Malaysia. God bless Malaysia.

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paul said...

this is a great site about the new mystery religion!