Thursday, August 25, 2011


wow, I just noticed that I only have 1 POST !!! for 2011. Suddenly lost the urge to write. Been busy in the early 2010 and stop being active in blogging since then.

2011 was ok. Changed to a new job. Yes again, I have only been in my previous company for about 1 year ++ after leaving IBM and I changed job again. Well this time around, my ex-boss came knocking on my door and seeing that the interesting job scope and opportunity ahead, I decided to take up the challenge. I believed the experiences that I could learn from this new job will enrich my resume and will be precious in my future undertaking.

It is sad to leave Openet, made some good friends there, learn quite a bit in Openet. Openet is the only places that I felt as close as to Motorola. I had my best years in Motorola. I grew a lot in Motorola days.

In this new job, was thrown to a difficult project. Working late nights in my 2nd week till my wife and daughters complain that I haven't be going back for dinner for quite some time. Oh well, there is a guilt in me but still job is job. Need to help out where I can.

Things had slow down quite a lot since the delivery on Aug 1o. Now begin to breathe properly instead of rushing towards the submission. Product training will be given soon. Ting !!! ya product training is after my project submission. Learn quite a lot of stuff in the 2 weeks WAR !!. Hopefully when I go for the product training, I will understand and appreciate more.

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