Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spending quality time with my princesses

I was trying to spend some quality time with the kids yesterday.

Since I got 2 monsters who are equally excited to play the games that I downloaded from the market. They have to take turns.

So I start it with:

1. Playing fruit ninja
Qian Ning being the elder one get the opportunity to play first. Ya ya why must the elder one start first. Will shuffle this next time to be fair to both of my monster princesses.

Qian Ning was enjoying the game at the beginning but as the pace of the game picking up, she just gave up and said this, "so difficult to play". Then I realized indeed it is quite difficult to coordinate the movement. Perhaps not suitable for kids under 5. By the way she is 4 this year.

So I skip this game for Qian Hui, poor girl, daddy will let you play that tonight in order to be fair. Perhaps you at 2 years old could master the finger skill.

2. Snow white storybook reading
I downloaded an app call iStorybooks, quite a good apps, they have about 25 free ebooks on children story. The best thing is it can narrate the story with picture without you needed to tell the whole story. But I find it not interesting cause I didn't get the chance to practice my story telling skills.

3. flash card
This one was loved by both the sisters. Amazingly Qian Ning can read and identified most of the flash card apps that I downloaded. I guess she learn quite a bit from her kindie. So contemplating, should I send Qian Hui to kindie when she turn 4 or stick to the original plan to send Qian Hui to kindie only when she turned 5?

4. kids games - connecting the dot
Qian Ning loves this games. Connecting the dot enable her to relate the sequence of the number from 1 to 20. So this game will teach her 2 things, counting and coordination.

As for Qian Hui, she still can't identify anything more than 10 and what she do is simply rub the whole screen and cause all the dots to be connected. Then the picture will appear and she will clap, yea yea yea. It is easy to make our child happy, isn't it.

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