Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Recently I felt so lazy and low motivation to go to work. I feel so lost in my current work now. How I wish things are smooth, but I guess that is the nature of life where not everything turns out the way we want. I need to find a way to "wake up" from my current sleep. I need to find something to motivate myself in my work and start to deliver.

There are a lot of things happening at the moment. I felt so tired. So many things that need my attention. Everyday I will look forward for the COB to go back home to see Qian Ning & SF. The little smile from QN just makes my day.

In terms of work, I missed those moments when I was in 'M'. Although there are tough deadlines to meet, tough people to deal with and etc but I can still find the joy of working. I have direction to move to compare to now where I am in no man island. Perhaps I've been sitting in my comfort zone for too long and it is hard for me to adapt to new environment. Hopefully all this weird feeling will go away as time flies.

In terms of family life, I felt so contended where I have a good wife (SF), a "naughty" daughter (QN), house, car and etc. Looking forward to have a family outing. Wanted to go somewhere where I do not need to think about work and can spend quality time with my family.

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