Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Merdeka Weekend

I'm so thrilled for the merdeka weekend. It is a 3 days off, means I have more rest days. As I mentioned in my previous blog, don't feel like going to work. Hahaha. Hence the long weekend is really what I'm fancy of.

MIL come all the way to KL from SS and SF wanted to stay overnight at Puchong so that MIL can spend more time with QN. I was like "why not". So on Saturday we packed some clothes and baby's stuffs and heading back to Puchong. We decided to go back to SF's office in cyberjaya for a while so that SF can fix some of her work related thing after missing from office for a month. Just when we were about to reach the office, I received a call from SF's brother telling me that SL (SF's sister) have engaged in an accident in Putrajaya. I was like "WHAT", new car woh. Less than a month old. Fortunately nobody was injured. So I quickly make my way to Putrajaya. By getting little information of where they are, I make a quick guess that the accident will be at the usual road that I used to go to Alamanda. What a good guess, from far I can see the accident place.

SL was so sad seeing her new car in such state. I guess that is the norm of driving where one day, we will engage in accident. After that I lead her to police station to make report. It took such a long time for the Sergeant to come back to police station where the accident place is only <5 mins away from police station. God knows where he go. SL was give the summon for reckless driving and have to do some "special deal" just to get the police report "Certified True Copy" in order for us to make the insurance claims. Goodness the "sar jien" was wearing the tag "Saya Anti Rasuah". Sigh, this is what I call Malaysia Boleh. Finally after spending almost 5 hrs at the police station. We are allow to go home. Sorry for all those "xxx", terms, I did this to avoid being prosecute by the government since Malaysia do not have the freedom of speech.

I was so tired after that and I still have to go to bank to settle some business and meet the contractor to discuss some issues for the renovation. Since we need to meet up with the mechanic to fix the damage car, we decided not to overnight at Puchong and make our way back to UYB.

Instead of having a long weekend, I have a bad weekend. Luckily bro go to Puchong on Sunday morning, so I can stay at home and rest without the need to send SL back to Puchong. Oink Oink at home .................

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