Friday, September 28, 2007

Rude lady

On Aug 15, 2007 I was heading home after a long day in office. As usual, traffic was pretty bad after the office hours. I got stuck at the flyover in front of One Utama and no car movement at all. One Utama has put a giant TV in front of the building for advertisement purposes. It was showing all kind of shop or events in 1U. So I take the chances to relax and watch the advertisement.

All of a sudden, I felt my car was shaking. I thought earthquake or what. Then I suddenly figured out, "Dxxx" someone (car) knocked me from behind. I quickly get down from the car to assess the damage. To my frustration the lady who knock my car, pretending nothing has happended by shaking her head and both hands signalling that no damage what!!!! Blxxxx Hxxx, what kind of people is this? Luckily only few scratches at the bumper. She don't even have the courtesy to say sorry. It will be just enough for her to raise a her hand (saluting style) to say sorry. I'm not a unreasonable guy who demand compensation for that kind of trivial issue. All I expect is some courtesy from her.

Perhaps, she feel intimidated because of my facial expression (angry for being knocked, I guess it is acceptable right) and my big size. But still, where is the courtesy to say "SORRY" .. Arghh come on Malaysian. People said Malaysian is friendly. Bull shit, Malaysian ain't friendly at all. I have more pleasure time with Aussie compare to Malaysian. Malaysian only treat foreigner with manners and not to Malaysian itself. Dissapointing. It is not to say that I prefer Aussie, but as a matter of fact, this is the reality.

Oh ya, I have make a simple investigation on this accident and the cause are:

1. The giant TV, very distracting. Some idiot driver that can't drive properly but still don't want to concentrate on driving will cause accident.

2. The lady itself. May god bless her.

Here is the Blxxxx Laxx car that knock me. REMEMBER HER PLATE proton satria "WEC 1952". Whenever you see this lady driving,

1. Don't follow her (tail her), cause she can break suddenly. Her sudden break is faster than the speed of LIGHT. Goodness.

2. Don't let her tail you, cause she definitely will knock you from behind and pretending nothing is happening. Such an idiot.

3. Don't drive side by side with her, she thought that she is Alonso. She will do whatever she could to make sure she is driving in front of you.

So lesson learnt.

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