Sunday, February 24, 2008


This CNY was a bit different because this time, we have Ning Ning by our side. As usual, I have to give SF angpao and in return, she will give me one also but of course, the contents was halves since this is a tradition between my dad and mom. So SF decided this "good" tradition need to be carried on.

It was quite a merry CNY in my hometown this year. Got lots of new "lion". On the 3rd day, we head back to Sungai Siput, SF's hometown. I expect less traffic going north, but out of my expectation, there was a heavy traffic at Simpang Pulai toll plaza. Jezz, I got stuck there for almost 1 hr.

Hmm, something that can't be missed from CNY is gambling. Playing "sam-kar" mahjong at home was quite challenging considering I have to face "lo shi fat" (my bro, bro-in-law, dad). I lost about 50 bucks... But my luck take a big turn. I was a big winner in Sungai Siput. Hahahaha .. won 2 breakfast money for 5 ppl.

Ning Ning got quite a lot of angpao this year. So I decided to open a savings account for Ning Ning to save money. Come to opening savings account, I would like to complaint again. I decided to open a bank account with Maybank since our monthly wages were forced to be bank in to Maybank (government rules, sighhh). This will be easier for SF and myself to transfer money to Ning Ning account.

So I bring Ning Ning's MyKid card to the bank. To my surprise, they said they do not recognize MyKid card, they insist that they want to see Ning Ning birth certificate. I was so piss off, that I scold them that to get MyKid card, I need birth certificate + a letter from the hospital to prove that Ning Ning was born legally and locally. Hence I suppose MyKid is equivalent to birth cert, beside the MyKid number is the same as birth certificate. I loudly told them if government recognized MyKid card and Maybank do not, then better still Maybank don't be the GLC and don't rely on government for support. Stupid bank. Sometimes I wonder why people being so stupid and idiot. Why can't people be a bit more flexible and use their brain more often. Sighh..

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