Thursday, February 28, 2008

She called "Daddy" FiRsT ....

Ya Ya Ya, she called "Daddy" first.

Ning Ning has started to babble a lot and on some days when her mood is good, she'll call "daddy" :)))... she'll babble dah-dah-dah, dee-dee-dee in no specific sequence. At some points, she even managed to pronounced "deh-dee" in her squeeky voice lol!

Some chinese old folklores actually said that if the baby call daddy first, then the dad have to work a lot harder for the family and vice versa. In chinese it means more hard work in life. Hmm.. I guess it is fine with me. Being able to hear Ning Ning called me "Daddy" give me the satisfaction feeling that can't be explained by words. To all the married couple with kids out there, you should know how I felt.

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