Monday, March 31, 2008


Ageing .. what is Ageing? Define ageing.

By, "ageing is a period of human life, measured by years from birth, usually marked by a certain stage or degree of mental or physical development".

I was talking about "Ageing" with one of my colleaques just now. Some people see ageing as a good thing (I manage to get old, it is such a previous gift from the god), some people see ageing as a bad thing (I don't look good anymore, eirk, I hate the white hair), some people see it as a karma (in Buddhism, by nature human will get old, being not able to reach nirvana, means that human need to go through the re-incarnation hence we get old) and etc. What is your verdict?

Here is my 2 cents:

I always believe ageing is such a good thing. It is a gift. A very precious gift. No money can buy ageing (perhaps money can stop ageing for a definite period, we still get old after that, after thousands of dollars are spent on bo'h'tox or sk'y'II thing). I always believe being able to age is so wonderful. Having white hair is not an issue. I guess I still look good in white hair, why not.

I don't support dyeing hair by the old folks, trying to cover the trail of white hair is like lying to ourself. Even my mom do it. I had always advice her on not to do it. Then she started to give me all kind of excuses. Apart from trying to enlighten her, I also wish that she stop poisoning herself. Some say, dyeing hair is very dangerous and poisonous. The chemical agent that people used to dye their hair contain cancer related elements. Constant use of dyeing agent may cause cancer. Eirkk ... cancer such a scary predator.

I understand that a lot of people would not be able to take it easily on the fact that they are getting old. But still ...

Put it this way, to be able to old means that we have achieve certain milestones in our life. Even though we might have fail several times a long the way. Experiencing failure also a bless in disguise. Considering that with failure, we will try to find a solution for whatever problem that we are facing. If we can solve it on our own, then we would have try something else. Hence we learned from the problem. We grown.

Getting old also means that we have "travel" for quite sometime in our lifetime. Obviously we have gone through the "tim, suen, fu, lat" loosely translated from cantonese "sweet, sour, bitter and hot". All these elements are part and parcel of our life. If someone had not even tasted the 4 different taste, hence I can confidently say/accused that the person's life is not meaningful.

Getting old also allow us to look at things different. Perhaps more accurately said, from a different angle. Somebody look at thing directly from horizon level, someone like to look at things from bottom up, someone like to look at things from up to bottom and so on so forth. Often, we see majority of the people young people only see things from one angle and acted recklessly without thinking of the consequences. In this case, only experience can help. I do not bias against ageing is only good in helping us making decision. We also can see some old people acted stubbornly. Some old people think that with the rich experience that they had over the life, they are wiser. Yes I do agree in most of the cases but nothing is absolute. Some things/method that applied perfectly in the past might not necessary suited to our current society or modern situation. Things change, according to Sun Tzu, "identify the weakness of your enemy, make use of the wheather, geographical location and human elements to reach your victory". Hence we shall be not be stubborn. Overall, we see more benefits than damages.

Getting old is also extremely beautiful. If you married, read this. Being able to get old meaning you have gone past half of your lifetime with your wife/husband. And better still if both of you still a lovely couple. Considering that body ageing already taking its toll on our strength, this is the time that we really need someone to lean on. Considering that we still hold hands and walk together step by step in the park for an evening walk. How nice ! Can you imagine this. How warmth is it? Having someone to grow old beside you is also a precious gift from HIM. Hence appreciate it. It is only once in a lifetime. If you ever listened to Enimem's song, "Lose Yourself" is my favourite. A snippet of his song:

Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted-One moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?

Hope you enjoy reading this...

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