Monday, March 31, 2008

She said "Bu Yao"

Ning Ning has started babling a lot lately. It is a sign that she is getting into the stage of learning how to speak. We always say "Daddy" & "Mommy" & "Ning Ning" in front of her, hoping that she will learn the words and speak to us. Ya ya ya, few weeks back, she did said "Da de". It is amusing and great sense of comfort for being able to hear her speak.

Yesterday while having lunch at a restaurant, we put Ning Ning on a baby chair. Ya ya ya, she is able to sit on her own now. It make it a lot easier whenever we dine outside so that SF and myself can enjoy our meal a little bit more compare to previously. Don't get me wrong that I'm complaining the responsibility of being a parent. I simply enjoying it although I won't be able to enjoy my food to the fullest. I consider that part and parcel of parenthood. Opps, it seems that I off the rail again. Back to Ning Ning.

In order to make her sit properly at the chair and doesn't get bored. We give her a toy (a toy hammer). She start hitting the hammer on the table to create the "bip bip" sound. Apparently the hammer have some rubber the end that can generate sound when it was compressed. You know what I mean, right. After that she start throwing things. At first, I pick it up and pass it back Ning Ning. Then she threw the hammer again. And again, I pick it up. After few times, I recalled my conversation with my elder brother regarding in discipline the kids that throwing things to the floor is not a right attitude. Then I said "bu yao gei ni wan, ning ning wai tan" (in Mandarin: Don't want let you play anymore, Ning Ning naughty). All a sudden, Ning Ning echoed "Bu Yao" (Don't want). I froze for a few seconds ... (trying to figure out if she really utter the word "bu yao"). Then I look at dad, even dad confirming that it was Ning Ning who echoed the phrase "bu yao".

It is just simply amusing and comforting. The irony is, the word that she utter is actually guite sharp and accurate considering for a 9 mths old baby. I can sensed that she has great lingual skills.

Hmm .. our little princess certainly has grown a lot ... muackks

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