Friday, March 28, 2008

Kids are simply incredible

Ning Ning was a bit fussy yesterday. She woke up in the middle of night and decided not to get back to sleep. Yeah it is horrifying. That means we (more to SF), will not get proper sleep then. So this morning, we are trying to discipline Ning Ning a bit. Don't worry, we are not caning Ning Ning, she still a baby.

SF pretending as if she is scolding Ning Ning, "Ning Ning wai tan, bu ting hua". Then Ning Ning thought that we are playing/teasing with her. She replied to us with a big smile. We kept our cool and not to smile. We then said, "bu yao xiao, wo men bu si he nie wan, Ning Ning wai tan, bu ting hua, bu yao sayang Ning Ning". Then she was wondering why we did not reply her smile by laughing it out loudly because normally when she smile and make fun to us, both of us feel very contented and we will laugh. But this time, both of us putting the angry face to her (poor little lad).

All a sudden, Ning Ning burp it out loudly. Ya, she had just finished her 6 oz milk a while ago. Seeing that, SF and myself can't control our laughter anymore. Ning Ning do has her own way to make people around her happy. This kid arr .. hmmm..

Kids are simply incredible.

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