Monday, February 16, 2009

Bloody Butch .. Bitch @ Midvalley

Sooky and myself went to Midvalley on last Saturday to source for the ingredients for our "romantic" dinner at home. We went to Midvalley in particular because Midvalley has variety of choices of hypermart there like Carrefour, Jusco & Cold Storage. Easier for us to get some "weird" ingredients to prepare our Cheesy Nachos for appetizers, Gorden Bleu Chicken as entree and "Flying Rainbow" as our drinks.

Oh well, we managed to source for most of the items except few things that we can ignore it. Photos of the dinner, wait wait.. still in the camera, do not have chance to load it up yet.

First thing we do, when we reached there is to let our maid eat her lunch first. FYI, my maid don't like western food. She only prefer rice with bird eye chilis. Jezz ... Crazy fella. Ya we have to please her, cause sometime we wonder if we are the real employer or she is. Damn ... having all sort of issues with Indon maid.

After that we go to Sooky's favourite restaurant again. It is Paddington House of Pancakes in Midvalley (LG on the way to The Gardens.). She had her favourite blueberry pancakes (408) and I have the number 406 in the menu and can't recall the name. Basically mine come with beef bacon, chicken sausage and pancakes (of course with pancakes lar, else why you go Paddington HOP).

After luncheon, we go and get our groceries. Then on the way back to the car park, I noticed there is this white Perodua Viva with a chicks waiting for my parking. So I quickly put Ning Ning back to her baby seat (ya safety come first.) and unload the groceries into the trunk. Just before I about to close the trunk I noticed a bloody "BUTCH" bitch in her/"he" grey PROTON WAJA (aka pretending to be Mitshubishi Evo Lancer, Fxxx Yxx) putting the signal wanted to take my parking. Then being a gentleman (as I always do), I politely tell her that, "sorry ye, sudah ada orang tunggu". Then you guess what the bloody butch saying to me repeatedly while driving away, "ya I tahu, ya I tahu, I ade mata".

Fxxx Hxx. God damn her, if she had the bloody eye, why on earth she put signal and wait for my parking. I'm just trying to be a good samaritan. Bloody hell, feel like smashing her/"he" windscreen only. You bloody butch.

Don't act as if you are a man. You are still a LADY. Beside, your religion forbid you to act as one. You should act as girl. It is so sinful for you to act/ to dress like a man. Shame on you and also shame to another chicks sit to next her. How could you. Fxxx. You two just like two fxxxxxg rubbish in this society. Get a life and go to hell. .. Cilaka ..

Alright enough ranting.... photo of my master creation coming soon .....

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