Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ctags TIPS and Command

Run vim (full path /usr/misc/bin/vim)
Type :tj (Example: :tj api_Timer::clear, choose a number)
You are there!

:tj[ump] (or move your cursor to it and press "g Cltr+]"*)
Jump to the tag directly when there is only one match

Jump to next matching tag

Jump to previous matching tag

Jump to first matching tag

Jump to last matching tag

:po[p] (or Ctrl+T)
Jump to older entry in tag stack

Jump to newer entry in tag stack

Show the contents of the tag stack. The active entry is marked with a '>'

:tj /^get
Lists all the tags that starts with "get"

:tj /norm
Lists all the tags that contain "norm", including "id_norm"

*By default, Cltr+] is escape character for telnet. You can disable it through
Windows DOS: telnet -e '' (two single quote ')
Unix: telnet -E
You should use dtterm (/usr/dt/bin/dtterm) to enable vim to support color mode

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