Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Get Rich Fast Scheme

If you wanted to know the trick to get rich fast scheme. You just have to go to Jelapang, Perak and take some "golden" advice from the cilakat toad.

Well, after the cilakat toad betray the people of perak, after the cilakat toad betray the majority of Malaysian that wanted a CHANGE, the cilakat toad instantly become rich. Well she did turn up at her abandoned service center with a bloody MERCEDES. Well, it is claim that the Mercedes was not hers. Aik, can someone lend me his/her mercedes so that I can go to work. Oh ya, don't forget to fill up the tank ya, I don't want to burn my own pocket to fill up the tank.

And also please service the car first before lending it to me. Alright, do we have deal?

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