Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Holes in my wallet

Sooky was recently "released" from her "house arrest". She has been very lucky as compared to Myanmar's opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi who house arrest terms will most likely get prolonged once again.

My dear, don't worry, although you have broken numerous "house arrest" rules during the past 1 month (secret recipe cake, not finishing the ginger soup, not drinking the ginger herb water), I being a non-junta, a very democratic hubby and of course such a lovely hubby will grant you the long awaited Independence.

Once she gained the deserved independence, she decided to go on shopping spree and guess what? That means Sooky is going to create uncountable holes in my wallet.

Yesterday, we talked about some $$$ stuff:

Me: Dear, I think I cannot execute my plan so early leh ... If I do that then I mah lose close to 14K in total .. aiyoyo ...

Sooky: Wah 14K, arr .. then I think I can increase the allocation for my shopping spree. (Me: jaw dropping)

Me: WHAT !! I thought you finished with your "trophies" searching last weekend.

Sooky: Hey, that's only the appetizer .. I'm going for more after this .. (Me, pengsan, fainted, white bubble coming out from the edge of my mouth ... )

Look at here for the trophies and catch of the day !!!!


zewt said...

house arrest... haha... is that how you call confinement these days?

Alex Yap said...


Yeah that's how I see it. Gosh,

1 month cannot go out from the house.

1 month of ginger.

1 month of similar food for 3 meals a day.

Jezz, I bet some of us will say that is even worse than being in "house arrest".

Anonymous said...

Thanks Yap for your community info service, very noble indeed. just to update a bit, my share : )

1. FOmema report done within 4 working days at Klinik Bandaran SS15 Subang Jaya (Cheers!!)They also had the XRay services.

2. Had to get RM60 medical insurance cover for maid at POS MALAYSIA. There is a choice of RM85 for 2 year coverage if you want to take risk and enjoy the rate.

Will update further if anything new comes up.

Alex Yap said...


If I'm not wrong, this the insurance coverage is needed, if we going to renew the permit right.