Monday, May 18, 2009

How To Renew Your Indonesian Maid's Passport?

If you have an Indonesian maid at home.

If your maid wished to extend her tenure (maid service) with you after having worked for your family for more than 2 years. You will probably need to help her renew her passport since most Indonesian maid will have a 24 pages passport that only last for 3 years.

Why you need to renew her passport?
1. You need to apply a new yearly working permit so you need a valid passport.
2. Passport is expiring, so how to apply a new working permit.

Normally those maid's agency will charge you anything from RM 400 - RM 500 for the service of renewing passport. Well thinking of after paying the $, you can walked off easily and let the agency deal with your maid. Hell wrong. Even after you had pay $, you will still need to bring your maid to the Indonesian Embassy to get her passport renew. Crazy idea right. Yes indeed it is very crazy and it just doesn't make sense at all. So in this case, money won't help you to solve your problem unless you managed to scout for under table dealings.

My experience:
- Simple
- Time Consuming
- Should reach embassy after 1230 hrs and before 1300 hrs because at 1200 hrs, the whole embassy people going off for lunch leaving no one to serve anyone. Crazy right. Yes believe it. Afternoon session, not that crowded. I reached embassy at 10am, jezz, packed like sardine.
- no appointment needed as compare to apply for US Visa.

Prep Works:
- 4x passport size photo with RED background.
- bring original passport
- bring a copy of original passport
- bring a PEN. Jezz you need this to fill in the forms and you won't find any PENs provided at the embassy.
- a copy of employer's IC (be sure who is the employer, either the husband or wife)

- RM 12 for 4x passport photo
- RM 22 for 24 pages Indonesia passport
- RM 8 for parking at RHB building
- RM 15 for lunch for two at embassy's cafe

Contact of Indonesia Embassy:
- 03 - 2116 4000 (don't bother to call, take ages for someone to pick up the phone)

Updates: 11 May 2011
I just went to Indonesia Embassy to renew my maid's passport. This time is worse. I reached there around 9am and finished at 3.30pm. So many bureaucracy that cost the delay.

  1. Take the blue form and contract (1 book = 3 copies of contract) (free)
  2. Take your number
  3. Maid to take the passport picture inside the embassy. (free)
  4. Wait for your number to be called
4.1 - First called, will be to counter 20 to submit the contract
4.2 - Second called, to counter 12 / 13 to be interviewed by the staff. You will need to pay RM 18 for the passport.

Questions include:

4.2.1 - What is your employer full name?
4.2.2 - What is your last salary? (Please take note, embassy wanted RM 600. So you need to inform your maid to answer that else they won't allow you to renew the passport.)

Notes: Number will be given to public up to 10:30 AM. So if you reached there after 10:30 AM, you won't be served.

Documents needed:
- copy of passport
- copy of levy/visa/permit
- 2 copies of employer IC
- 1 copy of marriage certificate if employer name in the maid permit is not yours.
- 1 copy of Maid's personal insurance. You can get this from post office / RHB bank for RM 85 for 2 years or RM 60 for 1 year.


Jennifer said...

Hello Alex. Thank you so much for the guide above. I am suppose to go to the Indonesian Imigration, and being a first timer, I need to clarify some things below:
- can I submit the application (say in the afternoon) and collect the passport the next day?
- do they control (by giving out numbers) the number of applications in a day?
I read somewhere that if you go late, and all numbers have been given out, you'll have to go back the next day. Please confirm.

Alex Yap said...

Good day Jennifer

Q: can I submit the application (say in the afternoon) and collect the passport the next day?

A: I'm not sure about this. In fact the whole process is about 2 - 3 hours. If you take half day leave, it should be sufficient.

Q: do they control (by giving out numbers) the number of applications in a day?

A: Not that I know, I reached there around 10am, and when I left the place around 2pm++, I still see plenty of people queuing up to renew their maid passport.

I guess you would not be able to pick it up next day because the IMMI officer will need to interview your maid on the spot. Hence I do not think you can do that. Well, you can always give them a call to find out.

Yvonne said...


Don't go on Monday & Friday as very crowded.It takes me almost 5 hours on monday morning.

Step 1- Take the register passport form
Step 2-take photo
Step 3-wait for the your queue no.
Step 4 - call for collection passport

I just renew it.
Need the following docs:

- 2 sets each husband & wife photocopy of IC
- 1 set of photocopy marriage cert (if th passport not your name but spouse name)
- Photo must take inside the embassy. (outside photo are not allowed)
- original passport
- photocpy each the visa & levy
- Worker contract btw employer & maid 3 sets (get from the entrance)

Hope u guys got it.

Alex Yap said...


Thanx for the info. I don't recall which day I went to the embassy. But your info is certainly very helpful.

Have a good day.

houston said...

HI Yvonne, You mentioned photocopy each of the visa and levy.

What document do you mean by levy ? I don't I see it stapled in her passport. Hope you can clarify as I am *sigh* going to that place soon.

33 PUJ 6/14 said...

i believe of recent, you also need to buy insurance for your maid. You could either buy them from any insurance agent before going to the embassy or get it from a vendor just outside the embassy (was informed the kiosk is at the embassy's parking lot). That would cost somewhere around RM100-RM150.
Other than that- for those whose maid's salary is less than RM600 after working for 2 years (it will be more depending on how many years your maid have been working for you), the embassy would not process your maid's application unless you agree to increase your maid's salary effective immediately. The embassy officer will also play intermediary in seeking verbal approval from the maid on the matter. Off the record - i trust those with compromised conscience could always lie and get their maid to do the same.
Therefore, you should sort this matter out with your maid before writing down her salary amount on the form and onward when submitting it to the embassy officer.
Last but not least- always, always have an extra stash of cash ( two or three hundred will be ideal) for unexpected things.

Alex Yap said...

33 PUJ

Thanks for your update. I'm about to renew my maid's passport again. Yes again, need to go through the hassle again.

She has been with us for 4 yrs now. She wanted to extend another year.

Jacko said...


Pos Malaysia Berhad now offering Pos Maid Insurance as low as RM60.Suggest to purchase from any 713 POS outlets before renewing maid's passport at Indo Embassy.

Anonymous said...

Hai Alex,
Just to ask, what is the maximum year allow to renew the maid's pasport? can it be up to 5 Years?

ghaya3 said...

Tq Alex. It was very helpful.

Unknown said...

I went to the embassy at about 8 this morning (14/11) and my maid queued up for about 20 minutes only to be told that all the forms (borang) have been taken up. I was told that my maid has to start queueing from 4 in the morning then only will she be able to get the forms. Back again tomorrow.

Alex Yap said...

Good day anon

Sorry to hear that, 8AM, all forms have been given out!!

Have to queue starting from 4AM, that is ridiculous.

Yuan said...

To share My Experience on 09-Jan-2012:
1). 5.30am, Employer(Me) enter right Gate/entrance of Indonesia Embassy (Right for Lady Indonesian/ maid, Left gate/entrance for men was closed due to full, but still have several hundred Indonesian Q-up @wait at outside the Left gate)
2). Q-up to Take the blue form and contract (1 book = 3 copies of contract) (free)
3). Q-up again to Take your number (my no was special, might be due to Employer attended or most of them is under "6P" program < ?004 @ 4th> even there were several hundred no took by Indonesian before me)
4). My Maid arrived about 7.30-8am, she Q-up to take the passport picture inside the embassy. (free)She hold the No & show to take picture & Embassy staff will edit the no into photo (for Me no need print out, I saw others Indonesian worker/6P program need to print out the photo with No.)
5). While Maid Q for take photo, I Get Maid Insurance from a vendor(Great Eastern,only sell 2yrs @RM85) just outside/Left side the embassy/Parking with extra free photocopy.
6). there were several hundred /might upto thousand Indonesians Q-up for photo(Men Left, women right side), thus my no was called and passed after Embassy officer start work at about 8 or 9am, after Maid took photo with edit no by Embassy staff (no need print out), we direct go to counter 8 (informed by their staff)

7). at this counter 8, I submit the contract & Form with partially filled, I paid RM18 on requested and they interview my maid.
8). Then wait to call my no at Counter 20 (just a short while); They interview me & Maid for completed the form/contract information, and Q&A like Salary of maid (as per advise by this blog, must be RM600 @ above; and might also ask to maid for her hometown names to fill in to form and my name, etc)
9). Wait to call at counter 26-30 (my maid is counter 27 @ 30) which is beside/outside the main Hall for Passport collection( I wait for about 2 hrs & got it around 12-1pm)

Documents I submitted:
- copy of Maid's passport
- copy of Maid's levy/visa/permit
- 2 copies of employer/my IC
- 1 copy of marriage certificate if employer name in the maid permit is not yours.(They not collect mine)
- 1 copy of Maid's personal insurance. (You can get this from post office / RHB bank for RM 85 for 2 years or RM 60 for 1 year. or from a vendor(Great Eastern,only sell 2yrs @RM85) just outside/Left side the embassy/Parking with extra free photocopy)

yuan said...

Extra infor:
my maid's New passport(applied on 09-Jan-2012) valid for 5 yrs. (old passport(3yrs) left about 6 months to expire @ Jun-2012)

syameel said...

Can my maid attend without my present.i meant she do it by i as employer need to sign anything

syameel said...

Can my maid attend by herself without present of employer

Alex Yap said...


Employer need to be present during passport renewal.

You need to sign the contract.

syameel said...

Tq.actually the expired date is in july while the visa expired in june.logiccally i need to renew passport then visa right?and what is estimate cost for the whole process.really appreciate yr kind assistant.


syameel said...

can i represent someone on behalf to go with my maid for passport renewal.

Alex Yap said...


Passport cost and process is mentioned in this blog post.

For visa cost and process, please refer to

Nancy said...

Hello Alex,

Thanks for sharing the infor, that's definitely helpful in my upcoming attempt to renew my maid's passport.

Do you know if there is a new passport issued with different passport number after renewal? Or they simply stamped an extension chop inside the existing passport?

Is it OK to renew the maid's passport even though the passport still has 1 year validity at the time of renewal?

Many thanks.

Moderator said...

Thank you alex for all the input. I have been to Indonesia Embassy 13 Feb 2013. Crowded as I expected. Start q from 7am and finished sharp at 12pm. Minimum salary is now RM700. Previously my maid been paid for RM650 but during the interview the officer ask me to increased to RM700. Contract employment have to renew every year at the embassy. Damn! again have to go there. You can refer to for the process and my personal experienced. Thanks again Alex for ur informative blog