Monday, March 8, 2010

Bad Dining Experience at Bellygood

After such a pleasant visit to Bellygood in the past, Sooky and myself decided to go for porky meal last Saturday 6 Mar 2010.

Our of expectation, it is a disaster dining experience.

Going into the restaurant with high and well known expectations. Oh well, the restaurant got some makeover and it look nicer and well lit. "Eve" the previous manager left the restaurant and she no longer in charge and I got to meet the owner "Su" and her mother. Very good hospitality indeed.

As usual Grilled Pork Belly is a must. Then this time around, Sooky ordered Aglio Olio Pasta with Sausage.

Wow we are so hungry and excited with the soon to come porky meal.

Doom !!!!

The Aglio Olio Sausage Pasta with Shitake taste so plain. I can even cook better. Confidence dropped to critical level.

Fish and Chip for my maid, oh well, this is still quite tasty.

Then come my Grilled Pork Belly. Oh no, it is ain't Pork Belly at all. No fat associated with my porky at all. I thought Pork Belly got to be something sinful with one layer of lean meat and alternate with one layer of fats. God where is all the fat. The Grilled Pork Belly was simply a letdown for few reasons:

1. Meat is tough.
2. No aroma
3. Taste so blunt
4. Gravy is not sweet anymore. Simply tasteless.

Oh no, I'm expecting the worst for our dessert. Sooky like their Movenpick ice-cream. So I ordered 1 scoop of Almond Pistachio & 1 scoop or Caramel. Doom Doom Doom !!! What a letdown !!! The ice-cream simply taste awful. Yeah, AWFUL. How can ice-cream being a dessert taste AWFUL. I simply have no answer. Oh yeah, I do actually. The ice-cream was "expired". It is some ice-cream leftover in the tub that you usually have when it was left for quite some time. Taste so "icy", sticky, not creamy and the biscuit deco that come together with the ice-cream was soggy and I suspect it is "expired" too. Jezz, what a bad dining experience.

I don't thing I'm going back to this restaurant anymore.


J2Kfm said...

That bad? Oh ya, I forgot to mention in my post that I wanted to order their Movenpick ice-cream dessert as well, but they ran out of ice-cream that day. Tough luck huh?

Alex Yap said...


I really doubt that I will ever patronize Bellygood again.

What a let down.

Lingzie said...

gosh i wonder what happened? cos i remember your previous post on this place was pretty good right. i guess in any business consistency is crucial.

Alex Yap said...


You are right, consistency is the key. Well I guess when Eve left, the chef also left together with her.

What a waste. Less one porky restaurant to yearn for.