Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Contra Flow On LDP - Causing Massive Jam - by LITRAK

LITRAK introduced contra flow on LDP and it caused massive jam on the first day.

I was stucked in the jam for almost 3 freaking hours which normally it only took me 45 minutes to reach home.


Speaking to reporters during the Press Conference to announce the contra-flow traffic, LITRAK Chief Executive Officer Sazally Saidi said the effort involves extensive preparation and dispensation of huge number of manpower on site.

“We have been studying this option for months now and theoretically the contra-flow should work based on the studies. We are certain that with additional lanes provided for the Puchong Perdana /Putrajaya bound traffic, the traffic flow in Puchong will improve,” he said.


How dare the CEO of LITRAK said this. What kind of studies did they made? Who involved? Do the person who carry out the studies have the qualification and adequate knowledge?

I called to LDP to complain this morning and requested them to scrap their idea of contra flow which simply not working. I doubt they will follow my advice unless more people bombard their phone till non-stop. Call this number 7494 7014 to complain till they scrap their idea.

The actual congestion was at the puchong perdana entrance from puchong side. What they need to do is to have a bridge to direct the traffic direct to puchong perdana without the need to wait for traffic light. Do the people who come out with this contra flow idea actually study how long people get stucked in the puchong perdana traffic light?

What kind of shit idea LITRAK is coming out with. I PAY FREAKING RM 1.60 yet caused me to wait.

If someone was denied the emergency medical services due to the freaking jam in LDP yesterday. Please SUE this bloody company.


Anonymous said...

For those of us who live around Pusat Bandar Puchong, we are all trapped in our houses between those hours when contraflow is in effect. No point going out and getting stuck in a jam with long detours since the ramp before IOI MALL is also closed down. Only in Malaysia....all corrupted.....

Alex Yap said...

Good day Anon

Sad to hear that.

We really need more power, regardless of BN / PR. Rakyat should be the king maker. The law in this country need to be changed drastically. ie: laws are made to protect rakyat and not the cronies.

Everytime in Malaysia, when something unfair happen, it is for sure the rakyat will be the one who suffer the most. Those bloody cronies company, sure do not need to be responsible.

Last time I bought a house from Talam, late for almost 4 yrs, yet the BLOODY BN GOVERNMENT denied me the right to claim for LAD. Mother fucker. Stupid Mahathir, Ong Ka Ting and all the shit UMNO politician, and also shit MCA. Fucking useless.