Monday, March 8, 2010

Crazy 2009

It was a crazy year for 2009. yeah, I know I have been procrastinating a lot. But late is better none right.

- April - arrival of my new little princess Qian Hui
- coping up with taking care of 2 little devils. Life's good.
- It is our 3rd anniversary so I decided to fulfill my "forgotten" promise and we decided to go for french food fine dining. Picture, go to here. It was a great dinner considering that we have never had french food before. The food and ambiance was great but if you ask me, will I go again. Err, not really. It is such one of those fine dining. We probably will choose other venue/cuisine for our next anniversary. Travel oversea probably.
- I got my smart phone, samsung omnia II as my anniversary present. Going crazy playing with garmin GPS.

Sooky company got acquired by Satyam (from Motorola become Satyam) in December 2008. Then out of sudden Satyam financial scandal broke out in Jan 2009. Salary starting come late and all sort of problems bubble up. Everyone trying to save their ass and looking for a place to move on. It was a bad timing considering that Sooky was in her 6 mths pregnancy. Going for interview is really a trouble. I doubt any company would take her in considering that she won't be able to start new job till July cause the EDD was in April 2009.

Helping to look out for her high and low and after numerous tries, finally I managed to get her to an interview and lucky enough that the company willing to wait for Sooky to start in mid June which means, Sooky only have 30 days maternity leave. Well, it is better to have a job than having 60 days maternity. She managed to secure a new job in April. So for 3 mths, she has been living in constant worry about her future after giving birth. I am worry that she would get pre-natal depression and consistently try to make her cheerful without worrying about family expenditure. I will take up the problem and nothing for her to worry about and just concentrate to give me a healthy baby in April. April 16 Qian Hui joined our family. Visit

And for myself, I got transfer to another department in Jan 2009 due to cost cutting. Well, I was very optimistic at first that learning new thing is ain't that bad. The nightmare begin. I was tasked to do a mission move for a project from oversea to Malaysia. No proper plan was being executed. The project is in big mess. No documentation given. Code development was not setup. The other counter part not willing to cooperate. Well it is understandable considering that if you are losing a project. Will you be so cooperate in transferring the knowledge out. You won't.

For a project close to 1 MILLION LOC (lines of code), no design, no comment and no documentation. Can you imagine what kind of world I'm living now? IT IS HELL !!!! The coding structure was bad where the debug is like SHIT. Same error message could be thrown from several piece of code. Why on earth those programmer want to do that? I have no answer. Simply speechless.

Come July, I was told there is an oppoturnity to do services. Well, of course I jump at the first place. I always wanted to do services. Life was good in the beginning. Lots of training and information given. Work started well. Managed to complete the development in time. When it come to deployment, all hell broke loose. The schedule was move ahead. When we tried to joint the each piece of works from everyone. Everything not working. Someone work not completed, system configuration is wrong and etc. I screwed up for the 2nd session of UAT for under estimating the actual work needed. I don't want to give excuses. I admit that is my mistake but I do make up in the end. We completed UAT with no problem.

Although project completed, but I lost a good friend which I simply have no answer why he is so mad at me. Well, life goes on.

I managed to sell the bloody puncak jalil house built by talam & IJM. After going for numerous sleepless nights, finally managed to get rid off the house.

The house quality was really bad when I got the key. I lodge complaint after receiving the keys, but no action taken even after a month, so I decided to engage my own contractor to fix the defect. Spend RM 500 for that since I need to bring potential buyer to inspect the house. I'm sure you don't want to buy a house that is cracking everywhere. The biggest crack that I found in the house was about 3 cm wide for 4 meters long. Yeah, no joke. I was so devastated when I got the house. Then finally the appointed contractor from developer come to fix my house. When I managed to get a buyer and signed the S&P, I was so relieved. I make a bit of lost from the interest buy I'm still willing to let go the property simply because I don't see a good prospect of the house. If you ask me then why I bought this house? No I didn't wish to buy this house. It is somebody else idea. I was forced to follow back then. Don't wish to elaborate more. What happen, let it be. It is a past.

In general, it is ain't that bad for year 2009. At least my wish was granted. Not one but 4 wishes was granted.
1. Sooky is safe.
2. Qian Hui is safe.
3. Sooky got a new job.
4. Managed to sell off my puncak jalil house.

New year resolution, oh well some ppl said, new year resolution are for people who always procrastinate. Me never procrastinate. So I don't have new year resolution, cheh wahhh.

Hope for this year:
- get a new job
- big increment
- family safe n sound
- catching up with old friends
- no war, world peace


LiPing said...

Well done! You definitely braved through the year.
What a great & supportive husband you are.
Here's to a much much better year in 2010!

Alex Yap said...

Li Ping

You too have a great 2010.