Friday, October 5, 2007

Attitude in working

Ya, today I wanted to write about ATTITUDE. I'm a software developer. Everyday I need to deal with the software tester and perhaps customer from the field that using our product. I'm glad that each product will be tested by the tester before being launched to the customer. I rather fix the problem found in testing phase than fixing a problem in the field that cause so much of unwanted pressure and "visibility".

The problem is, not all tester are really good. Some of them just make no sense to me in their testing work. These bunch of people, do not study the architecture of the system, understand the flow, the logic and just simply test the system. A lot of the time, the problem that tester found is because of their configuration issue. Arghh come on, how come developer can do their unit testing and setup the environment and why not tester? Most of the time tester have more time to review the requirement and architecture compare to developer. Hence I expect the tester to be more "intelligent" in doing their work.

Today I received a "complain" from the tester complaining that over 300+ items not generated in the output file. Goodness, how the hell on earth this can happened? I went to do a testing on my own and I'm only half way through the 300+ items. You guess what? I'm still half way, but I can FOUND all the items in the output file. Damn ... Why can't those tester be more "intelligent".
I used to be a software tester as well. Whenever I found problem, I will be very careful in investigating the problem to ensure it is indeed a software problem rather than my own configuration issues and wrong way of testing before going to developer to ask them investigating on it. But this kind of mentality not happening in most of the software tester nowadays. Whenever they found problem, they think they are very smart and straight away raise a bug to cause a chaos in the department to close the bug ASAP. I can tell you 75% bugs raised in my current job are not valid. Jesus christ. I began to question the skill of the tester hired. If I were the manager, these bunch of tester will get a boot from me already. Go BACK to UNI to study problem solving skills again lar ........

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