Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sooky is a major fans of pancakes. Ever since she had pancakes for breakfast in Chicago, she always tell how good it is the pancake that she had in Chicago, this and that lar. And when paddington pancakes open its stores in Malaysia. She is so happy because she knew I will bring her to patronise the restaurant.

After out 1st visit few months ago, @ here. So happen we go to The Curve again, we were like why not?

We ordered some pannekoek. Apparently pannekoek is the origin dutch pancake. Since we never tried this one before. So we ordered this. Tata, looks very appealing.

Wait do not let the exterior affected your judgement. It taste horrible to me. So plain. The thin pancake wrapped with spinach. Argh .. the spinach is just too raw ..

The mashed potato was so plain. Tasteless. No gravy. Terrible. Failed.

Chicken Chop with Ham top with tomato and cheese. Another failed product. The taste just does not clicked together.

After having "salty" type of pannekoek, we had this "sweet" pannekoek for dessert. After the disastrous "salty" pannekoek, this sweet pannekoek provides some comfort to us. It taste quite good when you have this along with honey and blueberry.

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