Friday, January 9, 2009

Foreign vehicles exempted from rear seat belt ruling

The Star

Vehicles from foreign countries, like Singapore and Thailand, entering Malaysia are exempted from the rear seat belt ruling.

Ever since Ong Tee Keat become MCA president, I think he also lost his conscience.

Why is that foreign vehicles entering from Singapore or Thailand be exempted from the ruling. When I drive in Cork, Ireland, I have to abide to the local laws in Ireland. When I drive in Chicago, United States of America, I too have to abide to the local laws in Chicago.

Why is that so, the foreign vehicles need to be exempted? At least I would say, the foreign vehicles passenger need to be educated politely that our country need rear passenger to be buckled up. I'm sure the foreign tourists won't make a big deal of this.

When I took bus in Melbourne, the driver reminded us to buckle up as he know that that there are few foreign tourists in the bus. Can you see that, you have to buckle up even you are in the bus.

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