Monday, January 5, 2009

Israel vs Palestine


A lot of senior leaders have been asking Malaysian to boycott US goods & currency. To all these "retired" politician but not willing to retire gracefully, let me enlighten you that there are thousands if not millions of Malaysian who work for these MNC.

Are you asking all of us to resign as a sign to protest against US? Why is that so? Isn't that US has been asking Israel to cease fire? But the question is why should Israel comply eventhough we know Israel is US strongest proxy in middle east. Israel is still rule by themselves and not by United States of America.

So what it is to do with boycotting America? What is it to do with America? Besides, we are only small nations, what kind of impact that we will create?

Beside to these thousands if not millions Malaysian who work in US based MNC, if we are to ask to resign, who is going to feed our family?

Who is going to pay our bills?

Who is going to pay for our parents medical bills?

Who is going to pay our school going children school fees? Bus fare is going to increase by 30% some more.

Who is going to pay for our mortgage?

Who is going to pay for our hire-purchase?

Who ? Who ? Who ?

To all these so called "retired" politician, please shut up and retire gracefully. You already have millions, don't create anymore hardship to our poor fellowship. You shall go and enjoy your golden days with your grandchild rather than speaking nonsense here.

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