Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My 2010 Valentine's Day

Well, after upgrading to Parents 2.0 version, we hardly have time for ourselves plus this year valentine's day fall on the first day of chinese new year which means we won't have time to celebrate the valentine's day either (means god save my wallet).

We decided to have a simple celebration by dining at UMAIYA at its new branch in Puchong Boulevard. Reason being, there was once I was having dinner with my boss's boss's boss's, well I don't know how many level up. Anyway he is the Asia Pacific Services Head. He ordered the shasimi at Umaiya which I feel very nice as compare to most of the Japanese restaurant out there. So I always boast in front of Sooky on how nice it is. Then she will say, "cheh, NATO, No Action Talk Only". So to proof that I'm not NATO, I brought her to Umaiya.

Camwhore !!!


Star of the day !!! The Shasimi (Salmon, Maguro (tuna), squid, clam, prawn, and forgot the other two)

Well, the shasimi are just the appetizer (RM 60). So we ordered two main course to supplement our dining. I ordered one Unagi Okanomiyaki and Sooky got herself some tenpura set.

Total damage of the day (RM 120).

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