Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ning Ning and Fried Beehoon


nadya.s said...

so cute!

u got 2 princess already!!! wah, how time flies.

btw, remember me or not?

i found your letters from semesta while cleaning the old stuFF and some old photos from highschool :) so kelakar..

already send friend req on FB. hope to see u there.

take care yap!

Alex Yap said...

Hey my dear friend ...

How are you doing? Are u still at akasia? I've moved out.

ya got 2 princess already. a very naughty one.

u take care too..

nadya.s said...

heyya alex ( so wierd - i so used of calling u YAP).

no, i moved out last year, in july - few month after my housemate got married. am in Sri damansara now, near my brother's house.

chomel2 sekali. both of the,m just like mommy. still palying rugby ke?

Alex Yap said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nadya.s said...


im still with TM, but transfer within dept, now with TM Enterprise, doing MarComm/ Event, sponsorship, premiums for our depatment and sales team. based in TM HQ in Bangsar.

okay la, i tengok lagi skali the 1st daughter.. ada la ur features.. heeh!

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